Eurovision 2016: Tele 2 and Friends Withdraw! Then Tele 2Maybe Re-enters!

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – In a surprise announcement, Swedish newspapers have this morning revealed that two of the favourite venues to host next year’s contest have withdrawn. Tele 2, the hot favourite if Stockholm was to host, and Friends Arena, home of Melodifestivalen, have both said they are unable to meet the requirements to be free for the 6 week period required. Pre-arranged football games make it impossible to use Tele 2 and appear un-moveable. Friends Arena has said it does not wish to host the event, has has the city of Malmö according to the report.

If true it leaves only Globen, the old home of Melodifestivalen, as a potential venue in Stockholm. It hosted the contest in 2000 and can hold 16,000.

Still in the running appears to be Gothenburg’s Scandinavium Arena, and Linköping’s Saab Arena. A meeting was held in Gothenburg yesterday who seem to be serious about hosting the event. Scandinavium hosted the 1985 contest and can hold 14,000.


As we reported here on The Eurovision Times immediately after this year’s final, the annual horse show that stopped their last bid has been moved from May to March next year, freeing up the venue and hotels.

Linköping is also showing an interest. The Saab Arena is an ice hockey arena and has hosted a Melodifestivalen semi-final three times: in 2005, 2008 and 2011. It can hold 11,500. The Eurovision Times is not sure that Linköping has enough hotel rooms to cater for Eurovision however.

UPDATE: It now appears Tele 2 could be back in the race as the Hammerby football club’s president, Henrik Kindlund has said it will consider options to play elsewhere if anyone offers them an alternative ground and compensation to do so.

Malmö has apparently NOT made  decision after all, but doesn’t seem to be falling over itself to host again.

Also apparently in the running is Sandviken with the 10,000 capacity Göransson Arena. The tiny town has about one and a half hotels. We don’t hold ot much hope for it. Sorry Sandviken.

49 comments on “Eurovision 2016: Tele 2 and Friends Withdraw! Then Tele 2Maybe Re-enters!

  1. “The Eurovision Times is not sure that Linköping has enough hotel rooms to cater for Eurovision however.” This made me smile!! And I agree.

  2. Please not Malmö again! Would be awesome if Gothenburg holds it this time as I dont need to stay at a hotel then hehe ^^

  3. Gothenburg would be awesome!

  4. Swedish politics at work I believe. Despite Stockholm being the obvious choice, this whole thing about taking it in turns means Gothenburg was always going to get it.

    Anti Capital Fever reigns supreme!

  5. I guess Ericson Globe could still win it, but it just looks so out of date and old fashioned.

    Does baffle me that SVT manage to get Friends Arena every year, but when it comes to ESC it always has to be somewhere smaller.

    Is Melfest really bigger than ESC?

  6. Friends can hold 55,000 for the Melfest final. That’s how big Melfest can be. Crazy I know. Wouldn’t work for what EBU / SVT want for ESC budget wise, and maybe not visually on TV probably too. It’s sodding huge inside. It can be made smaller of course by closing some off but that’s extra costs.

    Why is everyone so obsessed with Friends? It’s too big, is an utter ballache to trail out to all the time and there are no facilities of any use anywhere near it.

    I don’t see why Stockholm has to be the obvious choice. G’burg has international transport links, inc airport and infrastructure and hotels.

    I’d much rather be in G’burg personally. I love it, cheap to get to, I have friends there, Liseberg rocks, and its slightly cheaper than Stockholm too.

    • I agree. Friends Arena is very bad for this kind of event, and Gothenburg is less expensive. :p

    • I guess I just want to see the host bring their A game, not their back up B or C.

      I think hosting the ESC should be a huge honour which you really put out the red carpet for, the best venue in your country’s best city. I wanna see London, Vienna, Stockholm, big famous international cities, not Cardiff, Gothenburg and Graz.

      as for MF I love it, but I think the selection for the main show should be a smaller event than the main show itself.

  7. An interesting video.All 6 Heroes performances in one video:

  8. Way off topic but this is John Oliver on the recent developments regarding FIFA.He’s great: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=10&v=qr6ar3xJL_Q

  9. Here is a Mans Zelmerlow interview.He believes that eurovision should become worldvision and let anyone willing to compete enter the contest.Well,he does make decent efforts to make me dislike him. :P http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/interviews/a650356/eurovision-champ-mans-zelmerlow-interview-we-should-let-anyone-compete.html#~peti5lzWx6TQDB

    • I can agree with you there about disliking him I mean, will pass 2015 by to be honest for the next one, here in Spain of course there is an obituary about it, but what is interesting will depend on our general election results November 2015, either tve will continue as an absolute majority of current PP power (not likely at all)or we we will get alternative stuff via our “alternative goverments” ! hope so!! :-)

      • I hope Ciudadanos can make a difference! :)

        • your comment is interesting, and deserves further comment (Spanish version of Ciudadanos ) Dimitri so behind the times re Catalunya!

        • here in Barcelona it’s very important for all future tourists etc, that Albert whatever will make a difference (Ciutudans). well no, I actually hate him, as many of my generation do, because he represents another right wing alternative to the PP

      • I honestly hope PP is kicked out for good in Spain.
        Supporting Podemos myself :-)

        • Im also for Podemos on this one

          • actually I’m impressed you showed an interest about it, I am around Spain reporting on it (for the moment I’m still In Catalonia), one can hope PP will finally be kicked out according to pacts (especially I hope in Madrid because it is so important to get rid of PP candidate), and Morgan, indeed Podemos is with you, here in Barcelona we got a “podemos” power and we’ll see what happens

          • Podemos?If they’re anything like their Greek cousin Syriza then they’re dangerous populists.

            • that’s the point, they’re not! I’m not for Syriza in Greece…

            • They do say they’re very close though.

            • yeah, and the french xenophobic and racist patry of Marine Le Pen say they’re close from both…

            • I know.Marine Le Pen is an opportunist who wants to capitalize on the anti-EU sentiment across Europe so she sees anyone that goes against the mainstream european politics as a friend.To put it simple: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
              On the other hand,Tsipras and Iglesias had been holding regular meetings,trying to boost eachother’s electoral campaign etc.

            • I havent expressed my opinion on greek politics but I am aware that’s the case. I am also a syriza supporter in Greece tbh.
              I wont say anything more since discussions about politics on here seem to displease some members and its perfectly understandable.

        • here in Spain, believe me, the left will no noubt, outwin the rubbish right

          • in that case I look forward to Spain following Greece down the drain! :D It’s funny watching Southern Europe tear itself apart with its far left parties. There’s only so long you can be entertained by what the french socialists are doing there.

            (UK’s Conservative government has led UK to being the fastest growing economy in the developed world and overtaken France as Europe’s 2nd biggest economy)

  10. Sandviken enters the race with Göransson Arena.I admit it’s the first time i hear about Sandviken. :P http://esctoday.com/104533/eurovision-2016-sandviken-enters-the-host-city-race-with-goransson-arena/

    • And just where on earth are all the hotels in Sandviken. Completely unfeasible, surely. We go through this nonsense most years with places entering that cannot remotely cope with such a large event. No hotels, no transport infrastructure. Crazy.

      • Well,maybe Sandviken is like Fredericia in Denmark.Everyone commends their effort but no one(except Shevek)wants them to win.lol

        • Alex wanted Fredericia because or its name if I remember correctly. What I didn’t dare tell him back then is the fact that there is a town next to Fredericia called Middelfart.

          As for Sandviken, it is very close to a major town called Gävle.

          • Alex would support anything that sounds weird.He would even frantically support Middelfart as a host city.

  11. According to Eurovision Ireland the football people at Tele2 are now open to suggestions of moving…

  12. It will be an expensive affair for SVT if they are going to keep the Hammarby football team away from their arena for six weeks. It doesn’t look like they wanna step aside for free at least, so for now, I still think we can consider Tele2 out of the race.

  13. At the moment with the provisional dates I have exams that week. But if they had to move it back for whatever reason to get a good venue then maybe I could go to my first ESC ever (and in Stockholm) just need to find someone to go with lol

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