Song of the Day: Sku’ du spørg’ far no’en by Hot Eyes

Song of the daySong of the day – We all have Eurovision songs that we love and listen to regularly. But then there are songs we might only remember because someone posts a link on Facebook or a Forum. We will shuffle through Eurovision history and present a random song every now and then during summer to bring back memories and give you the chance to discuss songs and years during the “Eurovision drought”. Our song of this day is Denmark’s Hot Eyes with ‘Sku’ du spørg’ far no’en’.

Kirsten Siggard and Søren Bundgaard showed off their 80s haircuts and shoulder pads for the 2nd year running, having entered in 1984 too where they finished a respectable 4th place. In 1985 they returned, supported by Søren’s 9-year-old daughter, Leah Bundgaard…

Kirsten and Søren returned for a third time in 1988 and finished in 3rd place.

To the surprise of many ‘Sku’ du spørg’ far no’en’, which translated as What business is it of yours? which was arguably the weakest of their three ESC entries, still finished in 11th place out of 19 songs. It at least probably paved the way for small children to be banned from the Eurovision stage…

Should ‘Sku’ du spørg’ far no’en’ have finished as high as it did? Which is your favourite Hot Eyes entry?

17 comments on “Song of the Day: Sku’ du spørg’ far no’en by Hot Eyes

  1. OMG … I can’t even find the words to describe my reaction to this … (*cough*) … song.

  2. Dislike!

  3. How the hell did it finish 11th?!

    It really is an utter horror.

  4. Typically Eurovision kitsch of that era. I don’t find it that horrible, but it is very superficial, and it certainly didn’t contribute to Eurovision’s good musical reputation.

    Think I gave it 4/12 last time I went through 1985.

  5. The direct translation is “Should you ask from anyone?”, meaning something like “Did anyone tell you to ask about it?”.

  6. This song is very high on my hate list. I dislike all three Hot Eyes eurovision songs, but this one in particular. And the decision to ban children from the eurovision stage is probably the best decision EBU has ever done.

  7. Not good, but not horrible either. There were worse songs that year.

  8. So little time these days….anyway, to add my opinion, for sure the worst of the 3 Hot eyes entries (you’d only find that line on an ESC website I guess?!) I have a soft spot for the other 2 but not this one with the eurobrat, I once listened to a Hot Eyes album a Danish friend of the family had and my mother thought she was listening to the same song on a loop! I have an idea for a sotd which I may put forward…:-)

  9. Worst of the worst! Worst of 1985 and worst Danish entry ever, and this comes from someone who enjoys Danish schlager (and consider the two other Hot Eyes entries as really good actually) otherwise. Annoying, empty and no real ideas at all apart from letting an obnoxious kid running around on stage, and why would we like to watch that anyway?

    • As for the two Hot Eyes entries that didn’t win (yeah, Hot Eyes participated five years in arow between 1984 and 1988 before giving Denmark a break), I think 1986 is really dull while 1987 is at least interesting since it stands out from the rest. It sounds much more like some 80’s Edith Piaf imitation almost. So, in all:

      1984 Det’ lige det (8/12)
      1985 Sku’ du spørg’ fra no’en (0/12)
      1986 Sig det som det er (4/12)
      1987 Farvel og tak (6/12)
      1988 Ka’ du se hva’ jeg sa’ (8/12)

      Average: 5,2

      • what’s your take on later Danish years eg 1990, did you like Lonnie’s song better or worse?

        • I think Denmark had this fun era between 1984-1988 of kitschy catchy syntheseizer schlager, which I’m not ashamed to admit I like. Nothing great of course, but entertaining and fun enough. Then came 1989 (when danish DMGP dictator Jørgen de Mylius left), which I hold as one of the best DMGP editions, with two of my favourite DMGP entries: “Nu er jeg blot en stemme” by Pia Cohn and “Fugle” by Jørgen Olsen.

          Then the show went slowly downhill between 1990-1993, but was then lifted up to high levels during a short golden era between 1995-1997. We then saw some more good editions (2000 first and foremost) but that was the time when DMGP started to become bland imo. From the first half of the 00’s with outdated Dansktoppen music, to the latter years with bland MOR radio pop.

          As for “Hallo hallo”, I think it’s one of those joyful songs I like (my runner-up of 1990 after Jørgen Olsen’s “Berlin”). But I do think Lonnie should have learnt to move her feet too and not just her torso.

  10. My least favourite Danish entries: 1961, 1978, 1983, 1986, 2004 and 2007.

  11. im on par with Stommie, I hate all three Hot Eyes entries, and the French jury gave them 8 in 84, 10 in 85 and finally 12 in 88! A mystery!

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