UK Recriminations Still Ongoing… Cowell Enters the Fray

united kingdom UKUnited Kingdom – The fall out from Electric Velvet‘s poor showing in Vienna continues in the UK media. Media mogul and X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent guru, Simon Cowell is often called on by fans to take over the contest. This week he showed some interest…

Speaking before Britain’s Got Talent final, Cowell confirmed:

“I have thought about picking up the reins for Eurovision. The problem is the timing, because I wouldn’t want it to compete with Britain’s Got Talent and we’re on at the same time.

“But I think the idea that I would take it on for one year and try to get someone to represent the UK, someone undiscovered, I would love that. “I don’t want to give anyone too many ideas but I think it would be fun.

“Electro Velvet weren’t good this year. They didn’t stand a chance. With the Swedish guy it was a proper record and the staging was great.

“I think it could be great, I’d do it.”

It’s not the first time Cowell has spoken of his interest. Cowell works with the BBC’s rival commercial TV station, ITV, so it is highly unlikely that the BBC would be interested in this idea and let go of Eurovision. ITV is however a member of the EBU under the UKIB/ITV umbrella. The United Kingdom’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest entries were broadcast and entered by ITV in 2003, 2004 and 2005.

This year’s viewing figures in the UK averaged 6.6 million viewers on the BBC on Saturday night, the lowest ratings for five years and lower than Cowell’s Britain’s Got Talent which was on ITV at the same time. 8.8m watched last year.

UK readers, do you think Cowell could do a better job than the BBC? Let us know in the comments below.

14 comments on “UK Recriminations Still Ongoing… Cowell Enters the Fray

  1. I would love this to happen. Say what you like about Simon Cowell as a person, as a talent scout he can’t be beat. He knows what the public wants, he knows what does well internationally and his shows are hugely popular (although x factor has dipped a bit over the past couple of years)

    Very interesting, but not surprising to see the ESC viewing figures in the UK go so low, was having this discussion with Toggie a few days before the contest, and that this years new serious Eurovision was boring, and that fact was well known in advance.

    The UK like a good song, but they also need to be entertained, to use the X factor cliche you need the full package. It’s not good enough to just have a nice voice/song, or to just have a performance, you need to have both to be an international success. Hence why Sweden won.

    It’;s why in the UK The Voice has never really taken off, because compared to x factor there is no show, its just a very dull karaoke.

    Another year like 2015 and I think the viewing figures for ESC will dip even further in the UK.

    The BBC has completely failed with Eurovision I really wish they would hand it over to ITV, but I know that’s not going to happen sadly.

  2. ”UK readers, do you think Cowell could do a better job than the BBC?”.


  3. Then again anyone who sees how Scotland votes in UK talent competitions like X factor or BGT would suddenly come to see the soviet block and diaspora votes as a model of balance and fairness!

  4. If anything, he can find good talent of any age that have live experience and can sing live. As bland as they may be, any votes are considered a success for the UK. Hooked up with a few good writers and producers, and Simon Cowell could become the Stefan Raab of the UK (hopefully replicating his results as well).

  5. Cowell is obnoxious and cynical in a negative way. But he would be ideal for that job definately.

  6. he could be the british Bjorkman… or the british Ruslana!

  7. I am ambivalent. I dislike Simon Cowell as a TV personality, I dislike his TV shows and I dislike the music that comes out of his shows, at least the songs that clog up the UK charts every Christmas. Simon is an expert in the music business yet knows nothing about music. I would feel mildly violated if he got his (Britain’s Got) Talons on my beloved ESC. Yet it’s clear something needs to change and the British public might take it more seriously if Simon is involved. He might even be able to create a credible national selection show around it. I might even watch it!

  8. ANYONE could do a better job than the BBC. It’s time for the Old Boy Network to stop pretending “it doesn’t matter and anyway nobody watches it” and let someone who actually enjoys ESC have a go!

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