Lena Urges Germany to Pass Same-Sex Marriage Law

lenaFormer ParticipantsLena Meyer-Landrut (Germany 2010, 2011), along with dozens of celebrities, has signed a petition and open letter to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel urging Germany to follow the example of Ireland and legislate for same-sex marriage. 

Other stars to support the call for new legislation include Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel, Florian David Fitz, Udo Lindenberg, Thima D, Moritz Bleibtreu, Til Schweiger, Nena, Die Ärzte, Boris Becker and Wotan Wilke Möhring. More than 150 prominent people from politics, sports, culture, science and business have the same demand.

The organisers delievered an open letter to Chancellor Merkel yesterday. Under the headline “It’s time” they call for marriage for all: “Our country demands and deserves this.”

You can sign the petition here.

Lena won the Eurovision Song Contest is 2010 with ‘Satellite‘. She represented her country a second time the year after in Dusseldorf with ‘Taken by a stranger‘ and finished 10th.


48 comments on “Lena Urges Germany to Pass Same-Sex Marriage Law

  1. Good girl. :)

    • Are you back from Malta? Are you thinking to join FdLC7? :)

      • Yes, I am. :( Now I have 150 pages to translate. If I finish those before the deadline, I’ll join. :)

        • Update is in case you are joining. And if you still have time I will appreciate it if you follow my NF. I think you will find it interesting. Your opinion matters :)

  2. They’re right but i doubt anything drastic will happen atm.By the way,i like Moritz Bleibtreu!I’ve watched some of his movies.

  3. And I spot this guy among the petitioners too:

  4. The leader of the opposition in Australia introduced a gay marriage bill to parliament on Monday.

    Public support for marriage equality is now at 72% :)

    • Did you see what one of the Australian ministers said about the Irish? Staggering.

      “The trigger was a vote in Ireland. Now I love the Irish, the parliament is full of Irishmen but these are people who can’t grow potatoes, they’ve got a mutant lawn weed as their national symbol and they can’t verbalise the difference between tree and the number three. But, and then all of a sudden, Australia has to follow suit.”

      • The minister in question appears to be attempting to hide his homophobia inside a clumsy bundle of casual racism. That’s a bit like trying to hide your Razzle inside your Daily Mail. Maybe.

      • It wasn’t a government minister who said that but a ‘political commentator’, which explains the deranged language, but yeah, insane…

      • “they can’t verbalise the difference between tree and the number three.”

        He does have a point there to be fair! ;) But obviously I disagree with his overall message.

        Ireland and Fine Gael is a perfect example of how a very Conservative country/party can throw off the Social Conservativism, while retaining the economic Conservativism, which is a winning formula now and in the future. As it’s young people like me who believe in fiscal responsibility but could never vote for a party that had the Socially Conservative views, say the American Republican’s hold, that they need to win.

  5. While I love Angela Merkel and think she’s easily the best world leader right now, sadly Germany is still very socially Conservative (just look at their ESC voting record, 12 to Russia’s Polina, only 7 to Austria’s Conchita)

    • It was very easy to vote for Russia 15. :(

    • How can you love someone who leads a party that does not believe in equal rights for gay couples?

      • … or is racist. (Check CDU’s comments on the crimes committed by the EU in the Mediterranean.) Mrs. Merkel is totally despicable.
        And do you know her argument against equal rights for gay couples? … “I don’t have a good feeling.” Wow, what a valid argument! Mom doesn’t have a good feeling …

        • You are so quick to be offended or call someone racist. I was declared racist for thinking Azerbaijan cheats. When I tried to make a joke about it, you were “offended” to mistakenly call someone Indonesian as Chinese is “upsetting” to you,

          What crimes committed by the EU in the Mediterranean??? How is it a crime now to insist that the people who owe you money don’t go on a spending spree and instead pay you back???

          • I won’t talk to you about these matters because you can’t or you don’t want to understand. Still, it is very telling that you think about money and not innocent people and children drowning when you hear “crimes in the Mediterranean”. (It’s always the others who have done sth wrong, isn’t it?) That’s very telling, Max, and I don’t like what I’m being told, not at all …

            • ” I don’t like what I’m being told”

              Maybe you can add fiscal responsibility to your list of upsetting/offensive/racist terms?

              As for the people drowning, the law on asylum is very clear, you go to the nearest safe country, and stay there, Italy, UK, France, Germany and Sweden are not the closest safe countries to Syria, Eritrea and Somalia.

              The EU actually does still go out and rescue all these people who break the law, and always lets them stay, so I’m not sure what crime there allegedly is. Maybe not throwing them a welcome banquet is upsetting/offensive/racist to you?

            • I suggest this conversation stops now please. It’s clear there will be disagreements on these subjects, so best to agree to to discuss it on here.

      • Well I don’t expect any politician to be 100% perfect or agree with me, otherwise, they would be me.

        Yes she falls down on the equality issue but on tons of other issues she’s spot on, and she’s an incredibly powerful and effective world leader and the only one keeping Greece and Spain in check and stopping them taking the whole EU for a free ride.

        • “…and the only one keeping Greece and Spain in check and stopping them taking the whole EU for a free ride.”

          You are really pitiful.
          Keep in mind that you have been putting my patience to the test for a very, like VERY, long time.

          • “Keep in mind that you have been putting my patience to the test for a very, like VERY, long time.”

            Ooh how scary. Please don’t hurt me. Am I bothered? No. :P

            Anyways I cant reply fully as Hulluna has asked that we stop with the political debates and I shall respect her wishes.

            Let’s get back to the Fridas and chewing over who will host/participate in 2016. :D

            • “Anyways I cant reply fully as Hulluna has asked that we stop with the political debates and I shall respect her wishes.”

              Says the one that has been poisoning this site with his bigoted political views for months. BIG LOL.
              Anyway, I hope you’ll stick to that and thus spare us your ultra-right wing, anti-this, anti-that, propaganda.

            • I’ll only stick to it if you do hun. xxx

              Also time to buy a new dictionary perhaps. Bigoted? ultra right wing? Really lol?

            • And here we go with your Disgusting British Arrogance. It’s typical of you mocking a non native english user re: the use of english language. You have done it before with other users here.

            • I wasn’t saying your english was bad.

              I was saying you you were labelling me with labels that clearly didn’t fit.

              You said I was ultra right wing and a bigot, when I just explained above, that I am slightly to the left, of what is the European Mainstream centre right.

              Left of the centre right, is centre, not ultra right.

              And you called me a bigot, even though I explained I disagreed with her because of equality issues. A bigot is someone against equality, womesn rights, equal marriage etc, when im very clearly in favour of those things

            • Just a gentle reminder, which if necessary we will re-post whenever we think it is required.

              If you need to remind yourself of the rules of this forum they can be found here:

              “Respect Your Counterpart: The discussion should be founded on mutual respect. You can disagree, but never get personal! Disagree without being disagreeable.”

              As editors we reserve the right to delete any posts we find abusive or antagonistic, we will issue warnings to individuals if we think it is necessary and as an absolute last resort will consider putting people on moderation. We in no way wish to ever do that, so please think about what you post.

              Let’s leave it now can we please guys?

  6. Good will always prevail no matter how long it takes. (It’s sounds disneyesque, I know, but there’s a bit of Disney in real life too).

    • @Shevek,your darling has just released her new single and i really like it:

      • Monika is extremely talented. :) I cannot listen to the music now tough. :(

      • I’ve finally heard the song. I like it very much; thanks for the link. :)

        • Indeed,it’s very good and the lyrics are nice too.It’s not another love song.Gloomy,existential lyrics:
          Time doesn’t exist, only our fate counts it
          Lies don’t exist, but somehow we learned how to lie
          Air exists, but somehow sometimes we stop to breathe
          Love is alive, but sometimes we’re scared to unlock it

          Eyes are filled with fog, bottom in our heads
          Standing under the sky, I’m trying to remember
          What it means to open my eyes and not think about death
          I close my eyes, I clearly hear my own thoughts
          I want to open my eyes and calm down

          Not a surprise that what’s supposed to make us worry – actually makes us laugh
          I’m falling into darkness, I’m living my dreams – but then I give up

          Eyes are filled with fog, souls are full of holes
          Standing under the sky, I’m trying to remember
          What it means to open my eyes and not think about death.
          I close my eyes, clearly hear my own thoughts
          I want to wake up and calm down

          Standing under the sky, I’m trying to remember
          What it means to open my eyes and want to keep on living
          I close my eyes, clearly hear my own thoughts
          I want to wake up, and calm down.

  7. I have just signed the petition :-)

  8. I thought in Germany it had already been passed?

  9. And the moment I decide to stop being political you force me to be :-P

    Good job to Lena and the other prominent people behind this but I doubt frau Merkel cares or her coalition wants to upset the bigots of CSU especially.
    I detest this woman for so many reasons and the stubborness of her party against equality when more than 70% of the population supports it is infuriating.
    She and Abbott are the most morally bankrupt rulers of the western world on social issues especially such as marriage equality : When on such fundumental imo for human dignity issues the political leadership trails behind public opinion instead of doing whats right before it becomes popular you have failed as a leader imo.

    Nothing will happen in Germany till the ruling coalition is defeated unfortunately.

    • Eurovision, political? Never! (Don’t tell the Chinese. Don’t want to lose that market)

      Merkel said a week ago there was no way her party would move any such legislation. Too many homophobes and bigots still in the CSU. Public opinion will eventually win the day, as it did in Ireland, we have to have hope.

      • Agree, for some reason Germany has stayed way too socially Conservative.

        I wouldn’t be surprised though if Germany followed the UK, in that the Conservative party initially most opposed, then goes on to be the one to bring it in.

        As Anders said good will win in the end and the CDU one day will eventually come around. Soon it will be a non issue in Europe. Like women voting, big debate, suffragettes etc, now every European country has universal suffrage as standard and no one anywhere seriously suggests women shouldn’t vote. The same I think will happen to equal marriage. In a few decades it will be the law everywhere, and everyone will wonder what all the fuss was about.

    • “And the moment I decide to stop being political you force me to be :-P”

      Same, no sooner do you think one debate is over, someone either replies, or starts a whole another debate somewhere else :)

      As long as people remember to keep it chill and that while we may hate the policies do not hate the person, we shall all be fine :)

  10. Pretty sure that’s the first petition in German I’ve signed. My German is a little rusty; I hope I signed the right one!

  11. Well I signed petition! #theunstoppables ^.^

  12. I signed it as well! The USA is hoping to be next country to legalize it! I believe our justices will do the right thing!

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