Eurovision 2016: Stockholm Formally Bids to Host

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – Sveriges Radio announced yesterday that Stockholm has officially submitted a bid to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in the Globen Arena Complex. 

“We have several different arenas in the Globe area but the exact venue we will discuss further with SVT. What we do now is go in with an application, we want to organize Eurovision in 2016” says the City of Stockholm Social Democrat Karin Wanngård.

The venues that could be used include Tele 2, Globen, Ericsson Arena, the Annex or Hovet. It is expected that Tele 2 Arena and the Ericsson Arena would be favourites.

Globen area

Wanngård added,

“Stockholm’s economy is good and we have the economic conditions. But the most important thing in such a big event it is that we benefit from it. We get more room nights, we get more tourists, the tourism industry is growing and it’s that which is Stockholm’s pulse.”

Malmö has announced it will not bid this time. It is expected that the Swedish broadcaster, SVT, will make a decision by 31st August 2015.

Source: Sveriges Radio

2 comments on “Eurovision 2016: Stockholm Formally Bids to Host

  1. Wow after all this debate over Globe vs Tele2 had no idea they were literally next door to each other lol

    I hope for Tele2 so we can have a bigger show. Can’t understand why it’s become popular to stick the contest in a shoe box the past couple of years.

  2. Goteborg mean business too though.

    Their tourist people @goteborgcom have set up @escgbg2016 on Twitter and are asking people who want it in Goteborg to tweet #escgbg2016

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