Take a Eurovision Survey on Social TV Activities

eurovision surveyEurovision Survey – Would you be interested in helping out on a piece of Eurovision research? Were you tweeting or Facebooking about ESC this year or do you prefer to just watch on TV? A German researcher would like to hear from you! 

The latest survey we’ve been asked to promote is from German student Christian from the Media University of Stuttgart. His thesis is about the social TV activities of the Eurovision Song Contest. The thesis is also considering the LGBT community to create a special concept for gays, lesbian, bisexuals, and so on. He would be very thankful if you can take some minutes to answer the questions in his survey (which is mobile friendly). The survey is available in both English & German.

To access the survey go HERE.


More and more people are studying Eurovision now and the Eurovision Research Network is increasing in numbers of academics. The network hopes to advance critical thinking about the contemporary Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), focusing on the ways in which the Contest has reflected, and perhaps driven, changing perceptions and realities of Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

14 comments on “Take a Eurovision Survey on Social TV Activities

  1. Taking this made me realise how much they try and get interaction from people at home before the show. Interesting.

  2. I’ve participated and my answers will strengthen the let’s spare us all the action and concentrate on the songs segment.

  3. “to do something when the show bores me” hahahaha so accurate.

  4. Took part and gave ET a special mention :D

  5. I hate when you can only answer yes or no. What if I have mixed opinions about the questions and think there are pros and cons?

  6. I ended up not answering at all. I want to be able to explain my answers, and I want to be able to point out if there are both good and bad things about something. This yes-or-no thing is not very constructive.

  7. Done! Hope he takes my answer on the “how can we make Eurovision better” question into consideration.

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