Most Overrated 2015: and the Frida goes to…

FridaEurovision Times Awards 2015 – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to resume the “Eurovision Times Awards” to give prizes to the best in every category! After a week in this category, it’s time to announce the winner and hand out the Frida. So who will win?


Result Awards

Most Overrated

TheET Awards five entries nominated were:


And the Frida goes to


A Million Voices” was performed by Polina Gagarina. Representing Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, it was written and composed by Gabriel Alares, Joakim Björnberg, Katrina Noorbergen, Leonid Gutkin and Vladimir Matetsky. It finished 2nd with 303 points. Nominated four times overall in ET Awards 2015, “Most Overrated” is its first so far! Congratulations!

You can click here to look at the full recommendations and nominations from last week’s article! There were 55 recommendations for 18 countries in the first round and 140 votes were cashed in an open poll, in exactly one week, among the 5 nominees. The complete detailed results will be announced once all polls are closed so in another week!

Now let’s watch the winning entry once more, for it did finnish 2nd:

80 comments on “Most Overrated 2015: and the Frida goes to…

  1. This was a close race as well, 40 votes to 34 to the runner-up!

  2. Well, I’ve made myself vocal several times on this matter. Russia was equally overrated as Sweden this year imo…

  3. Agreed. By far the most overrated, insipid Disney ballad of them all. This had no right to be within sniffing distance of the Top 10.

  4. Expected. Italy was overrated too in my personal opinion but both entries were obvious top 5 stuff from the very beginning. Albania and Poland should have been on planes back home after the semi-finals. Australia and Serbia got the results they deserved. Finally, I don’t think that Sweden had the best song on offer this year but I prefer Måns’ victory to Russia’s and Italy’s top 3 results.

  5. So glad Russia won this award!

    (Never thought I’d be saying that lol )

  6. I would have voted for Italy.

  7. I agree that Russia was overrated and so was Australia.I believe that Sweden was also overrated by juries with the landslide win they gave to “Heroes”.

  8. I voted for Poland because it was my least favorite of the 5. Congratulations to Polina!

  9. Expected and well deserved. As my policy is not to aknowledge Russia as a participant in poll, votes or rankings my vote went to Poland.

    I concur with other commenters that even though I like Italy it was slightly overrated with the 3rd place and should be about 6th.

  10. No surprise. Both Russia and Australia were in the cellar of my scoreboard, but Australia was lower.

  11. I disagree personally (not that the song was overrated, but we had other songs that were more imo) but I see why it won.

  12. I didn’t vote for it, mostly because of the We Are the World lyrics. But it is not a bad song, especially not if you just look at the music. Plus, it was brilliantly performed vocally with a lot of intensity.

  13. How politically correct!

  14. Avicii talking about “Heroes”:

    • It is a real shame that a “great version of a David Guetta’s song” won jury vote by landslide…

      • Beware!Guitar may be lurking somewhere.We can’t risk it.lol

        • well it IS kinda getting tiring by now

          • Come on, it’s just a joke … That’s what has happened to ET lately … people are not allowed to joke anymore (not even the way friends do) because some people don’t have a sense of humour. :(
            It’s becoming terribly boring. :(

            • people saying italy is the rightful winner every day is a joke? sorry i didnt get that

            • People are perfectly allowed to do so if that is what they think imo. Or do we censor opinions we don’t like now? (And you know that I don’t like Italy at all myself …) Honestly, I fail to see your problem. :(

            • yes, they have the right to do it, and ET has never censored people saying that every day, and I have the right to say I find it tiring? Or am I the only one who should be censored?

            • I rest my case. You are the editor and are supposed to be neutral and respectful to everyone who does not violate the rules of the forum. But if you want all the regulars who have made ET what it is to leave, your perfectly free to do so. It will be a different place then: no diversity, no wit … :(

            • first of all, there was not a single wit here tonight, second the max/toggie fight was censored by Lynn not me who didnt even see it and I dont consider I have to be “neutral”, else that means I dont get to express MY voice and I havent been “mean” to anyone (you say Shevek or Oxi have been silent on ET because of ME? goddamn I knew you were mad at me lately, but THAT mad?! seriously?!) i say what I think I have to say, I refuse censorship except it breaks the rules and I wont censor my personal self

              wanna leave again the fucking blog? feel free to do so (wrong day to bug the shit out of me)

            • I am not mad at you at all but simply want ET to remain a space where everyone is welcome as long as s/he adheres to the rules of the forum. However, lately people have been personally attacked for giving their personal opinion. You will certainly have noticed that. And yes, there wasn’t a single witty comment here tonight whereas we had loads of them in the past. Why do you think that is? People are fed up with some people attacking everyone they do not agree with, suggesting and insinuating things nobody has ever said … generalising. :(

            • but if you’re against censorship, as I am, what can ET do to prevent that?

            • Tell the few regulars (the righteous ones … ♫♪♫) who can’t cope with opinions they don’t like to behave in a civilised and respectful way? Otherwise you’ll end up with an ESC site full of bland, boring and irrelevant comments. Anyway, I’ll stand up and fight for plurality, diversity and the freedom of speech, even in such an irrelevant (not for me, I love ET … but on a global scale) space like ET. The few regulars here who have a problem with diversity seem to be close to achieving what they want: phasing … “swedenising” … (and don’t get me wrong: I love Sweden as much as every other ESC country …)

          • What is getting tiring exactly?

          • P.S. Do you remember how witty Shevek’s comments used to be? Nowadays he just posts bland one word comments. I wonder why he decided to do so. And I feel the same. I don’t dare posting jokes anymore … but what is ESC without the fun? Zzzzzz
            The other day, a friendly joke of mine was deleted although I only tried to resolve the nasty situation created by an inappropriate reply to a totally innocent comment I had posted (Someone basically told me that I wasn’t allowed to criticise anything Swedish in ESC). You know … wherever humour is gone, terror and (partly internalised) censorship rise their ugly heads.

          • But there was nothing about Italy in this post.It was only Avicii’s view on the Swedish song and victory.It’s as if you say that if Andrea Bocelli decides to talk about the Italian entry we shouldn’t be mentioning it.

      • I prefer Måns to Avicii, whose music is the accoustic signature of cultural decadence and decline imho.

  15. @ dimitri, Jokes seem not to be welcome here anymore … but I still trust hulluna and morgan that they will do the right thing. :)

    • Yeah,i don’t like the fact i feel bad about an innocent joke but let’s move on! :) I also hope Guitar won’t feel offended by my joke.

      • It’s not making a joke that’s the problem, but the lame, repetitive baiting of certain people on this site that makes ET close to unbearable at times, like now. Not that I’m blaming just you for this.

        • More disrespect for opinions and another call for (internal) censorship. This new ET generation scares the hell out of me … :(

          • Didn’t you ask Max to self-censor in his comments to you just the other day? There’s nothing wrong with that – it’s just being respectful online.

            • Nope, I didn’t. I just asked him to be respectful and polite. Good night! :)

            • And not mention your name in any comments.

              There is a difference between silencing opinions, and encouraging people not to directly provoke certain members on the site.

              I don’t really want to discuss this any further, as it’s clear you’re upset about something else. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

            • “Upset about sth else” … that comment tells a lot about you. :( Getting personal again as soon as you run our of arguments? That doesn’t do your intellect any favour, dear. Gosh! why am I wasting my time? Don’t you worry … I am perfectly calm …
              I’m done. :(

            • I’m confused. I attempt to have a reasonable conversation with you and you resort to nasty personal insults.

              Weren’t you complaining about ET not being a friendly place a few months ago?

            • ET has become the new ESCToday. I miss HRH Princess Engla at this point … I am done. Well, I’ll be away travelling the Balkans for 5 weeks anyway. Enjoy summer … or winter in Australia … and ETSC. :)

        • I also have quite a few ideas on what makes ET close to unbearable sometimes but i don’t care to discuss it atm.

        • But why should certain people repeating same stuff bother certain others that much? It is just an opinion and one shouldn’t translate it on a personal level nor feel the urge to defend themselves…
          If I f.e say Sweden was not the rightful winner in my eyes this year and juries got it wrong why should it bother certain others that much?
          And If u feel like it is getting unbearable at times that will make me feel less “spontaneous” the next time I will try and post something. It does feel like a “sentimental” censorship doesn’t it?

          • There was nothing wrong with the Sweden comment at all – but bringing Guitar in was unnecessary. No one was “silenced” in the end and no comments were deleted, so I really don’t see what all the fuss was about.

            • I wouldn’t bring another user’s name on table either but still I wouldn’t feel the urge to defend him either. It’s like choosing parts and that is not something to do when trying to act neutral while running a blog…

            • Funny you mention that, each person we once blocked has yelled to us we werent fair to them and should block others as well… every one sees his or her own vision of things, but not the big thing, which, in our case, is ET’s best interest

            • If people were blocked they were blocked for a reason imo. That doesn’t mean I will “mute” myself for the “touchy” crowd.

            • I dont mind really. Just dont push people’s buttons an then come crying (I know you wouldnt do it, but yeah, it has happened before)

            • That’s what I am trying to explain you.
              Why should anyone feel I am stating my opinion in order to push their buttons?
              It is their OWN problem NOT mine! If u really believe I am acting so you are putting me under a “sentimental” censorship.

          • I personally just roll my eyes at people going on and on about the same things, but then I realize everyone does it to his or her own esc fetish, im just pointing out it could get tiring and some people are more touchy than others about it and we should learn which one of us we can joke us and which we cant, ET remains the place, hopefully, when people can make comments on whatever, and if some people think ET isnt the place for them or for their own comments, I’m sad but I’m not forcing anyone to comment, we know there are silent readers (I know Luke or Mark read it close to daily and comment very rarely by their own choices, not bcause they think ET is a bad place)

          • 12 points. Donnie rules supreme. :)

        • My comment was well-intentioned,nothing negative in it.How you interpret my comment is 100% your problem.

      • Your last sentence perfectly illustrates the problem we are facing. You have internalised guitar … and I don’t have anything against guitar, he is part of the family. We just need to act like real men John Wayne style. *dropping the sequins and the feather boa*

  16. I feel like this is how this thread turned out.

  17. Well as expected, but not the rightful winner in this category! Poland should have won!

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