Kosovo: Will We See Them in 2016?

KosovoKosovo – An interesting tweet by the Kosovan Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs during the Eurovision Song Contest has got the rumour mill going with him claiming Kosovo will somehow be represented next year. It is not known yet in what capacity they may be participating and The Minister is not telling as yet. He tweeted on the 23rd May…

selemi tweet kosovo

Kosovo was represented this year in the press centre by fan Erdi Terjeci, and his flag could be seen on several broadcasts of the live shows.

kosovo erdi

Albert Limani, another Eurovision superfan back home in Kosovo, is behind the biggest popular campaign to get his country a spot in the show.You can follow his campaign to get Kosovo into Eurovision on Facebook here or Twitter: @esckosovo

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Petrit Selimi was in Vienna for a meeting about Kosovo’s OSCE integration.

Selimi told BuzzFeed News that a delegation would be in town to watch the Eurovision song contest, and that they are hoping to send an entry as early as next year. Mentor Shala, director general of Kosovo’s public broadcaster RTK, was also be at the final, but in a personal capacity.

Selimi said that participation is also conditioned by membership of the Council of Europe (COE).

“This is why we are working very hard to apply for membership to COE this year so we enable a process by which Kosovo will be present in Eurovision Song Contest already next year,” he explained.

RTK has shown interest into obtaining active EBU membership. However, they have yet to fulfil all the criteria set by the EBU for admission.

25 comments on “Kosovo: Will We See Them in 2016?

  1. I just have to ask, what excacly is the situation in Kosovo? Are Kosovo independent? I know they themselves has said it, but that some countries refused to recognise them :/

  2. Interval act 2016, anyone? Bit like Australia 2014?

  3. When he says he knows they will be present but can’t say how sounds like a Kosovan will be representing someone else, or they will be featured. If they were participating like a normal country then he wouldn’t say “cant say how”

    If they do bend the rules to allow Kosovo in despite in not meeting all the legal requirements. *Still not technically a country, and not in EBU, or COE, or eligible. Then they can easily bend the rules for Australia to be back too.

  4. No because they aren’t officially an independent state.

  5. Since they aren’t officially recognised by UN they can’t join ITU. And since they aren’t member of ITU they can’t be admitted to the EBU. Therefore, I wonder why this article exists. Is this eurofan using ET to make politics?

    • Err…He’s not exactly a simple eurofan.He’s the deputy foreign minister.I don’t really know what he means though.Will they be an interval act?Are they eligible to be there?

      • It’s long been suspected that Fik is a Fix (the hint is in the name) so probably we will have another Kosovan representing Albania, if not Albania then another country.

        As Dino said Kosovo isn’t officially recognised as a country, it’s in the same status as Palesteine.

        Also EBU I think would rather have Russia, Serbia, Spain, Ukraine, Georgia, etc in the contest than have Kosovo, all of whom would probably boycott if Kosovo was allowed.

      • I was referring to the fan creating that fb page.

        • It’s not strange for an esc fan to create such a page.The reason behind all this publicity today is the foreign deputy minister’s tweet and not the eurofan’s page.

        • The facebook page has been there for 5 years, they are just fans, who once their country set off on the road to independence (you can argue all you like about whether they are anywhere close to there or not yet, that’s a different matter), as a huge Eurovision fan, he started the campaign for them to enter. Just like Scottish fans got excited about a Scottish entry if they had voted for independence.

          There’s no ulterior motive with this article, I was merely giving readers info about known Eurovision fans and activities in the country to support a story I wrote about the Minister’s tweet which I found interesting

          Are you suggesting as editors we allow political campaigns to tell us what to write? Because we certainly do not. I have had absolutely no contact ever with anyone mentioned in the article.

  6. “…and by country, of course, we mean a sovereign state and a member of the UN in its own right.”

    Sorry, somebody had to say it!

    (For non-UK TV viewers, this is an oft-repeated phrase in a popular quiz show called Pointless, whenever a question about ‘countries’ comes up! Arguably one of the least catchiest catchphrases on TV!)

  7. Wait … they want membership of the Council of Europe asap in order to be able to prticipate in ESC??? They must be very enthusiastic if ESC is their main motivation to be allowed into COE. LOL

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