Barbara Dex Award: The Netherlands Takes the Crown!

barbara_dexBarbara Dex – The result of this year’s Barbara Dex award has been announced and the winner is Trijntje Oosterhuis of The Netherlands. Trijntje changed her dress several times during the two weeks in Vienna after continual derision from the press and fans. The Netherlands did show it had a sense of humour though when their spokesperson presented their points during the final wearing a replica of Trijntje’s first effort, shown below.

Trijntje Oosterhuis barbara dex

The full top 10 for this year’s Barbara Dex is as follows:

  1. Netherlands – 1324 votes
  2. Serbia – 605 votes
  3. United Kingdom – 397 votes
  4. Albania – 263 votes
  5. Moldova – 237 votes
  6. Georgia – 195 votes
  7. Iceland – 148 votes
  8. Latvia – 135 votes
  9. Finland – 125 votes
  10. Armenia – 97 votes

Source: Eurovision House NL

44 comments on “Barbara Dex Award: The Netherlands Takes the Crown!

  1. It had to come full circle for poor Trijntje.I feel her 2nd rehearsal outfit was the best but i wouldn’t had given her the award anyway.
    By the way,Hulluna i don’t think she won it for this dress but for the one she’s wearing at the semi performance.

  2. I guess Issey Miyake must be very proud.

  3. The photo above was to show what the spokesperson wore, as the first fashion faux pas that she changed from.

    I voted for cumulatively for every single one she wore tbh, not just what she wore in the SF. She just seemed to have absolutely no idea about what suited her or not.

  4. I am pretty sure that the dress worn by Edsilia wasn’t a replica, but the original.

  5. Yup, exactly the same.

  6. Bojana second? She wanted to look trashy and thus shouldn’t be anywhere near the top of Barbara Dex imo.

  7. If people are interested, the full results: http://www.eurovisionhouse.nl/images/pdf/2015bdaward.pdf

    I think the Netherlands won as soon as she did her first rehearsal, and nothing she could have done would have changed anythings. The second rehearsal look was fine, only the first rehearsal and semifinal looks were awful. But that’s two too many!

    I for once totally agree with the full top 5 who were all awful. And while we can discuss for a long time what Bojana tried to do, I dont think they really “tried” to look bad, it just looked bad.

  8. Off topic : According to various sites Unloved was the song with which Tamta would have competed in this year’s greek NF ! What do u think?

    • Yeah but the song came after the submission period had ended.I’m not impressed but it’s ok.Knowing that Tamta is great on stage it could be ok but it’s not the kind of song that usually impresses the juries or the televoters.

    • Not my cup of tea, I’m afraid.

    • Exactly , it’s ok .. Nothing special… One thing is for sure though! Tamta will represent us in the near future , hopefully with a distinctive song! I do believe that Greece has to come up with a new approach to Eurovision ! No more poor national finals: internal selection is what we need atm! And of course all those who are responsible for our participation should work hard on finding an appropriate song with character!

      • Many people say that Foureira with her new song would do a lot better and i agree: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElDejKiFzdQ

        • I didn’t know the existence of “Πιο Δυνατά” and its english version … :) After this year’s failure NERIT/ERT will definitely try to convince a huge name to participate (if we participate) ! Eleni Foureira is among the hopefuls and of course we want her .. The only thing i’m afraid of is her stage performance…

          • I think that her stage performance is her big asset.She really owns the stage.I agree that IF we participate they should go for an internal selection.But we could end up we something like Portugal 11 too.lol

            • Of course her stage performance is her asset .. By saying “i’m afraid of…” i mean that the whole staging should be sexy in a good way and no porn !

  9. So, there were actually 125(?!!!) people out there who voted for Finland as the act worstly dressed. No comments, seriously.

  10. Off topic but it looks like AKP will lose its majority in Turkey and that HDP breaks into the parliament.

    • Glad for both :)

    • Thats amazing news,

      Wasnt Erdogan hoping to get a 2/3 majority so he could edit the constitution to give him more powers?

      Amazingly good news if he’s not even got a majority now.

      Could Turkey finally be freaking free from his tyranny?

    • It’s interesting that the party politics of Turkey today is almost the same in ideology and thought as it was in the early 1900’s: secularists (CHP), ottomanists (AKP) and nationalists (MHP). OK, not entirely, but at least you can see similarities and relations between them. And Erdogan reminds a bit of the late sultan Abdülhamid II, who fought his best to defeat the revoluationary movements in the Ottoman Empire – liberals and nationalists – who could threaten his power. :p

  11. Poor Trinjtje. She wouldnt be my first choice tbh, there worse but collectively her 1st rehearsal dress and the semi dress made 2 unfortunate choices.

    Such a downfall for The Netherlands this year after 2 years..And its not even Trinjte’s fault she is a great singer..

    • Guitar, aren’t you Flemish? I ask because you completely misspelled Trijntje’s name in a way that I can understand from a non Dutch speaker.

      • My keyboard on my new phone barely cooperates with me these first days so you’ll have to bare with the mistakes in my comments..I apologize to Trijntje, she has gone through enough already lol !

        P.S. My background is an issue it would take some time to explain in general, especially on the internet..!

  12. Serbia second?? Really, such a shallow result, Bojana looked stunning imo! Iceland beauty pageant a la disney princess look a like was terrible and did not match anything on stage and many others were worse then Bojana. Well congratulations Netherlands I guess? lol

  13. No-brainer. The looks and staging was REALLY disctracting for the song. Was it happy? Gothic? whatever. Very jarring. Backing singers didn’t help either. They really sunk a “will it? Won’t it?” song. The “The Voice” staging/live song reveal would’ve been mcuh more effective

    Iceland, was bad too. Albania’s first semi look too.

  14. I wonder what the 125 idiots who voted for Finland were thinking.

  15. I never cared much about this wrongly named award. I did not vote for anyone and I most probably never will again. That said, Iceland made the most detrimental choice of garment in 2015, imo.

  16. This was the landslide winner for me in my opinion, but Latvia I would have placed 2nd, other than that I agree with the results almost spot on.

  17. So she won the Barbara Dex Award because of a dress that she actually didn’t wear in the televised semi final?

  18. Iceland should have won. For its Disney princess cream cake dress made for seven year old princess-obsessed girls (and not for grown-ups).

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