Song of the Day: Une Petite Française by Michèle Torr

Song of the daySong of the day – We all have Eurovision songs that we love and listen to regularly. But then there are songs we might only remember because someone posts a link on Facebook or a Forum. We will shuffle through Eurovision history and present a random song every now and then during summer to bring back memories and give you the chance to discuss songs and years during the “Eurovision drought”. Our song of this day is Monaco’s Michèle Torr singing Une petite française (a little French girl) (1977).

Monaco has entered the Eurovision Song Contest 24 times. Michèle gave them a high finish… 4th place out of eighteen participants that year in London.

Michèle Torr, of French nationality, had previously represented Luxembourg in 1966 where she’s finished 10th out of 18 entries despite being the host country. She had also taken part in the French Eurovision pre-selection in 1970 with two songs, but had not progressed beyond the semi-final stage.

17 comments on “Song of the Day: Une Petite Française by Michèle Torr

  1. Monaco 1977 = One of the oldest esc related images I have in my mind, since the 1977 edition is the first eurovision I watched. I use to love the song but it kinda… faded to grey as the years went by, probably due to the lyrics :)

    France 1977 is probably my most fav esc winner ever (along with Italy 64 maybe).

  2. It’s actually a very famous song here in France. Not quite as famous as our winner that year, but it’s a known song definitely: one because Michèle Torr is a famous singer and two maybe because the 77 edition is so dear to Frenchmen that they ended up taking notice of it as well? Anyway, it has a much stronger verse than chorus, but Michèle’s both entries are both good and in my top 5 of their years!

  3. I personally think this is one of the least interesting songs in 1977. Composition-wise there is not much in it (the chords in the chorus are almost identical to those from “Those Were the Days” by Mary Hopkin, but it is a standard progression – a so-called sequence of fifths), and the vocals are far too shouty for my taste.

  4. 1977 is the first contest I remember watching live although my parents keep telling me that I had already been allowed to watch in 1976. Anyway, when I watched the old contests again once they became available online, I could only remember Austria from 1976. Well, I guess that “My Little World” is a song that would appeal to an 8 year old. :)
    Back to SotD: 1977 was a very weak year imo: There’s only one great song (France), one modern and interesting one that came across a bit lame live (Luxembourg) and 3 solid ones (Israel, Italy, Netherlands). I don’t like any of the other songs, and Monaco followed the late 70s trend of submitting bad stuff by sending a rather inspid melody served with awful lyrics. Michèle is a competent performer though, and thus the song stands at 5/12 on my list.

  5. Sounds just like a ‘Those were the days’ (by Mary Hopkins) rip off but I still quite like it. !977 wasn’t that bad for it’s time imo, it certainly entertained me though I was still only 10 at the time!. (This was my 5th Eurovision having started watching with my parents in 1973!)
    I like the Top 5 and even FInland’s entry Lapponia is quite rousing and Ireland gave it 12 points lol. :)

  6. 1977 is perhaps the ultimate guilty pleasure year for me. There are a lot of entries that are rather corny but which I enjoy anyway. I don’t rate them all very high as I try to balance personal taste with objectivity.

    F.e. I personally love “Boom Boom Boomerang” for its satirical and critical sides, and because it is funny, but at the same time I acknowledge that there isn’t much musical content in it, so I can only give it 6/12.

    As for the winner, “L’oiseau et l’enfant”, it is balancing between 9/12 and 10/12. It is not quite the masterpiece that people here often make it. First of all the music is rather monotonous, and I also think the tempo is a bit too fast. Since it belongs to the “vise” tradition, a more easy tempo would have suited it better (it was probably a question of keeping it inside three minutes). The lyrics are great though.

    10/12: FRANCE
    9/12: Luxembourg
    8/12: Israel, Italy, Finland
    7/12: Ireland, United Kingdom, Greece
    6/12: Austria, Norway, Germany
    5/12: Switzerland
    4/12: Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain
    3/12: Sweden, Belgium
    Average: 6,06

    • A more interesting orchestration would also have helped France 1977, I think.

    • I’m completely opposite to France, besides that it’s a cult classic here and I knew the song before I knew what Eurovision was and that it even existed. But I do think the high speed the song rushes too really works and contrasts to the lyrics perfectly when they’re gloomy and enchange them when they’re so life thrilling. And the sudden fade to a capella before the last chorus is stunning. Moreoever, the performance is stunning, and vocally perfect. Plus lyrics. So a true 12/12 for me.

      I’m glad both you and toggie pointed out Luxembourg, which has great lyrics and a very interesting and modern orchestration (probably the most 80s sounding song of the 70s in general) but it had a very flat performance that almost made it a joke entry.

      And like Toggie and you, I have Italy and Israel in my top 5 as well. I also have Uk for its wackiness. On the other hands, I don’t like anything else that year, and especially not Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Spain or Norway which I find all atrocious.

  7. I agree with a lot of comments above about this song, it is indeed well-performed by an experienced singer but the song itself does have hints of Mary Hopkin (and thus Netherlands 76 before it too) , lyrics also remind me of Monaco 73 type story (and which I prefer), 1977 is one of my favourite years probably, as commented above, for my generation it is the first contest I really remember for different reasons and so growing up I always had a lot of the songs in my mind, also I was at school in Barcelona in 1977 and I remember somehow that TVE was thinking of withdrawing the “jolly” Spanish song due to the terrible air crash that had happened one month before in Tenerife (I think it’s still the worst one in history?) but in the end ESC was postponed until May so they decided to send Micky in the end, Spanish euro gossip also goes that the reason there were no postcards (and just shots of the obviously drunken audience!) was that Anita Skorgen got a bit too drunk in filming her postcard in a nightclub and Spanish singer tried to take advantage of her (I really have my doubts about that excuse!!) ay those ESC urban myths?!

  8. Given today’s sad anniversary this is an interesting euronews close up on Cyprus’ ghost town Famagusta: http://www.euronews.com/2014/07/18/the-ghost-town-of-cyprus-after-forty-years-of-division/

  9. Not really my bag. The song is rather repetitive while not going there, and Anders is obviously right, because all I hear in this song is “Those were the days”.

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