Eurovision Gala Night in Luxembourg

gala night 150Eurovision Gala Night – There are more upcoming events to ease your Post Eurovision Depression. PED is now a recognised ailment amongst the Eurovision community but events throughout the year ease symptoms. Luxembourg is playing its part by organising a Eurovision Gala Night. As well as OGAE Finland’s Eurovision booze cruise later this year, this event will take place at the prestigious Casino 2000 in Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg on 31st October 2015.

eurovision gala night

The night will be a traditional song contest where people, not only from Luxembourg but also from other countries, take part by singing a song from the Eurovision repertoire. They will be scrutinised by a panel of 12 international judges, each representing a nation and will be scored in the usual Eurovision fashion from 1 to 8, 10 and 12.

Several well-known Eurovision artists will grace the Eurogala stage!

Auditions are being held 13/14th June.

gala night auditions

More details on Facebook HERE or follow their Twitter: @EurovisionGala. The official website is www.galanight.net

7 comments on “Eurovision Gala Night in Luxembourg

  1. Luxembourg has never competed in my life time (they entered last in 1993 a year before I was born) and yet they still seem to show huge interest in Eurovision. ESC artists make the charts (yet they don’t in the UK this year) and they always seem to have ESC events on.

    I wonder/hope if the good results for Netherlands and Belgium (2nd and 4th) could encourage them back?

    Only problem would be the flag, it’s too similar to Netherlands, they need a new one or voters will be confused

    • I hadn’t noticed before; their flags are almost identical! Slight difference in shading, perhaps? I’m a bit colour-blind (or as I call it, colour-stupid), so I find flags confusing enough at the best of times.

      Why did Luxembourg stop participating? They were so successful in the first three decades of ESC and turned in some excellent songs. It would have been lovely to see them return for the 60th show, especially since they were there right at the beginning. It was great to see Anne-Marie David at the Eurovision’s Greatest Hits show in March.

      I can only see Måns at #11 in the UK chart. Did anyone else scrape in?

    • It’s a handsome blog you have there, The Anders. I’ve read your introduction and look forward to delving into the reviews while ‘enjoying’ your hand-picked performances.

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