Song of the Day: C’est une chanson de mon amour by Véronique Müller

Song of the daySong of the day – We all have Eurovision songs that we love and listen to regularly. But then there are songs we might only remember because someone posts a link on Facebook or a Forum. We will shuffle through Eurovision history and present a random song every now and then during summer to bring back memories and give you the chance to discuss songs and years during the “Eurovision drought”. Our song of this day is Switzerland’s Véronique Müller singing ‘C’est une chanson de mon amour‘ in 1972.

The song received 88 points, finishing 8th out of 18. Her Eurovision journey did not finish there however, as she later co-wrote Switzerland’s entry in the 1980 contest, ‘Cinéma’, performed by Paola, which placed 4th.

A random fact about Véronique is that she was once a secretary for singer Petula Clark. She now manages young talent competition.

10 comments on “Song of the Day: C’est une chanson de mon amour by Véronique Müller

  1. That’s sweet. My favourite 1972 song … together with Italy … and my only Swiss winner ever. <3

    • No, I have Switzerland 2009 as my winner. Apart from that it is one of my least favorite eurovision countries.

      • I really like Switzerland 2009 in studio version but alas, it was very lame live. And I agree on Switzerland. They are way down my list too. :(

  2. I genuinely love this song and it’s in my all time top 50! Great lyrics, a soft and nice voice (with a bit of an accent in French which I’m a sucker for) and a gentle performance! It’s only my 2nd because Austria that year is in my all time top 5!

  3. and my mom’s named Véronique :)

    • I know that many ET regulars love Austria 1972. I have it in 7th place with the same score as Vicky (7/12). Perhaps I should listen to it again …

  4. I’m not much of a fan of any the songs from 72, French one included, it’s one year where I actually appreciate the UK song and that group the new seekers, which is obviously an evergreen but they were best known previously for their Coca cola advert song and later after ESC for their other no 1 song, which is one of my dear father’s favourite songs of all time :-) thus my vote for 1972 goes to the UK!

  5. One of the better songs of 1972, though I’m not crazy about it. It’s rather an (8/12) case for me. Simple and a little dreamy, but I feel something is lacking here to make it really soar. I personally hold the two entries in German as the best of 1972.

  6. I simply love it. Melancholic and seductive, and not very Eurovision-like. My 1972 winner, followed by Italy and Austria.

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