Best Spokeperson 2015: and the Frida goes to…

FridaEurovision Times Awards 2015 – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to resume the “Eurovision Times Awards” to give prizes to the best in every category! After a week in this category, it’s time to announce the winner and hand out the Frida. So who will win?


Delegation Awards

Best Spokeperson

TheET Awards five entries nominated were:

  • Australia‘s Lee Lin Chin (voted #20)
  • Greece‘s Helena Paparizou (voted #4)
  • NetherlandsEdsilia Rombley (voted #29)
  • Russia‘s Dmitry Shepelev (voted #32)
  • United-Kingdom‘s Nigella Lawson (voted #27)


And the Frida goes to…


You can read more about Nigella Lawson on her Wikipedia page. Many languages were used by Nigella during the contest: German, English, Italian and French for the final 12pts. It’s also the first time Sweden took a 1pt lead which probably helped people remembering this fresh and fun spokeperson. Nominated only once in ET Awards 2015, “Best Spokeperson” is also the first Frida won by the UK! Congratulations!

You can click here to look at the full recommendations and nominations from last week’s article! There were 43 recommendations for 14 countries in the first round and 151 votes were cashed in an open poll, in exactly one week, among the 5 nominees. The complete detailed results will be announced once all polls are closed so in another week!

You can watch the votings again, the Uk voting as #27:

84 comments on “Best Spokeperson 2015: and the Frida goes to…

  1. I hope this will prove to a certain someone that there arent any anti-UK vibes on ET. After all, our flag count on ET’s home page definitely shows the UK as, by far, our #1 visit country (did it help Nigella win?)

    Plus it’s also one of the rare cases when none of the top 4 in recommendations won. So you guys can thank me for this nomination!

    • The many silent UK visitors probably saw the chance to win sth ESC-related and didn’t let the chance go by … ;)

    • Firstly I want to thank you for nominating UK. I put Nigella as my recommendation and am very grateful that you nominated her. Genuinely.

      But as I have explained time and time again, an anti bias just makes it harder for a country to win/do well, it doesn’t make it impossible.

      For example I’m not one of these Brits who say “no matter what we send we will never do well/win” I do believe if we sent something truly amazing, then yes we could over come the anti UK rhetoric to win. Both Jade Ewan and Blue proved that. But I’m certain they’d have done even better had they been representing a country other than the UK.

      You can’t deny there is a lot of animosity towards the UK, multiple people voted for it as MOST OVER RATED, when it only scored 5 points that’s just cruel. That’s not an objective opinion, that’s just kicking someone when they are down. I think it’s mainly down to jealousy, you see whenever FDLC or ETSC, or any online contest, the US or the UK is always the most heavily sought after country, ie people want to be the US/UK but then when it comes to the voting, these 2 almost never win. Even under the comments section a few people are saying Nigella was “anonymous” or “unremarkable” and while I confess to not reading every award article, I’ve not seen them put down any other Frida winners in this way.

      You mention UK is the biggest number of visitors, but have you not noticed I’m the only regular/non staff Brit to post.

      Why is this? Why do we have an atmosphere where despite the British making up the largest number of visitors, only one feels confident enough to post regularly? It’s because I can deal with the Toggies, the Oxis, the Stommies, other people would have given up long ago and just stopped commenting altogether.

      The majority of ET readers/users I think are open minded, but you can’t say winning 1 award ” proves there arent ANY anti-UK vibes”

      Anyways to end on a positive, I’m extremely thankful you nominated Nigella, and grateful to the majority of silent Brits for voting for her. I just hope soon they can be confident and find their voice! :D

      • I voted her ;)

      • “multiple people voted for it as MOST OVER RATED, when it only scored 5 points”: no, only ONE person did, and he’s a brit himself

      • Excuse me? The Toggies, Oxis and Stommies? Can you name me the comments in which I wrote generalizing derogatory comments about the UK as a country or about it’s population? Yes, I thought Nigella was rather anonymous. I rewatched her voting, and imo there was nothing remarkable about it. She said L’Italia instead of Italy and her 12 points were announced in French. And may I remind you that in ETSC2 the UK came second. I gave Jade 8 points.

      • Max, do you think there is more bias against the UK than other Big 5 countries? I just think it’s comforting that Germany and Italy have both landed top 5 placings in recent years and proved it’s still possible for Big 5 countries to do well if they bother to turn in a decent song, which the UK rarely does IMO.

        Having said that, I didn’t think It’s My Time or I Can were particularly good songs and cannot explain why they did as well as they did relative to other UK entries, although Lloyd-Webber’s pre-contest campaign seemed to help Jade and possibly Blue’s international popularity was also a factor. Personally, I think Children Of The Universe was the best song we turned in since Where Are You? in 1998 and think it’s a shame it didn’t do better. Again, I can’t explain it!

        If there is animosity towards the UK, it is less vocal than the animosity towards Russia, and yet Russia usually does well at ESC. Perhaps the animosity towards Russia is offset by vociferous support from other quarters, whereas the UK gets either animosity or indifference. I don’t know!

        As for the community here at ET, as a relative newbie, I find it very welcoming, friendly and civilised on the whole. It’s an oasis of tranquility compared to the atmosphere of beligerance I find at Wiwibloggs. I certainly haven’t been scared off by anyone!

        I’m not arguing against you as such, just interested in your views and trying to make sense of it all!

        • I truly hope we can remain as calm and friendly, and last year ETSC was also a very fun time. However, during NF season, it can get all “war zone” :p

        • Well bias can take many forms.

          People don’t come out saying “I hate the UK, I will never vote for it” but there are people who do not like and will not vote for the UK no matter what. Some and I emphasise only some, people’s attitude with the UK is they want to humiliate it. They know the UK is the big musical super power in Europe and so they want to beat it. They demand our big acts not so they can award it high marks, but so they can say random unknown singer, beat hugely successful global chart topping British act. I do believe if we sent something truly amazing, we could overcome the bias, we did it with Jade, but the road for the UK overall is a harder one than other countries.

          Now to the rest of the Big 5, there is no bias against France on this site, they love anything stereotypically traditionally French (loved France 13, loved France 15 voted France to win both ET awards) as long as France doesn’t break away from tradition (2012, 2014) ET love it.

          The same can not be said for the wider ESC fan community, they don’t seem to hate France, they just seem to forget it. The EBU on the other hand, I agree with Morgan does seem to actively hate France. 2013 and 2014 putting them on as early as possible, 2015 giving them the dreaded death #2 slot, that can’t all be coincidence.

          Germany has sort of mixed fortunes, bails everyone out in 2010-2012 does well scores 2 Top 10s and a win, asks for some of its money back then it falls down the list into obscurity. As for ET readers I don’t really notice bias either way.

          Spain is popular with the wider fan community and especially OGAE, and if there is one thing ET hates, its OGAE. Stommie even made up some acronym which basically explains how they go against whatever the wider mainstream fan community goes for.

          Italy, everyone loves Italy, apart from me, and I’m 1/4 Italian. ET loves Italy, EBU loves Italy, OGAE loves Italy, Italy is that really popular girl at school that comes dressed in all the designer gear and everyone loves her, but when you get talking to her, you realise she’s quite vacuous and theirs nothing there.


          Now this one is my fave, otherwise reasonable people, lose it over Australia, some ET readers refuse to acknowledge it’s existence, they say it broke the rules, even though the EBU makes the rules and the rules for 2015 let them in. Others openly said it shouldn’t be in and feared it as it was seen as a potential ally for the dreaded UK. There are of course some who are open minded and realise the ESC is about welcoming people, but then there are others who for can cope with the definition of Europe being expanded to countries with no European connection at all like israel and Azerbaijan (im not arguing against that, i like israel, it was my fave this year) but can;t comprehend a country that’s culturally European and 80 percent European by descent being in Europe just because it doesn’t fit within some geographical area set up in the 1950s possibly earlier.

          One of the staff members who I usually have great respect for, and I really hope she doesn’t take this the wrong way simply refuses to believe Australia will likely be back next year, saying it was more likely Morroco would make a return even though Jan Ola confirmed, in an interview and on twitter Australia returning permanently was something they were looking into.

  2. UK was my runner-up. :)
    I liked Lee Lin Chin best.

  3. Hmmm…

  4. I don’t see anything special in this lady…

  5. Voted Russia, as it was ballsy to make that joke to that crowd in Vienna. But Nigella’s cool, a good winner for this award.

  6. I did not remember the “many Ianguages” thing. I found her rather unremarkable personally.

    Congrats anyway !

  7. She was rather anonymous on the night. So I guess people voted for her because of her name.

  8. I did not vote for anyone here. Congratulations.

  9. Νigellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :)

  10. LOL I lived in London (loved it, even the weather was much better than most people think) and have taught English literature at university for many years. I don’t think that I have an anti-UK bias … but when I see a spade, I call it a spade … irrespective of the country that particular … spade … comes from. Unfortunately, the UK insists on sending … well, spades … to ESC year after year. :(
    I hope that they’ll find sth truly amazing for next year. It’s been a while … 1998. <3

  11. Voted for Russia, but congratulations to Nigella on the win!

  12. I have deleted some posts. Please stop these personal attacks. We will not hesitate to put people on moderation if it continues.

    If you need to remind yourself of the rules of this forum they can be found here:

    “Respect Your Counterpart: The discussion should be founded on mutual respect. You can disagree, but never get personal! Disagree without being disagreeable.”

    As editors we reserve the right to delete any posts we find abusive or antagonistic, we will issue warnings to individuals if we think it is necessary and as an absolute last resort will consider putting people on moderation. We in no way wish to ever do that, so please think about what you post.

    Please note that there is no need to respond to this comment.

  13. …awaiting for some ETSC related articles to start being posted :)
    Or is it too early?

  14. Thank god Russia didn´t win! Congratulations UK! :D

  15. Voted for Nigella and delighted she won. Congratulations.

  16. Just realised that I don’t fit into the definition of Assholes on ET. I’m either somewhere inbetween or outside category…

  17. I have tried to find any articles where people at Wiwibloggs have called us assholes, but in vain. If you google it, you only get several ET articls, and if you search “eurovisiontimes assholes” on Wiwi, the result is “nothing found”…

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