European Tour Dates Announced for Måns Zelmerlöw

Måns Zelmerlöw 150Former Participants – The winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Sweden’s Måns Zelmerlöw, has today announced that he will embark on a European tour in the Fall under the banner of The Heroes Tour.  The singer will start the tour at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre on 22nd September 2015.

The dates, announced on his Twitter, are:

Måns Zelmerlöw Tour


More dates are to be added. Tickets will be available from the usual local outlets and venues and are prices range from €20 to €35. Most seem to go on-sale from 9am on Friday 26th June.

Tickets for Heaven in London are priced at £18.50 (subject to per-ticket charge plus order processing fee) and are available from livenation.co.uk

Tickets for the Olympia Theatre in Dublin range from €33.50 – €36.50 and are available from ticketmaster.ie.


11 comments on “European Tour Dates Announced for Måns Zelmerlöw

  1. Heaven in London? Måns is a very brave man.

  2. he already sold himself to appearing on the tackiest Spanish TV show (I guess for the money they pay a lot for such appearances), and he has an apartment in Barcelona he said? hmm wonder why will look out for him!, presenter was interested in that question as he is gay, and from Badalona (town just next to Barcelona) so he made the most of it I guess, who knows what happened after the show in Madrid :-)!! and his tour doesn’t cover Spain either! too bad!!..

  3. off topic: has sth changed in our profiles? I want to change my avatar pic and the respective setting seem to have disappear.

  4. OT: The logo for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest has been presented. I like the dandelion look a lot! Much better than Vienna’s!


  5. What a great day for my country! So happy for the Supreme Court’s decision and tonight, I am going out with friends to celebrate. Love conquers all. :-)

    • Congrats ! yesterday was one of the most historic days worldwide when it comes to human rights. I dont think anyone can still understand how historic that moment was !

      P.S. My new profile pic is the last paragraph of justice Kennedy’s opinion, celebrating the result and the strong wording :-)

  6. Speaking of Mans’ “success” in France: Conchita is again on TV in a very popular Saturday night talk show (that’s half political and half cultural show that lasts no less than 3h) and there are two editorialists, a right wing and a left wing, and both are sayin Conchita is a great “persona” (but neither are fans of her music)… Anyway they read her books and discussed sexual genre for a while and Conchita was actually great (and repeated she’s a drag character, but not a transsexual and should be referred as a “he”…)

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