Most Underrated 2015: and the Frida goes to…

FridaEurovision Times Awards 2015 – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to resume the “Eurovision Times Awards” to give prizes to the best in every category! After a week in this category, it’s time to announce the winner and hand out the Frida. So who will win?


Result Awards

Most Underrated

TheET Awards five entries nominated were:


And the Frida goes to…


N’oubliez Pas” was performed by Lisa Angell. Representing France in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, it was written by Laure Izon & M. Albert and composed by Michel Illouz & M. Albert. It finished 25th with 4 points. Nominated four times overall in ET Awards 2015, “Most Underrated” is its second so far! Congratulations!

You can click here to look at the full recommendations and nominations from last week’s article! There were 52 recommendations for 14 countries in the first round and 138 votes were cashed in an open poll, in exactly one week, among the 5 nominees. The complete detailed results will be announced once all polls are closed so in another week!

Now let’s watch the winning entry once more, for it finnished with only 4 pts:

14 comments on “Most Underrated 2015: and the Frida goes to…

  1. since none of these are still in competition for the remaining fridas, I can reveal that France only won by 2 votes, 44 votes to 42 :o

    • Damn I didn’t vote and I usually vote twice (laptop and phone) I’d have voted for Germany, did they come 2nd? If not, I don’t mind lol, if yes, then I’m gutted.

      What happens in a tie anyways?

    • pour moi ça serait la france aussi, ay la france, avec toutes les chansons , mais jamais avec la chanson que pourrait gagner ! “amoreux solitaires” c’etait (c’est) une chanson que represente ce que je me rappelle de la france en les annees 8os en espagne , ici en espagne les chansons françaises toujours ont beucoup de importance eg:amoreux solitaires (there is a Spanish version of that somewhere :)

  2. Germany and Austria had better songs and ranked worse in May so another Frida I don’t agree! :P

  3. This is a very forgettable song, so its title is a little ironic.

    Black Smoke and I Am Yours are mediocre songs, but certainly no worse than several of the songs that beat them and didn’t deserve to be last with no points at all.

    The most underrated song was Amanecer, which deserved much better than 21st place. Here For You also deserved a Top 10 place.

    • Like I said yesterday, ET has a French Fetish! ;)

      • Even the awards are named after a French winner, just to plant the seed of bias in our minds before we even start! Je plaisante, bien sûr. ;)

        I do like France in ESC, especially their early work. Of their recent offerings, Sognu and L’Enfer Et Moi stand out, but this year’s failed to make an impact on me. The swarm of drummers was a nice touch though.

  4. Expected and good result. Even if the song is a tad too conventional for my personal taste, Lisa is a natural force onstage. Both Austria and Germany deserved a better result too. Switzerland did not deserve to be in the final but certainly didn’t deserve to come last in a semi-final including RSM15. And as much as I love both Marta and Václav … the Czech Republic was perfectly ranked. :(

  5. Expected and well deserved. Lisa gavea performance worthy of a top 5 placing.
    Only Czech Republic’s non qualification comes close when it comes to injustices imo.

    Germany also deserved much better. As for Austria its dangerous to fail to evoke any emotion as this entry did to me..

    It was not a good year for the german speaking countries.
    Tbh I dont know how it could be a worse year by any stretch of imagination..!

  6. Any of these would’ve been good winners. Congrats, France!

  7. Totally should have been Germany, but France is okay.

  8. Love this choice! Congratulations!

  9. Good that Germany didn’t win! Congratulations France who should at least have been in the top 15 this year!

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