ETSC 3: Coming Soon!

ETSC July 2015ETSC – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to resume the highly anticipated the Eurovision Times Song Contest! Each one of you can represent an European country and get to send a song and then vote in a fake Eurovision! Signing up opens soon!

Each summer, a good number of regular readers stay around for different reasons (they don’t get breaks from work or don’t go on holidays…) but there aren’t much news to keep us going. So the last few years we introduced all sort of games. The Eurovision Times Awards (Fridas) and the Douze Points Trivia Quiz kept us going in 2013 and Fridas have made come-backs the past two years. Last year, a lot of you asked for a fake Eurovision where each one of us would send songs and get to vote. And that wasit: the Eurovision Times Song Contest, from then on known as ETSC.

We had two editions, July 2014 and August 2014. Since I’m French, the first edition was held in Cannes, where France held their first Eurovisions after winning (1959 and 1961). Since I won the first edition for France with Saint Claude by Christine and the Queens, the second edition was held in Paris. I won again the second edition with Where I Want To Be (California) by Lilly Wood & The Prick. So the third edition will be held in La Rochelle, home of one of the best Summer music festivals in France. Here’s the logo:

ETSC July 2015

Rules: for this contest, you need to sign up chosing one European country. Once the country will be confirmed as yours for this edition, you’ll be able to send a song officially from the country by email only and it cannot be more than 5 years old. However, there are no language rule but it’s up to you to consider if other members will be nice or not to your song based on the language… Since it’s an online contest, there are no time limits and the song can be as long as you want, and performed by as many people you want. But it needs to be recent and definitely related to the country you’re representing one way or another. Also, you must make sure the song is available online on youtube or a similar platform so that every one can watch it. Last but not least, the song can not have taken part in Eurovision or a national final and the singer cannot have done Eurovision either (so a singer in a national final is fine, but it’s the last limit). Obviously, if we’re down to only “small” countries and we’re out of ideas, we’ll consider allowing it, but everything has to be talked out with me in private. Depending on the number of participants, probably not all countries will be taken again. If we have too many countries participating, we might use semifinals for the first time!

Once everyone has sent its entry, they’ll be revealed on ET and the voting period will be open. You’ll vote by email to me and to make sure my personal votes are fair (and that I don’t change them to the last minute in case it’s a close race), I will email mine to the first voter, whoever that is. Once everyone voted, I will reveal the votes in a dramatic finish and we’ll see which song will be crown our own summer song (July 2015)!

Now on the most important news here, there will be another article on ET posted Tuesday and the official opening time to select your country for July 2015 is officially… July 1st at midnight! You’ll be able to select by emailing me on artemismorgan@hotmail.com and/or by posting on the article.

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113 comments on “ETSC 3: Coming Soon!

  1. I understand misunderstandings last year, if we are talking about Spain this year, to find a song as a winner I would try to find one, too late to be accepted would be voted by Spain the most beautiful Spanish song of all time I guess from 2010 Pablo con Diana, , and voted by spanish public, and indeed such a beautiful song both in lyrics and singing

  2. so post 2010 I guess..

    • I meant to say Spanish viewers in a poll, voted it as favourite Spanish song of all time of the 21st century :-)

  3. Waiting for the new article :)

  4. Sorry to disappoint everyone but I’m back.

    A little shook up, but should be ok basically a nervous wreck on the train coming back after all the recent terror attacks. Luckily the train journey was ok, but when I got back to Exeter the city was in chaos as some followers of the “Religion of peace” had left two bombs, one by a primary school for infants, and another in a part of the high street.

    What’s worst of all is it doesn’t seem to be getting picked up on the news, it’s as if we don’t matter to the UK. Feeling really scared right now, as I’ve always felt safe here, (we had an attempted terrorist attack in 2008 but I brushed that off as a rogue once off kinda thing) need to immerse myself in something possibly ETSC to get my mind off it.

    More sure then ever though I’m probably going to move back to Ireland as soon as I finish Uni. The UK just isn’t safe in the current climate :/ My thoughts go out to all those in France, Tunisia and Kuwait, who died or were injured just the other day :(

  5. One thing to think about when it comes to ETSC: should I simply send a song I really like or should I be tactical and send a song that maybe would stand a good chance to win? We have not always shared the same opinions here, me and the rest of you. My favourite out of all entries I’ve submitted to ETSC and FdlC is probably still After Crying, and that’s my worst score so far, lol.

    • Stick to what you LOVE no matter what! That’s my opinion.
      However if your tolerance in a bad result is low, then you should also count potential appeal of your entries :P

      • Haha, nah, I have no problem finishing last. Quite the opposite, you can make a good thing out of that, like Jahn Teigen who named his album “This Year’s Loser” after having finished last in 1978. :p

        But I see this as a competition too and then you gotta have a thought or two about how the song will work in a competition, imo. But I agree that the most important thing is to send a song you really like yourself.

    • I always do the first. If everyone is being tactical, then the songs tend to sound pretty much the same.

    • Ive sent twice songs I loved and it was enough ;)

    • I’m an outsider too when it comes to musical taste around here. F.e. my two favourite songs in the last FdlC were both in the bottom overall.

    • I’m planning on sending a song I love and also finishing last. So go for what you love, you won’t do worse than me. ;)

  6. I would love to participate! :-)

  7. I’m considering

    UK (fat chance lol)

  8. Lets beat the queue #fightingforNorway#ETSC3# :P

  9. 6 and half hours to go :P

  10. Two quick questions, by 00:00 CET on the 1st of July do you mean 23:00 BST today? Also, when sending the email, are we only reserving the country that we want or are we also sending the song to go with the reservation?

  11. So, is there anyone else interested in representing Greece? :)

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