ETSC 3: Signing Up Here!

ETSC July 2015ETSC – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to resume the highly anticipated the Eurovision Times Song Contest! Each one of you can represent an European country and get to send a song and then vote in a fake Eurovision! Signing up opens tonight!

Each summer, a good number of regular readers stay around for different reasons (they don’t get breaks from work or don’t go on holidays…) but there aren’t much news to keep us going. So the last few years we introduced all sort of games. The Eurovision Times Awards (Fridas) and the Douze Points Trivia Quiz kept us going in 2013 and Fridas have made come-backs the past two years. Last year, a lot of you asked for a fake Eurovision where each one of us would send songs and get to vote. And that wasit: the Eurovision Times Song Contest, from then on known as ETSC.

We had two editions, July 2014 and August 2014. Since I’m French, the first edition was held in Cannes, where France held their first Eurovisions after winning (1959 and 1961). Since France won the first edition for France with Saint Claude by Christine and the Queens, the second edition was held in Paris. France won again the second edition with Where I Want To Be (California) by Lilly Wood & The Prick. So the third edition will be held in La Rochelle, home of one of the best Summer music festivals in France. Here’s the logo:

ETSC July 2015

Rules: for this contest, you need to sign up chosing one European country. Once the country will be confirmed as yours for this edition, you’ll be able to send a song officially from the country by email only and it cannot be more than 5 years old. However, there are no language rule but it’s up to you to consider if other members will be nice or not to your song based on the language… Since it’s an online contest, there are no time limits and the song can be as long as you want, and performed by as many people you want. But it needs to be recent and definitely related to the country you’re representing one way or another. Also, you must make sure the song is available online on youtube or a similar platform so that every one can watch it. Last but not least, the song can not have taken part in Eurovision or a national final and the singer cannot have done Eurovision either (so a singer in a national final is fine, but it’s the last limit). Obviously, if we’re down to only “small” countries and we’re out of ideas, we’ll consider allowing it, but everything has to be talked out with me in private. Depending on the number of participants, probably not all countries will be taken again. If we have too many countries participating, we might use semifinals for the first time!

Once everyone has sent its entry, they’ll be revealed on ET and the voting period will be open. You’ll vote by email to me and to make sure my personal votes are fair (and that I don’t change them to the last minute in case it’s a close race), I will email mine to the first voter, whoever that is. Once everyone voted, I will reveal the votes in a dramatic finish and we’ll see which song will be crown our own summer song (July 2015)!

This is the sign up article on ET and the official opening time to select your country for July 2015 is officially… July 1st at midnight! You’ll be able to select by emailing me on artemismorgan@hotmail.com and/or by posting on the article. You can send up to a Top 5 of your favorite countries so that, if you’ve sent your email early enough but your #1 country is already chosen, you get your second pick and so on and so forth.

#1 Sekhmet Morgan (former winner): France
#2 Schultze94: Sweden (pick 1)
#3 Mylor Delaware: Italy (pick 1)
#4 Caolan: Hungary (pick 1)
#5 Dino: Norway (pick 1)
#6 Matt D‏: Germany (pick 1)
#7 Tecku: Armenia (pick 1)
#8 Nick P: Finland (pick 1)
#9 Stommie: Netherlands (pick 1)
#10 Marc P: United-Kingdom (pick 3)
#11 Patrick P: Ukraine (pick 1)
#12 Max: Ireland (pick 2)
#13 Donnie: Belgium (pick 2)
#14 Dimitris: Iceland (pick 2)
#15 Oxi: Greece (pick 1)
#16 Alex L: Turkey (pick 3)
#17 Niclas: Croatia (pick 3)
#18 Anders: Denmark (pick 1)
#19 Luke: Estonia (pick 1)
#20 Lynn: Moldova (pick 1)
#21 Mark: Austria (pick 4)
#22 Avat: Georgia (pick 2)
#23 Cathal: Spain (pick 5)
#24 Ivan: Latvia (pick 1)
#25 Rob: Serbia (pick 1)
#26 Ren Robles: Lithuania (pick 1)
#27 Guitar: Czech Republic (pick 2)
#28 Cybermusic: Switzerland (pick 1)
#29 Bay: Bulgaria (pick 1)
#30 Arpatilaos: Albania (pick 1)
#31 William R: Malta (pick 1)
#32 Shevek: Portugal (pick 1)
#33 Tehoe: Tunisia (pick 1)
#34 Mario: Andorra (pick 1)
#35 Sedapsi: Poland (pcik 1)
#36 Xello: Russia (pick 1)
#37 Mermaid: Romania (pick 1)
#38 Togravus: Slovakia (pick 1)
#39 Phantom91: Luxembourg‏ (pick 1)
#40 Rosalina: Israel (pick 1)
#41 Thomas: Slovenia (pick 1)
#42 Brittany: Morocco (pick 1)

In bold means your song has been well recieved. If you have sent one and you’re not in bold, it means there’s a problem with your entry but in that case I should have emailed you back. I’m working on postcards at the moment, and as usual you can request to see yours (and yours only). You can pick songs until Wednesday 8th at noon!

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882 comments on “ETSC 3: Signing Up Here!

  1. So it’s just me and Marc left to pick our songs? lol

    I’m having trouble picking between two songs. One moment, my heart goes one way, and then two seconds later, it’s saying “Don’t do that, you’ll regret it.”

    I’ll have to bite the bullet and pick sometime.

  2. Welcome Morocco :)

    • Even more because (judging on the name) Morocco seems to have a female HoD. :)

    • A bit about our new guest from her google plus profile (click her name it comes up)

      On 27 June she wrote on her google plus about gay marriage in the US
      “” I’m happy for this now can we all just chill with the in your face lgbt stuf””

      She also goes on to say their should have been a poll, as if peoples rights are subject to a public vote.

    • And on Caitlyn Jenner she wrote

      “Nasty get this abomination of our screens!! Dont Ness with your body! Boys ate boys girls are girls you cant pick who you want. He will never be a real girl go through pain like a real girl have a period like a real girl Give birth like one!!!

  3. Can we have semi finals as 42 countries is alot! In hope you guys like my song from Morocco!!

    • Welcome!
      We’ve already discussed it but Morgan decided that he wants everyone to be in the final, which I think is the right decision. We’ve got a whole week to listen to the songs and vote and therefore should be fine with 42 songs too imo. :)

      • Maybe we rank 1-20? I dont want to have everyone vote my song in 11th place if voting is only for 10 songs. Also if the songs quality is pretty much at the same level, … i believe that the top 10 scores are in the narrow range.

        I’m fine btw with any outcome of this discussion ….

        Cant wait to discover the songs.. yay

        • And if we go with the semifinal scenario, it will be fun if the songs are released first, and after we’ve familiar enough with the song, Morgan will randomly pick which songs to be in which semifinal, like he did in TEKO.

          The advantage of having this method is that we can minimize a pretty good songs that would fall between 11th-20th in everyone’s vote to have null points, or lower points than a bad song that 1 or 2 person give good points.

          I dont know it is just my idea.

        • It would probably make sense to rank 20 instead of 10 songs in such a huge line-up. However, that would also mean that we couldn’t vote ESC style. :(

  4. Isn’t the deadline to claim a country tonight at 00:00 CET?

  5. I would definitely support the introduction of 2 semifinals.
    With 42 countries in a final many songs will be ignored/overlooked, so I’d rather fail to qualify in a 20-songs semifinal and get at least some points than being in the “grand final” and getting nul points…

  6. Off-topic: Congratulations to Ringo Starr who turns 75 today :-)

  7. Sent my entry.
    Which was the song I always had in mind. After it gets approved, I’ll share the song that made me hesitate.

  8. The Icelandic delagation warns everyone that this will be our points-collecting method.With 40 plus participating countries we can’t risk ending up with nil pts:

  9. So is everything ready for the draw and postcards? :P

  10. No semi finals please. This is an online contest, just like we dont have time limits on songs, we dont have entry limits on number of participants.

    Why exclude people from the main event, ET is about being inclusive.
    People are worried that they wont be able to vote for all the songs they like, well if we have semis, you might not be able to vote for your favourites at all. They might be in the other semi and get eliminated.

  11. Here was my 2nd choice for ETSC 3, the song that made me hesitate for almost a week to send my song:

  12. Hulluna is risking her participation?

  13. Every song has been sent!

  14. I’m a bit lost. When are the songs being presented? I guess there will be an article, right :)

  15. Well, lets ignore Moldova and get started :))) Ofcourse I’m jocking!!
    In ETSC I planned to make a battle of 2 divas but didn’t manage to do it!! In upcoming ETSC and FDLC I will pick them :)) Now i just think who of them deserves semi final more /that one I will keep for semi final/:)

  16. I think gmail ate my entry!!

  17. I hate it when you think you’ve sent something then can find no trace because you sometimes really start doubting your own sanity!!

    It must be UK part of me coming out… leaving it until the last minute with no news or hints and then announcing something that won’t win ;)

  18. You guys talked about FdlC, what’s that? Is that another ETSC? Is that still open?

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