Best National Final 2015: and the Frida goes to…

FridaEurovision Times Awards 2015 – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to resume the “Eurovision Times Awards” to give prizes to the best in every category! After a week in this category, it’s time to announce the winner and hand out the Frida. So who will win?


Delegation Awards

Best National Final

TheET Awards five entries nominated were:

  • Estonia‘s Eesti Laul
  • Germany‘s Unser Song für Österreich
  • Latvia‘s Supernova
  • Norway‘s Melodi Grand Prix
  • Sweden‘s Melodifestivalen


And the Frida goes to


You can check out more abut Melodifestivalen on the old contest’s Wikipedia page. It lead to a second win in four years (2012 and 2015) with “Heroes”, performed by Måns Zelmerlöw. Written and composed by Linnea Deb, Joy Deb and Anton Hård af Segerstad, it finished 1st with 365 points. Nominated seven times overall in ET Awards 2015, “Best National Final” is its second so far! Congratulations!

You can click here to look at the full recommendations and nominations from last week’s article! There were 42 recommendations for 10 countries in the first round and 109 votes were cashed in an open poll, in exactly one week, among the 5 nominees. The complete detailed results will be announced once all polls are closed so in another week!

Now let’s watch the winning entry once more, for it came from the best national final:

47 comments on “Best National Final 2015: and the Frida goes to…

  1. Can Danny Saucedo enter next year please?

  2. 2015 was a nice MF edition actually, helped by the fact 2014 was one of the worst ever. Still, 2015 came far from the 2005-2010 golden era of MF imo, which sadly did not lead to many great MF winners and therefore poor esc results. The many revamps “for the sake of the show” sinked MF for me, but they survived with better entries winning MF (though juries’ favorite having gone to the contest more lately, like “You” was another dumb idea but Yohio would have done horribly in the contest…), which are written to smash MF and therefore end up smashing esc (two bronze medals and two wins is not something one can ignore).

  3. MF had quite a few songs that I really liked this year. My absolute fav was “Där och då med dig” and my biggest guilty pleasure was “Don’t Say No”.

  4. I voted for Latvia for many good reasons, but the main one being it was a great revap from a very exhausted and old NF format to something fresher that ultimately worked wonders with them as they got their first top 10 result since 2005!

    But it also had in average the “best” NF musically of the season imo.

    And it had the Riga Beaver, the one and only!

  5. PS: this is only the first MF win in Fridas, since Germany won in 2013 and Finland in 2014 as best NF!

  6. I voted for MF so i’m happy with the result.It was a very good year with many songs i really liked like “Don’t stop believing”,Jag är fri,”Där och då med dig”,”Heroes”,”Make me(la la la)…

  7. Am genuinely pleasantly shocked.

    Melfest is obviously the best, as Morgan pointed out, no other NF, or even internal can boast 2 wins and 2 bronze medals in 5 years.

    But I really didn’t expect MF to win this Frida. Everyone loves Estonia, Latvia, Norway, and Latvia had the infamous Riga Beaver! ;) Eesti Laul many on here look forward to every year, and Norway is always an ET fave.

    So am really surprised, but glad and thankful, that Melfest has won.

    It really was a great show this year. In terms of average songs, I actually preferred it to the main ESC. I had so many faves, there was about 9 songs I truly loved in the final.

    Also thank you to Morgan (and the rest of the staff???) for nominating Melfest and Sweden

    and thank you ET readers both silent and vocal for voting for it <3

  8. Same procedure as every year …
    I enjoyed Latvia and Estonia most this year and voted for Supernova.
    From MF, I still listen to “Där och då med dig” and “Nonetheless”. “Make Me (LaLaLa)” will make a comeback while driving the car around the Balkans next month. :)

  9. Well, if we talk production, results and appeal-wise I agree…
    When it comes to the quality of the songs participating as calculated by averages, it was just my 6th…

    • NF is a whole package: we do watch them so they need to appeal to us and not just songwise. Like we do when discussing old esc editions, we talk songs but also the entire production around…

      • True. However MF never wins the most important category in MY books which is song quality. There is always Estonia, Germany, Iceland , Norway etc with a better bunch of songs.

        • It depends of the years, in 2005-2010 almost nothing was as good as MF in terms of songs anyway, Fik 2008 was good, and of course Estonia 2010 is still the best NF ever. Then in 2011, MF fell from Grace and EEsti Laul took over for a few years. Germany rose in 2011 and remains a strong entry and this year Latvia made a great revamp. Finland was great in 2013 and 2014 and awful this year. So right now we have 4-6 (with Norway and Iceland who can go either way) NF to watch out for more or less, with the unexpected good NF which can be held anywhere in Europe (we never know…)

          • I think that FdC was the best NF 2011 if we only talk song quality. Unfortunately, all FdCs have been extremely poor since. :(

        • Just curious how you work out overall song quality?
          Is it just the average of your rankings?

          I only ask, as personally I think a show with 10 songs I love and 10 songs I hate, is much better than a show with 20 songs that are ok but nothing special, wouldn’t you agree?

          A bad song you only have to listen to once, a good song you can listen to for a life time :D

          • It is just scores of songs according to my personal taste nothing more.
            This year Germany had the best bunch of songs (score-wise) followed by Iceland and Estonia.

  10. Expected and well deserved imo. In a year of not so great nfa, MF kept its musical standards high. It also features the biggest injustice imo though when “Insomnia” did not even make it in AC.
    Also two or my least favourite entries came 2nd and 3rd in televoting..
    But in the end the right song won afer all was said and done.

  11. Congratulations.

  12. I would probably say that MF 2015 is the best edition since 2009 song wise. Though ruined by the stupid app voting.

    Voted for Latvia myself. An impresive progression from previous years, plus a rapping beaver.

    • MF 2010 was great music wise.

      The app voting, the meh hosting (still much better than 2014), and imbecile and ridiculous results (as often in MF) made it a not-so much fun NF. However, it remained a top 5 nf production wise and had many good songs and down to 28 without sacrificing the alternative entries so I enjoyed that.

    • Do you really think the App changed anything? Copacabana won its semi and came like 6th in the final, Acazar came 3rd overall in 2014.

      I really just don’t understand why people think this App changed anything. The voting numbers are similar, and people say well its mainly kids who vote on it. First off, why shouldn’t kids have a say, secondly, most adults have smart phones now too so could vote via App, and would probably let their kids cast some votes if the app didn’t exist.

  13. Melfest? That’s a bit of a surprise. Nominated Iceland, but voted for Estonia. Congrats!

  14. I wonder if Sweden will go for the second win in a row next year and dare I say it even try and emulate the three wins in a row by Ireland? After all, records are there to be equalled or bettered and with Sweden now nipping at the heels of Ireland for the most wins, I see no reason for them not to want to hold the overall record. So if Sweden does win the next two years, they not only emulate Ireland but overtake them with most wins too. This would be some achievement.

    • Not quite. With six wins, Sweden needs more than one to tie or better Ireland. With a 7th win next year, they’d tie on wins, but Ireland has 4 second places and Sweden only 1…

  15. I think my first post was perfectly understandable and reads quite fine actually. I certainly don’t need clarity or correcting thank you very much!
    If Sweden wins next year gaining it’s second win in a row, they equal Ireland with 7 overall wins and if they then go and try for the third win in a row in 2017 they emulate Ireland’s three wins in a row and snatch the overall victory wins record too with 8. Pretty much what I stated first time round. This was the main point of the post. Will Sweden try and go for such a feat? 2 then maybe three wins in a row and the overall lead?
    As for the second places? That is not what I was talking about. UK Luxembourg and France all have five wins and are equal third on the list after Ireland and Sweden (am sure we ALL know these facts) The UK may go above France and Luxembourg because of it’s 15 runners-up places but most people just count the wins thus they are equal third on the list, so if Sweden does win next year I doubt most people will still be putting Ireland first because of it’s 4 second places, they will only see the two countries as having 7 wins apiece and thus tied.

    • the medal counts on the Olympics, don’t rank just people based on gold medals, but when tied in first, they compare with silver medals, and then bronze (something that SHOULD sound similar to anyone who watched esc 1991 anyway)…

  16. Yes, a valid point. You are quite right there.
    I was only stating that when most announcers or TV shows cover Eurovision, they mainly stick with the wins and thus have those on the same amounts as ‘tying’ rather than counting the 2nds or 3rds to give a more detailed ranking. (Something I think All Kinds of Everything did on it’s site when it was active).
    And, tbh, if Sweden does end up winning again next year, I probably will be that pedantic by saying Ireland still sits at the top by virtue of those second place finishes lol. ;)

  17. This was my 2nd least favorite of the nominees. I only liked Mans, Caroline, Isa, Emilie and Magnus in no order. The rest did nothing for me.

    Congratulations nonetheless!

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