ET Awards 2015: Best Lyrics!

Eurovision Times Awards 2015Eurovision 2015 – This year we resume the “Eurovision Times Awards” to give prizes (the Fridas) for the best in every category! And you get to vote! Today, we resume the polls with the two categories focused on the actual songs!

2015 will be the second year for Eurovision Times to organize a new contest (you can check 2013’s results here and the 2014’s ones here). As with the past couple of years, our blog hosts now two contests: TEKO which takes place before the contest and the “Eurovision Times Awards” after the contest. The principle of the ET Awards is simple, in each categories, the staff of this website will nominate a few entries per categories and open polls for the public to vote in them so we can reveal afterwards all the winners. The winners recieve an imaginary trophee, entitled the Fridas in hommage to Frida Boccara, the French Eurovision winner in 1969 with “Un jour, un enfant“.

The third award is in the “Technical” category and it’s “Best Lyrics”. Here are the results of the recommendations made by the regular users of Eurovision Times in this category:

  • 8 Norway
  • 6 Ireland
  • 6 Latvia
  • 4 Belgium
  • 4 France
  • 3 Israel
  • 3 Romania
  • 2 Czech Republic
  • 2 Montenegro
  • 1 Austria
  • 1 Estonia
  • 1 Germany
  • 1 Italy
  • 1 Sweden

However, it’s down to the staff of Eurovision Times to choose the official nominees. But it’s up to you to vote in our poll below which song had the best lyrics this year! You need to click on the country’s name to be redirected to the official lyrics of the song (and translation if needed). The nominees in alphabetical order are:

  • France‘s N’oubliez Pas by Laure Izon & M. Albert
  • Ireland‘s Playing With Numbers by Greg French & Molly Sterling
  • Latvia‘s Love Injected by Aminata Savadogo
  • Romania‘s De La Capat by Calin Gavril Goia, Gabriel Constantin, Adrian Cristescu, Paduraru Silviu-Marian, Alstani Victor-Razvan, Monica-Ana Stevens & Andrei-Madalin Leonte
  • Norway‘s A Monster Like Me by Kjetil Mørland

Rules: the polls will be open for a week. At the end of the week, an article will announce the winner of the category but not the detailed results. The full results will however be given to you once all polls are closed so that you don’t get influenced (we never know) in your following votes. Every IP gets only one vote, please do not cheat, do take in consideration to listen very careful to the lyrics before voting and do not vote necessarly for your favorite song but vote regarding to the category. Of course, it’s pointless to vote only for your own country unless you’re really certain it should win. May the best win!

35 comments on “ET Awards 2015: Best Lyrics!

  1. For fairness, I won’t say for which I have voted!

  2. I will say! I voted for France! ;)

  3. It’s a pity the winning song was not nominated in this category. It said what it had to say in the most subtle and well thought way.

    I voted for Ireland.

  4. Really Romania >? Ugh!
    I think Montenegro is robbed once again. On the other hand, in order to be fair, I give credits to Morgan for not nominating Belgium here.
    The best 3 in my opinion are Ireland, Norway and France in this poll. Latvia sounds a bit disjointed.
    Voted for Ireland !

  5. I gave my vote to Romania(*cough Donnie…).The lyrics of the song really move me.Norway and Ireland are very nice too and i like the French lyrics in the context of a world war I tribute.The latvian lyrics are a perfect match to the melody and orchestration of “Love Injected” but they’re not great,imo.I also love the lyrics of “Adio”.

  6. Norway.

  7. After 15 votes, results are 4/3/3/3/2 :o

  8. A close race. I personally miss Montenegro but these are all good too (maybe with the exception of Romania, which is a bit too sentimental in the wrong way imo). In the end, I chose between France and Norway, and decided to go for France because the lyrics are very me. :$

  9. Done. :)
    I would have loved Montenegro to get a nomination here but they wouldn’t have got my vote.

  10. Latvia got my vote.

  11. I voted for Latvia. The lyrics for “Love Injected” are thoughtful and atmospheric, and fit the mood of the song perfectly.

  12. I voted for France, but none of the lyrics here are even close to being in the Bob Dylan league.

  13. I didn’t vote for Norway myself but I think that you are being unfair. From a literary historian’s point of view the lyrics of NOR15 are fantastic … full of intertextuality. Well, to each his own …

    • I have never asked you and I am very interested to know. At the beginning I remember u not liking the Norwegian lyrics.What changed?

      • I don’t remember not liking the lyrics but I do remember that my first reaction to the studio version was rather lukewarm overall. That totally changed once I had watched the live performance in NMGP. :)

  14. Voted for France, but none of the lyrics this year really inspired me.

  15. LOL at Norway scoring a best lyrics nomination. “something vague and melodramatic, more melodrama, yadda yadda yadda”. Voted Ireland.

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