Best Entry 2015: and the Frida goes to…

FridaEurovision Times Awards 2015 – This is it! The grand prize for the “Eurovision Times Awards”  2015 will finally be awarded and conclude this year’s Fridas! After a week in this category, it’s time to announce the winner and hand out the Frida. So who will win?


Result Awards

Best Entry

TheET Awards six entries nominated were:


And the Frida goes to…


Rhythm Inside” was performed by Loïc Nottet. Representing Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, it was written by Beverly Jo Scott and composed by Loïc Nottet himself. It finished 4th with 217 points. Nominated a record of ten times overall in ET Awards 2015, “Best Entry” is its seventh! It ties Netherlands 2014 record of 7 Fridas! Congratulations!

You can click here to look at the full recommendations and nominations from last week’s article! There were 45 recommendations for 11 countries in the first round and 134 votes were cashed in an open poll, in exactly one week, among the 5 nominees. The complete detailed results will be announced soon!

Now let’s watch the winning entry once more:

127 comments on “Best Entry 2015: and the Frida goes to…

  1. The full results article will be posted tomorrow. Some were very close, some not. Some will be interesting and surprising results. Others, not so much.

    I know this feels like an “obvious” winner, just like last year with Netherlands getting 7 awards including “best internally chosen”, “best top 5 entry” and “best entry” which makes it like a clean sweep… but Belgium only won this one by 3 votes! It was actually the closest title for Belgium to win! But which song almost beat it? Find out tomorrow…

  2. Norway, Estonia or Latvia should have won. Bye. :(

  3. Latvia 2015 has SO much more artistic value than Belgium’s effort this year but I respect people who voted on this !
    Congrats Loic and Rhythm inside!

    • I’m the other way around. I find “Love Injected” a better song on a technical level, but think that artistically everything about Belgium 2015 was a tiny inch above Latvia’s artistic approach (for instance the clothes chosen for performance, the backdrop, the promo videos, the moves on stage…)

      I do think they’re the two “masterpieces” of the year, with Estonia being the “very great song” of the year just behind. All three would have been my esc 2014 winner, and all 3 will be remembered beyond 2015. the other 37 entries, nah…

      • Agree that those 3 will be remembered beyond 2015 and considered ESC classics amongst all.

        I think Sweden will become one of those “good but not great” winners. Can’t see it being in too many people’s Top 15 over the years.

        • Agreed, though Mans I reckon will be a popular face among the esc and MF crowd, he’s charismatic as hell and does know how to tune in a song and perform… He’ll be around for a long while but not gonna be memorable like Loreen (none of the esc winners will be, I know most people think Conchita wil be, but she’ll be like Dana International in 15 years)

      • I believe that Belgium it was and it is the greatest of all!!

  4. Well Belgium grew on me after the first LIVE performance but I feel like there is always something missing. Glad to see your favourite 2015 entry triumphing in ET Frida awards, though!
    PS : It’s time to break the “Morgan’s favourite, ranking 4th in esc” curse, don’t u think?

    • oh well, the last time my winner won esc was… 96? I have liked many esc winners since then actually, I rarely think the winner is atrocious (except 1998 a gimmick, 2008, though I like Dima’s 2006 entry a lot, and 2011 which is atrociously lame), or meh (mostly 2004, 2005 and 2013)… but I like the winners in 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015 which are all in my top 10 of their years… on the other hand my personal winners also do very well in esc lately (6th in 2011, 5th in 2012, 4th in 2013, 2014 and 2015…)

      • Would not have had you down as a fan of Lordi, or Sertab for that matter ;)

        Since I started watching in 2003 my fave has always come in the Top 10, apart from France 2010 and Belarus 2013. The winner has always been in my Top 10 apart from 2011 which I hated.

        • the billionth time you get me wrong? it’s more of a running joke by now

          • I don’t get why you get angry with me for making predictions or in this case saying I was wrong? :(

            I love Lordi, didn’t think you would, thought you’d think they were gimmicky, so I’m just saying I’m happy, no need to get mad at me “getting you wrong” :'(

            • well it’s fucking tiring to be assumed things by you, knowing they’re ALWAYS wrong?

            • Come on it’s just predicting, nothing wrong with that surely?

              Lots of people thought Russia would win ESC and were pleasantly surprised they didn’t. I didn’t go around shouting at them all telling them they were wrong.

              And my predictions are mostly correct.
              I’ve predicted every ESC winner, usually predict around 8/9 qualifiers, predicted most of the Teko Rounds (apart from the first few qualifying ones) I predicted most of the ET awards.

              So my predictions are spot on, I’m just saying I didn’t think you’d like Lordi, it’s a standard conversation. In one FDLC Donnie was surprised I’d given him a high mark, I said actually I did really like the song even though its not my usual genre, i didnt bite his head off about how he got me wrong?

            • I meant your predictions on ME not on esc

            • I think I am good at predicting you for the most part, but I’m the first to hold my hand up when I make a mistake, (how this conversation started, you wouldn’t have known I was surprised if I didnt say it)

              But I just don’t get what makes you angry about other people making predictions about your taste? Over on FDLC we are all currently trying to predict how everyone else voted. It’s entertaining to see people make predictions about my own personal voting, sometimes in how close they are, sometimes how wrong they are. I don’t get mad, it’s part of the fun.

            • I’m not angry at people making predictions, just at you for doing it on me: we barely talk to one another and each time we do it’s because you go “ooh you like that?” (for instance on italy v. sweden 2015, or right now on lordi…)

              i just think you’ve never understood my taste and keep being wrong about it constantly, and it’s tiring

            • Well when i talk about the site in general, I get told off for “assuming we are all the same” (which is not what im doing) or told off for forgetting the silent voters.

              I was surprised Toggie liked Dinah Nah, Toggie a few comments above was clearly surprised I liked Ukraine 2005 did either of us get mad at each other? We’ve got mad at each other in the past over other non related stuff. But I think we both like to see the similarities with one another more than the differences, and so it’s actually a warm moment when we realise the other likes a song we like and didn’t expect them to like.

              I do try and talk to you, but your kinda cold towards me (I feel) :/

  5. All but Italy (had it 11th prior to the Contest) been in my Top 10 since I first heard them. Only Belgium, Latvia and Estonia remained while Sweden and Norway fell out due to underwhelming lives. Italy didn’t change much.

    Congratulations, Loïc and to Belgium/Belgique/Belgien!

    • Sweden had the same live like always, even a bit better in esc than MF imo (as always with Sweden I tend to prefer the esc lives). Norway and Slovenia were the pre-contest faves of mine with underwhelming lives, but nothing else in 2015 is that good or great that they’re gonna slip that far down anyway… my other personal top 10 songs like Germany, Austria and Lithuania were imo as underwhelming live as the other ones and since I do prefer the other ones’ songs to begin with…

  6. I think I voted for Estonia, but Belgium is clearly an interesting song, so I’m perfectly fine with the result. Latvia would have been deserved too.

    Belgium was my mum’s favourite btw., she found it the most original, and she saw him as an interesting artist. She wasn’t so fond of Latvia, partly because of the chorus which I think she described as shouty. She also said that she was a bit tired of female Eurovision singers in dresses.

    I think she saw Italy as unintended comedy.

    • Belgium was also my mom’ favorite… with Germany!

      • She must have been disappointed with the voting then.

        • yeah, she said “as usual there’s a song that’s too good to win” for Belgium and didnt get Germany being ignored, but then she had Norway 3rd, Sweden 4th and Italy 5th (by default of them being the best of the rest) so she “got” why these did well, just that she thinks cool and modern music isnt really standing a chance in esc and that it’s always a decade too late (for instance, “Heroes” would have sounded “modern” in 2005 but in 2015?)

          • Yeah it probably is a decade behind sometimes. Not always though. F.e. the popular music of the 80’s wasn’t dominated by ethnic ballads like Eurovision was in the mid 90’s.

            • ahah, there are esc niches lie ethnic ballads and folksy music while some very popular genres are totally ignored (rap most of all, rnb etc. right now, but turbo folk in the balkan was almost never in esc, til Rambo got in and sent “that”)

          • Heroes was very modern. One of the criticisms is that it sounds like that Avicii song that came out last year.

            I really liked Germany, like your mUm (this is Europe ;) ) I didn’t understand it being ignored, but I wouldn’t really call it modern. It had a 50s feel to it.

    • My mom liked Latvia a lot and she was rooting for Aminata all the way lol. She also liked Belgium, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary and Italy in no order.

      My dad liked Latvia (she was popular in our house) and Israel (he said Nadav should have done better result-wise) and he enjoyed Romania, Hungary, Albania (for reasons other than music) and Italy in no order.

  7. As for Norway, I still struggle to really appreciate it. It is not a bad composition, but it is writing ‘gloominess’ with big letters, both in music and lyrics, and to an extent that it somehow seems insincere and forced.

    It’s like you say, “Ok, let us write a dark and depressive song; now what does it take? Well, what about having done something terrible as a child and not reveal what it was, describe yourself as a monster, tell your girlfriend to leave you because of that, and add some heavy harmonies in minor”. So it’s very much a “This-is-a-dark-song”-song. I’m normally more to undertones.

    I also think the video was too forced in-your-face like with its food war towards the end. Plus, it’s theme about a dark side behind the surface is already a cliché.

    • I get you and do prefer Estonia over Norway in every category (including male vocals, where I prefer Stig to Morland), but surprisingly while televote supported Estonia way more than Norway (5th and 17th respectively I believe) juries all went too the less subtle one, Norway (I do get that of all songs in this year’s competition the juries are in their right to support a song like Norway’s, but killing Estonia’s in the process?)

  8. I really thought Latvia would win that one and I guess the close 2nd was “Love Injected”. They are my after contest top 2 as well, with Latvia 1st and Belgium 2nd but it’s very close on my rankings as well.

    I doubt Belgium will see any success compared to Loic’s anytime soon – but I do celebrate the fact that it was the best year in years (since 2010 and result wise even better than then). Loic is a truly amazing artist. Many compared him to Roberto Belarossa the time he was chosen and I insisted since then that Loic is very different from the “boy next door doing music” – whether that would work in esc was to be seen – it was a risk. It worked well which is good for esc mainly imo.

    I can’t wait to see what the futur brings for Loic :) !

  9. Also here is my final post-contest top 39 (a little belated..!) :

    1. Latvia
    2. Belgium
    3. Estonia
    4. Sweden
    5. Italy
    6. France
    7. Slovenia
    8. Norway
    9. Cyprus
    10. Hungary
    11. Czech Republic
    12. Ireland
    13. Georgia
    14. Germany
    15. Denmark
    16. Lithuania
    17. Switzerland
    18. Australia
    19. Montenegro
    20. Spain
    21. Azerbaijan (biggest drop – was 14th before the contest)
    22. Greece
    23. Portugal
    24. Albania
    25. Romania
    26. Israel (biggest rise – was 35th before the contest)
    27. Austria
    28. Serbia
    29. Netherlands
    30. Malta
    31. Armenia
    32. United Kingdom
    33. Iceland
    34. Belarus
    35. San Marino
    36. FYR Macedonia
    37. Poland
    38. Moldova
    39. Finland

    • Sorry biggest drop is Iceland – from 23rd to 33rd.

    • Cool. Still working on mine. Shouldn’t there be 40 countries?

      • You are new here so you should know I boycott Russia and believe the rules of the contest should be changed to reflect more strict standards when it comes to the human rights records of the participating nations – rules that would disqualify Russia from participating.

        • Ah I see. Then why not ban all and cancel the show? Every country is guilty of some basic human rights violations, even my own the USA. :-(

          • yup, of course: take a peak at Amnesty’s lists of bad-doings by countries…

          • I won’t go into these generalizations. I consider them superficial and kind of naive and not at all representative of the true situation in Russia and around it, because of its actions.
            Russia is commiting primarily a mass genocide against LGBT people that no so called “developed” nation has ever done and I won’t even go to the ukrainian thing.
            It has no place in Eurovision, especially with songs about peace and unity and the EBU should take immediate measures to make sure that countries with dubious human rights records are not allowed. If that includes more than one countries it is up to the EBU to make that determination.

            • A developed nation hasn’t done a mass genocide? I won’t even touch on that.

              I’m sorry but I am against the idea of banning countries from international events. Do you think it was fair for South Africa to be banned from events during the 60s/70s yet the USA was allowed to participate in the Olympics, beauty pageants, etc. despite both of them violating human rights (Jim Crow laws and Apartheid) at the same time?

            • I don’t think there is a chance that I will change my mind on the issue, these conversations have taken place in the past here and I stand firm on my ground when it comes to Russia’s disqualification on human rights grounds so that is kind of futile imo..

              I will just say that nothing comes close to what Russia is doing right now in the EBU area.

  10. off topic : new song from softengine :

    Honestly these guys can’t have a bad song imo.

    (p.s. Topi looks extra hot and stylish now !)

  11. Congratulations, Belgium! :)

    Hope this will be a beginning of a new era for Belgium. Of course, I was hoping the same for The Netherlands, but it looks like they went a bit wrong after two years. Hopefully just a little mistake. Btw, have you realised that “Rhythm inside” is actually the only Belgian Top 5 entry, together with “Sanomi”, since Sandra Kim’s victory in 1986?! That’s remarkable to say the least.

    • Poor Tom Dice came close only to be edged out by Safura near the end of the voting :(

      • It was a sad moment. Especially since Azerbaijan 2010 was just about spending a fortune to boost their song.

      • I agree! I hate AZE 10 (their worst entry BY miles) while Belgium is my winner that year :)

      • 2010 was my first ever Eurovision Song Contest! Good memories!

        I didn’t like Azerbaijan live but it’s decent in studio. Funny lyrics and her running in those heels! I didn’t like Belgium at all but over the years I grew to like it and now I love it!

        It was a pretty good year. So glad Germany won that year. I supported them along with Romania, Ukraine and Cyprus for the win.

        • 2010 was a defining moment for my greater involvment with esc mainly due to Tom Dice :-) Even my nickname here is inspired by him and his entry back then.

          It was the only year I had Ukraine in my top 10 as well !
          And I was also glad Germany won, Lena did deserve it. Although she deserved it even more in 2011 imo.

          • it was a good year and it had a very nice winner

          • LMAO 2010 is the only year Ukraine wasn’t in my Top 10 :D

            • You’re insane, man! Alyosha was FANTASTIC live and she had the best staging that year IMO. It captured the dark mood and I love the message behind the song.

              Unfortunately, like most of Ukraine’s songs and singers in the ESC it suffers from bad grammatical structure and poor English diction.

              Thus it gets a 9/12 from me. Close to perfect but not almost perfect nor complete perfection.

            • Ukraine 2005 is in your top 10???

            • Yeah, loved it, even before I found out about the political message which made me love it even more.

              Reviewing my comment though, I didn’t like the Ukraine song in 2003, but I never did a Top 10 for that year. Still I doubt it’d make it.

            • I have Ukraine dead last in 2003. I only upgraded it to 1/12 when last reviewing all contests.

          • I have Ukraine in my top 10 in 2005 too but of course Alyosha rules supreme. :) Unfortunately, I could not vote for her back then because I had decided to ignore her because of cheating. Bloody principles. LOL And I still like Verka for all the wrong (or right?) reasons. But she is only in 12th place on my 2007 list … while Serbia has always been my winner for that year. :)
            My 2010 top 4: Turkey – Belgium – Cyprus – Israel. And then I have 6 9/12 songs: Germany, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Sebia and …. (probably all alone on this one) … Switzerland. I know that Mr. von der Heide’s live performance wasn’t great but the song is freaking fantastic imo. :)

            • I like Ukraine in esc, their lives are extraordinary and great and they take risks like no others, but there has been some true horrors, mainly 2009 which is a disaster! But I’m the type to actually like both 2007 and 2008

            • Most other Ukrainian entries are mid-table on my list, even 2009. Very entertaining and professional but a tad on the superficial and calculating side. However, I really hate their debut entry …

            • yeah Im with you and Max, the 2003 song is a disaster

            • We agree on the Belgium, Cyprus, Israel but I found Turkey to be ok. Germany and Ukraine were great, Serbia is a guilty pleasure, and I liked Switzerland in studio but not live. Not too crazy on Estonia and I hate Russia that year along with Latvia, Denmark, Belarus and the UK!

              As for Ukraine, it’s dead last for me in regards to the 2003 contest. WORST. VOCALS. EVER!!! My ears were in pain! 0/12!

              I love their 2005 and 2010 songs and I like 2004 and 2006-09. 2011-14 were ok and 2003 is the worst of them all!

            • Ukraine 2003 is the worst ESC song that did not intend to be a joke entry imo.

            • Exactly. I was shocked to see all of that was done in seriousness. Did they really think a bendy woman was going to get them the win?

            • Switzerland 10 is the only Swiss entry between 2007 – 2014 to miss my top 10..

            • LOL 2010 is the only Swiss song 2001-15 in my top 10. Sebalter came close though (12th place) and Lovebugs are top 10 in studio version. But as a package … no! everything but 2010 simply wasn’t good enough.

            • My ranking of the swiss entries from 2007 :

              2007 : 10th
              2008 : 4th
              2009 : 9th
              2010 : I don’t even remember, only have top 10 records before 2012.
              2011 : 6th
              2012 : 9th
              2013 : 8th
              2014 : 4th
              2015 : 17th

            • I liked all songs in audio except 2008, but disliked the lives in almost every single year so Switzerland missed my top 10 most of the times, but is often in top 20 by default

            • I did not have an issue with any lives..Maybe 2009 was a little underwhelming but the song is good enough even in such a strong year as 2009 was to keep them in my top 10.

            • I agree, 2009 is the best song in that run and the only one that survives its poor live to stay in my top 10

  12. @ cyphermusic, in the grammar and diction accidents category, Romania 2006 still rules supreme imo: “I’m feeling your Dutch on my face …”, “Like when was together …” ♫♪♫ :)

  13. Estonia, Italy and Norway deserved it more?

  14. Is there a chance the “Song Of The Day” series resumes after a long break this summer again? I really liked it :)

  15. The full results will be posted as soon as possible, my bf has had issues the past two days and so I spent them helping him out and now we’re going for a 3day weekend along the Loire valley to take a break, so Sunday night at the earliest (fête de la musique in France though)

  16. My first Eurovision that I saw was 2009 and it is still my favorite to this day. The nostalgia and the fact that Norway actually won something makes me love it every time I watch. 2007 has to be the second best and then 2010 for third. Although I still love every contest as they are always fantastic.

  17. A new single and video from Fahrenhaidt:

  18. Things have been quiet here the last few days. I guess the ET team are enjoying a short vacation? :)

  19. Well congratulations Belgium!! My second favorite after Latvia of course!

  20. to all St John, Juan, Joan ,Jean, Jan ,Yanni etc here for 24th, I wish you a great day! (here in Catalonia it is a public holiday thus we celebrate a lot the night before, obviously!)

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