Song of the Day: Il Faut de Temps by Sandrine François

Song of the daySong of the day – We all have Eurovision songs that we love and listen to regularly. But then there are songs we might only remember because someone posts a link on Facebook or a Forum. We will shuffle through Eurovision history and present a random song every now and then during summer to bring back memories and give you the chance to discuss songs and years during the “Eurovision drought”. Our song of this day is France’s ‘Il faut de temps‘ by Sandrine François (2002).

The song, which translates as ‘It takes time‘ was written by Rick Allison, Marie-Florence Gros and Patrick Bruel and finished 5th with 104 points.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1O62hxZNYo]

The nomination was made saying “It’s a song that exemplifies class and elegance. Its wise and poetic lyrics are told beautifully and it’s not one of those simple, generic war/peace songs.”

If you would like to nominate a song of the day, email us at eurovisiontimesesc@gmail.com and tell us the song title, artist, year, and why!

22 comments on “Song of the Day: Il Faut de Temps by Sandrine François

  1. Probably the best and most effective “Celine Dion ballad” we’ve had in Eurovision. I love it to bits and it’s my clear winner of one of the weakest years ever. It’s even in my pantheon for now, though I’ve planned to maybe remove it. Because of the lyrics that are far from as amazing as the song; especially that Gandhi bit sounds quite nah to me.

  2. I really like this one in what was a weak year overall.

  3. Overrated, Celine Dion stuff. I am not keen on it and I feel the same way about the other “similar” French entry (2001). Both score a 7/10 from me but that is mainly thanks to the powerful live performance (same as ESP 2012).
    Unfortunately all my favorite songs back in 2002 (FYR, DEN, FIN) were quite underwhelming live but still I prefer them anytime! After all it’s a SONG contest

    • I can enjoy UK, SWE, MLT, CRO and TUR that year and to a lesser extent CYP, EST, LTH and ISR but that is all.
      Then, there is EASILY one of the most prominent bunch of true horrors consisting of BELG, ESP, GER, GRE and SLOV !!!
      I am not keen on the winner either…

    • 2002 was indeed a kind of underwhelming eurovision is in the top 10ing contest ending up with a song that noboby ever remembered(France), however here in Spain we can say that 2002 was the end result of an ongoing superstar process (Rosa) and so to Eurovision, that apart from world cup football games,Rosa 2002 is the most watched on SpanishTV of all time when she won Operacion triunfo 2001

      • I see what u mean about Rosa but with all respect she deserved a better song!

        • I agree, song was kind of bad, but maybe it’s difficult to understand that Rosa and her song were 100% in Spanish news media, and that, has never before or since happened in Spanish media, she was news on all channels apart from TVE, and all other channels gave up and focused on her and ESC, in 2002 she was blanket news over all channels , private channels included, as a journalist it was really surprising and I have never seen such a phenomomen since here in Spain, Rosa and ESC was a first in Spain for many reasons!

  4. Even I, who is otherwise not very fond of Celine Dion and things like that (especially not the Titanic theme), like this song a lot. I also think it is much better than France 2001 which I actually find a bit boring, composition-wise (brilliantly sung though).

    • same, i dont like celine dion stuff and france 2001 is only my 4th of 2001, but there’s something that just “clocks” in Il Faut du Temps and Sandrine has both charisma and vocals to make it amazing live!

  5. here in Spain this song ended up most watched song of all time in Spain! :-) above all Eurovision ones obviously! ;.)

  6. It is also by far the best song in 2002 which is not a great year. There are a couple of good ones still, apart from France there is UK, Estonia and Denmark. None of them are great though.

    Other ok songs: FYR Macedonia, Sweden, Turkey. Spain is a guilty pleasure (*blush*) – cheesy, but catchy.

    Least favourite songs: Romania and Greece. The latter is somewhat unintentionally funny because of some off-key notes and a rather silly dance routine, so I kind of enjoy it for the wrong reasons.

  7. France 2002 is rather conventional but very well crafted, and is was expertly performmed by Sandrine. In fact, it is one of only very few live performances from the Dark Ages worth going back to now and again. However, the song is always in danger of being kicked out ot my pantheon too. It has always had one foot in the exit door. All in all, it is still enough for a shared first place (with Macedonia) on my 2002 list. I also like the UK, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. Cyprus is energietic fun, and Malta had a great live singer with a weak song. BiH is likeable but bland. The rest goes to the bin, with Russia, Greece, Belgium and Germany being the worst of a weak bunch.

    • as usual, the worse the year is, the more we agree: France is my first as well, and I also have Macedonia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania up in my top 5 (with Bosnia, coz, well it’s Bosnia and I find it naively cute). I don’t agree on the Uk or Cyprus at all! I find Slovenia the worst of the year! but Russia and Greece are close too.

      • Well, if there are only 5 decent songs to choose from, almost everyone will have those 5 in the top ranks in different order. The bad years are the easy ones. If there are 10 good songs to pick from, it is much more likely that I would rank your winner 9th or you my winner 10th, because it is much more down to personal taste then. On Cyprus, of course it is awful but it ticks all the right boxes for the shake shake guy living in my body. He claims his rights now and again and I let him have his way sometimes because he is a nice chap at the end of the day and doesn’t do any harm. ;) In a normal year, the UK would be much further down my list but in a year of horrors like 2002, Jessica’s fine vocals are enough for a good rank, even if I find the song a tad dull. Germany is my dead last. What and embarrassing song and live performance!

  8. in the history of Spanish TV the battle between Rosa and David Bisbal for a place in ESC final to go to Tallinn is among the top 1 lost out but 0 most watched of all time, in the end Bisbal lost but he is now most famous, compared to Rosa

  9. I love this performance. Because honestly it is the live performance here that elevates this song. Sandrine is phenomenal. It has a “french” quality much needed in that year imo overall.
    It is probably my winner for that year although Estonia and FYR Macedonia come pretty close as well, even if the second suffered from a severe case of wardrobe malfunction and missed the point when it comes to presentation.

  10. Thank you for giving my song pick the spotlight!

    After a re-watch of that year, my ranking is as followed:

    9 – France
    8 – FYR Macedonia
    7 – Sweden, Spain, United Kingdom, Estonia, Austria, Latvia, Cyprus, Malta, Bosnia & Herzegovina
    6 – Denmark, Switzerland, Slovenia, Finland
    5 – Belgium, Russia, Croatia
    4 – Germany, Israel, Romania
    3 – Lithuania, Greece
    2 – Turkey

    It’s unfortunate that the Makemakes and Ann Sophie got nul points while most of these walked out of that horror fest with a point!!! Different years, I know, but it’s a sad fact. :-(

  11. The best song in one of the worst editions ever.
    No other song that year gets more than 7/12 from me.
    Not to mention several true horrors namely: Russia, Turkey, Cyprus and Greece, although there are moments that I don’t dislike “SAGAPO” THAT much :P

  12. Btw, Eurovision in 2002 was held just a few weeks after the French presidential election. Should this song be somewhat seen as songwriter Patrick Bruel’s (who is an outspoken critic of the far-right shock qualifier Jean-Marie Le Pen) fight song? :)

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