Eurovision 2016: It’s Stockholm!

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – It’s now official: SVT has announced that the next contest will be held in the Swedish capital Stockholm and at the “Globen” which was already the home of the contest in 2000. The dates are also confirmed as May 10th, 12th and 14th.

In six hostings after each of their win, Sweden hosted it in three different cities, Gothenburg once (1985), Malmö twice (1992 and 2013) and Stockholm three times (1975, 2000 and 2016). Moreover, the Ericsson Globen Arena will host the contest for the second time after 2000, making it one of the rare halls to host the contest more than once, just like the Palais des Festivals (Cannes 1959 and 1961) or the Point Theatre (Dublin 1994, 1995 and 1997). Currently, the Ericsson Globen Arena can host up to 16,000 people. SVT also revealed the press center will be in the Hovet.

What do you think of this news? Was it the right place to go, ignoring the big Friend’s Arena in the capital or the bid by Gothenburg to make it “twice” in all of Sweden’s big 3 cities?


41 comments on “Eurovision 2016: It’s Stockholm!

  1. I am a bit disappointed the ESC will be held in a Scandinavian country again because I would have loved to see how countries in the South would have hosted the contest. It’s been a while … In particular countries who haven’t had any sucess lately (France, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Cyprus etc) would have been interesting hosts imo. Well, at least we can be sure that people in Sweden will be interested in ESC and that the contest will get a lot of attention and publicity there. :)

    • I would have preferred an Italian win but sadly it’s not up to us who wins :(

    • We can always hope for next year. Geographically speaking, I am hoping for either a Southern or Eastern Europe victory next year. I feel we’ve been in the North and West for far too long now lol.

      Country wise I hope for one that hasn’t won yet or hasn’t won in a long time. The countries you listed fit the description along with Malta, Hungary, Slovenia and Bulgaria. They too would be interesting hosts.

  2. I’m not optimistic in general, but I knew that all along when Sweden won and still supported SVT winning over Russia or Italy’s RAI which would have been damaging for esc images overall (their winning (Russia) or their hosting (Italy)). We have to bare for it for a year.

  3. Obviously I’m so glad it’s Stockholm, but a bit disappointed that it’s Globen again, I was hoping for Tele2.

    I don’t like this recent trend (Sweden 2013 started) of holding the contest in a shoe box. I think it should be a big event with a large venue so as many fans can go as possible. If your a small country like Malta, then by all means yes downsize. But Sweden?

    I also don’t think venues should host more than once, I can’t explain this logically I just don’t like the idea of it.

    • I kinda don’t like the idea either, and cant explain it either…. “spread the love” I guess?

      Im not against the “smaller scale” contest if it’s done tastefully, but SVT is definitely going for “MF is better coz more watched and popular among Swedes so it’s our #1 priority and the eurovision song contest comes second” and that’s irritating to us and kind of annoying to follow esc hosted in Sweden because of that…

  4. I’m just delighted that it’s finally been decided. Now I can actually book flights and rooms! The only bit of Sweden I’ve visited is Helsingborg on a day trip out of Copenhagen, so I would have been quite happy with any Swedish location.

    Only slightly disappointed that my plan to make a neon blue Gothenburg 1985 t-shirt is now a little redundant. Oh well, a Stockholm 1975 or 2000 t-shirt could look just as stylish!

  5. Well I am thrilled of going to Stockholm, but dissapointed that they took Globen and not the other bigger arenas :( There are so many fans out there and its a pity that so many of them will not be there!

  6. Who cares? It’s all about ETSC 3 these days :P

  7. If they had chosen Göteborg/Gothenburg, then the contest would have been hosted twice in each of the three largest cities, but I am perfectly fine with Globen in Stockholm. Happy that they didn’t choose Friends Arena – the bigger it gets, the more anonymous and impersonal.

    Production-wise I liked ESC 2013 in many respects – especially the stage – it had warmth and was down-to-earth, but I do hope it will not just be a repetition of 2013.

    • Also, ESC 2014 stands a a really bad example of things getting out of control because of too big ambitions.

      It has become a never ending story in the Danish media.

      • After all there are things that are more important than Eurovision. It is a tv entertainment programme. It is out of proportions spending so much money on that when f.e. the health sector is lacking money.

  8. I would prefer Gothenburg personally since it would make it easier for me to attend but it is what it is and it was expected.
    That said, I am sure Stockholm will do a great job. I read that apart from the Globe Arena, the Tele2 arena will also be involved somehow, I wonder what they have in mind.

    Good luck Stockholm !

  9. So another ESC final on my birthday. I guess that means I have to try to go, huh?

  10. No Gothenburg? They broke the trend! :-(

    Glad they chose the right arena! SVT will host a great show. They’ll do better than ORF for sure.

    Please get Sarah Dawn Finer to host and keep Eric Saade away this time.

  11. Good luck to Stockholm!I hope it’s going to be an exciting esc year.

  12. Personally would have preferred Gothenburg as I love it and have friends there and it’s smaller and cheaper.

    The hotel we booked for Stockholm back in May cost us £800 for 16 nights for next year. It’s now on booking.com at £2000 for those nights. Ouch.

  13. Can we please have an update on the songs’ presentation, because there’s a possibility I won’t be around the next couple of days?

  14. Good luck, Stockholm!

  15. Just booked our flights for Stockholm :) I suppose we have to go and vista the ABBA museum whilst we’re there now

  16. Between an imminent move to Europe and a cousin living in Stockholm… this is perfect, haha. Not sure if I’ll be able to afford actually attending any of the shows, but I’d definitely love to be there for the atmosphere and whatever fan events there are!

  17. Sigh, no Gothenburg. :(

    Anyway, good luck Stockholm. So it will be the 2nd time Globen hosts Eurovision. Not many venues have hosted Eurovision before, so that’s something to celebrate in itself.

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