Best Lyrics 2015: and the Frida goes to…

FridaEurovision Times Awards 2015 – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to resume the “Eurovision Times Awards” to give prizes to the best in every category! After a week in this category, it’s time to announce the winner and hand out the Frida. So who will win?


Technical Awards

Best Lyrics

TheET Awards five entries nominated were:


And the Frida goes to…


A Monster Like Me” was performed by Mørland & Debrah Scarlett. Representing Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, it was written and composed by Kjetil Mørland himself. It finished 8th with 102 points. Nominated nine times overall in ET Awards 2015, “Best Lyrics” is its first so far! Congratulations!

You can click here to look at the full recommendations and nominations from last week’s article! There were 43 recommendations for 14 countries in the first round and 159 votes were cashed in an open poll, in exactly one week, among the 5 nominees. The complete detailed results will be announced once all polls are closed so in another week!

You can read the winning lyrics once more here and watch the song:


29 comments on “Best Lyrics 2015: and the Frida goes to…

  1. I’m not crazy about Norway 2015 but I agree that the lyrics are probably the best part of that song. Well, except for the opening verse:

    Honey, I’m telling the truth
    I did something terrible in my early youth
    My mind went blank, I lost control
    I was just a little boy, I did not know

    I mean, that’s not song lyrics. That’s B-rated soap opera material. But it develops.

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Off-Topic: In another place in the ESC universe:

    Tooji has come out as gay, and has released a song called “Father” that will be the official song for Oslo Gay Pride. The music video contains graphic pictures of two men having sex in front of a church altar. These scenes have made many people in Church of Norway upset, and Tooji has also at the same left his job as a kids TV show host at NRK. Obviously, he doesn’t think one can combine doing TV shows for kids with doing graphic music videos about sex. (a)


    • I saw it yesterday, I thought he was out but good for him nevertheless.
      Liked the song, loved the video.
      A pity he left the show he presented. I hope that was his own decision and not one he was forced to make..

      • Btw, the show was Melodi Grand Prix Junior. :p

        He was forced to choose. When NRK got to know about the music video, they told him he couldn’t do both things, so he prioritized this in the end.

    • The song is dreadful (though that was to be expected) and the video is a bad 70’s porno masquerading as ‘edgy’ social critique, when it really doesn’t have anything meaningful to say at all.

      • I mostly agree. The song itself is quite bad and the music video is kinda off. Feels like he tries to be another Hozier.

    • another one who should have come out earlier: I understand it’s not that easy to come out based on personal story but when you’re a public figure as shallow as Tooji, it’s just plain ridiculous (like Ireland 2013 guy)

      • Lol.

        He says that the only reason why he didn’t come out earlier was because he thought no one was interested in his sexual preferences, but that he changed his mind when he sees how many young people are afraid of that, and that he wanted to be some “guiding star”, I guess.

    • I saw it on Wiwi. Horrific song and the video was so cringeworthy I stopped watching when they began to argue.

    • Tooji is gay??? Really??? What a shock! ;)

    • And LOL, the video is indexed here in Germany. You need to confirm your age by signing up if you want to watch. I don’t think that watching 2 men having sex in front of an altar is worth the hassle …

  4. Not too crazy about it but I can live with the result. Ireland had better lyrics imo but Norway’s created an atmosphere.

  5. Not really surprised at this result but quite happy Molly got short-listed.

  6. I don’t think there was any runaway favorite in this category so anyone could win except Romania maybe.Congratulations Norway!

  7. I’m not surprised, but ugh.

  8. Congrats but of course Ireland is my winner!

  9. *eyes roll*
    Can’t remember who I voted for, probably either Ireland, France, or Romania.

  10. Can’t recall if I voted for Norway or Latvia…but this makes me happy either way. My favourite line has to be ‘I just pulled the trigger on this awful truth.’ I know nobody asked, but whatevs 😁

  11. Off-Topic: I’ve updated my profile page to include my last 10 Eurovision winners (2006 is subject to change, but I wanted 10, so I included it without being sure, as I need to listen to quite a few of the 2006 songs) and my top three songs of the past three national final seasons. :)

  12. There are times when this entry reeks of pretentiousness, but I can see why so many people support this song. They were very good live in Vienna and I liked the stage presentation. Congratulations.

  13. France or Ireland would’ve been better, but Norway was amazing nonetheless. Congratulations!

  14. Now if anything, Montenegro should have won this award by far. Joksimovic was soooo robbed.

    I don’t need to explain why Montenegro should’ve won. Or do I?

  15. At least we got one Frida!!! I’m satisfied now.

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