Berlin Eurovision Weekend Takes Place in July

Berlin weekendEurovision Weekend – Danish singers Kirsten Siggaard (Hot Eyes) and DQ plus the Ann Sophie from Germany are the Eurovision stars at this year’s Eurovision Weekend, which is taking place in Berlin 17-19 July. They will perform at the Grand Gala at the Pfefferberg area in central Berlin.

The Eurovision Weekend has established itself as an important off-season event for Eurovision fans all over Europe – two months after the Eurovision Song Contest, it is a big get-together to relive the Eurovision spirit.

This year it’s the fourth edition of the Eurovision Weekend, which is organized once a year by the Berlin ESC fan group (with support of the two fanclubs OGAE Germany and EC Germany) plus an invited OGAE fanclub from a different country. After Finland (2012), Israel (2013) and the United Kingdom (2014), the Danish OGAE fanclub melodigrandprixfans.dk is teaming up this year.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXGl2cbDBDA]

Fans from all over Europe are invited to Berlin. The Eurovision Weekend provides a great opportunity for all ESC fans to meet, chat, dance and enjoy a whole weekend in the Eurovision community.

This year’s programme:

  • Friday night: Welcome Party with ESC karaoke and disco
  • Saturday: possibility to join sightseeing tours offered by the Berlin fangroup
  • Saturday night: Grand Gala – “Fans sing for fans Contest” (ESC fans perform Eurovision songs, with voting); concert with Kirsten Siggaard, Ann Sophie and DQ; after the Gala, the party continues on the Eurovision dancefloor
  • Sunday: Danish-German brunch with Eurovision Quiz

Last year, the event with performances of Corinna May, Suzy, Scott Fitzgerald and the winner of the 2014 Berlin Song Contest, Lili Sommerfeld, was completely sold out. Fans from many countries such as Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Slovenia, Ireland and the UK came to Berlin to party.

The ticket sale has already started. The ticket for €36  covers the entrance to all events of the Eurovision weekend, including the brunch on Sunday. Tickets can be purchased online. All information about the event and the ticket sale can be found on the homepage www.eurovision-weekend.de.

4 comments on “Berlin Eurovision Weekend Takes Place in July

  1. If any of you regulars are intending to go along, let us know

  2. Kirsten Siggaard and DQ are among my least favourite Danish ESC participants. Well, I’ll be in Montenegro anyway. :)

  3. Sob why is this happening a month before I plan to go there.

  4. I have a very strange relation with Hot Eyes’ Eurovision entries. Some would say that all three of them are more or less the same song, but I think it’s a lot of variation when it comes to quality. I like the instant, catchy schlagerish tune in them, combined with Kirsten’s great voice. Their easy-going lyrics are at the border between refreshingly tongue-in-cheek and just silly. While I like both 1984 and 1988, I absolutely hate 1985 (is the kid to blame?).

    1984 7/12
    1985 0/12
    1988 8/12

    The songs that didn’t make it:
    1986 4/12
    1987 5/12

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