OGAE: Second Chance Open for Voting!

ogaeOGAE – Each year the international Eurovision fan club, OGAE, runs a competition to vote for those acts in a 2nd chance competition that weren’t selected from national finals. This year is the 29th year and last year’s winning club, OGAE Sweden has just announced this year’s nominees…  The 18 entries are

  • FINLAND Crossroads, Satin Circus
  • MOLDOVA Am Devenit Straini, Cezara
  • SLOVENIA Alive, Martina Majerle
  • LITHUANIA Not Perfect, Edgaras Lubys
  • IRELAND Anybody Got A Shoulder, Kat Mahon
  • PORTUGAL Outra Vez Primavera, Yola Dinis
  • SERBIA Suze Za Kraj, Danica Krstic
  • ALBANIA S’te Fal, Linda Hallmi
  • SWEDEN Don’t Stop Believing, Mariette
  • DENMARK Suitcase, Anne Gadegaard
  • GREECE Sunshine, Shaya
  • OGAE Rest Of The World Accent, Milki
  • LATVIA Take Me Down, Markus Riva
  • NORWAY Thunderstruck, Eriend Bratland
  • ITALY Fatti Avanti Amore, Nek
  • MALTA Still Here, Franklin Calleja
  • GERMANY Das Gold Von Morgen, Alexa Feser
  • AUSTRIA Feel Alive, Dawa

You can check out all of the songs HERE.

ogae 2nd chance sweden

All of the OGAE clubs will now get to vote along with guest juries are from Andorra , Belgium, Estonia, France, Israel, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, the Netherlandsthe United Kingdom and Turkey. Whilst we wait for the official result, ET readers can vote for their favourite in a poll. Choose your winner of the OGAE 2nd chance now:

19 comments on “OGAE: Second Chance Open for Voting!

  1. Italy for me, I love Nek. Hope he enters San Remo again.

  2. I like Portugal and Germany best but Sweden, Austria and Italy are very good too.

  3. Voted for “Das Gold von Morgen” :-)

    Disappointed that the Latvian song is not “Sundance” or “Nefelibata”.

  4. Pretty poor line up.
    Voted for Ireland closely followed by Portugal.
    Sweden and Denmark are ok too!

  5. I really like Sweden,Lithuania and Germany.Albania and Italy are good too.I voted for Sweden but now i see poor Edgaras has no votes so far. :(

  6. I think it’s nice to remember Bosnia and Herzegovina on a day like this:

  7. Finland (lol) by a huge margin. The only one of the songs on offer I actually liked. :)

  8. Sweden, Denmark and then Italy, Ireland and Portugal stand out imo from those mentioned above.

    I voted for Mariette (sorry Anne !) :)

  9. Am torn between Belarus (Accent Milki) and Sweden (Mariette Don’t Stop Believing)

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