ET Awards 2015: Recommendations Results

Eurovision Times Awards 2015Eurovision 2015 – This year we resume the “Eurovision Times Awards” to give prizes (the Fridas) for the best in every category! After a long weekend of recommendations, discover what our regular readers thought as best in each category.

This is how the regular readers recommended:

  • Technical Awards:
    • Best Female Vocals: 19 Latvia, 12 France, 4 Russia, 4 Serbia, 3 Czech Republic, 3 Slovenia, 2 Hungary, 2 Portugal, 1 Greece
    • Best Male Vocals: 11 Belgium, 8 Italy, 5 Australia, 5 Czech Republic, 5 Norway, 3 Cyprus, 2 Monenegro, 2 Sweden, 1 Austria
    • Best Lyrics: 8 Norway, 6 Ireland, 6 Latvia, 4 Belgium, 4 France, 3 Israel, 3 Romania, 2 Czech Republic, 2 Montenegro, 1 Austria, 1 Estonia, 1 Germany, 1 Italy, 1 Sweden
    • Best Composition: 12 Norway, 7 Estonia, 7 Latvia, 6 Belgium, 2 Ireland, 1 Armenia, 1 Australia, 1 Azerbaijan, 1 Czech Republic, 1 Hungary, 1 Italy, 1 Serbia
  • Artistic Awards:
    • Best Performance: 12 Belgium, 12 Latvia, 6 Estonia, 3 Italy, 3 Sweden, 2 France, 2 Lithuania, 1 Czech Republic, 1 Greece, 1 Israel, 1 Malta, 1 Montenegro, 1 Norway, 1 Russia, 1 Serbia
    • Best Props & Gimmicks: 19 Sweden, 4 Estonia, 2 Latvia, 2 Lithuania, 2 Russia, 2 Slovenia, 1 Armenia, 1 Belgium, 1 Czech Republic, 1 Georgia, 1 Moldova, 1 Romania, 1 Spain,  1 Switzerland
    • Best Female Style: 6 Georgia, 6 Latvia, 5 Estonia, 5 Hungary, 5 Norway, 5 Russia, 3 Greece, 2 Germany, 2 Lithuania, 2 Portugal, 2 Serbia, 1 Frrance, 1 Switzerland
    • Best Male Style: 13 Belgium, 7 Italy, 6 Sweden, 4 Norway, 3 Australia, 3 Lithuania, 2 Azerbaijan, 2 Cyprus, 2 Czech Republic, 1 Denmark, 1 Israel
    • Best Backings: 14 Belgium, 8 Israel, 5 Latvia, 4 Lithuania, 4 Montenegro, 3 Hungary, 2 Switzerland, 1 Albania, 1 Denmark, 1 France, 1 Germany, 1 Russia, 1 Serbia, 1 Sweden, 1 United-Kingdom
  • Delegation Awards:
    • Best Backdrop: 10 France, 7 Estonia, 7 Latvia, 4 Georgia, 3 Azerbaijan, 3 Armenia, 3 Belgium, 3 Sweden, 3 Hungary, 3 Ireland, 2 Italy, 1 Macedonia, 1 Switzerland
    • Best Promotion Video: 13 Norway, 6 Belgium, 3 Georgia, 3 Romania, 2 Azerbaijan, 2 Estonia, 2 Latvia, 2 Serbia, 2 United-Kingdom, 1 Armenia, 1 Belarus, 1 Hungary, 1 Israel, 1 Italy
    • Best Spokeperson: 7 Australia, 7 Russia, 4 Greece, 4 Sweden, 3 Austria, 3 Finland, 3 Norway, 3 San Marino, 3 United-Kingdom, 2 Netherlands, 1 Azerbaijan, 1 France, 1 Germany, 1 Poland
    • Best National Final: 11 Latvia, 11 Sweden, 5 Germany, 5 Norway, 3 Estonia, 2 Austria, 2 Hungary, 1 Finland, 1 Iceland, 1 Slovenia
    • Best Internal Choice: 20 Belgium, 4 Australia, 4 Montenegro, 2 Armenia, 2 Czech Republic, 2 France, 1 Azerbaijan, 1 Israel, 1 Russia
  • Results Awards:
    • Most Overrated Entry: 14 Russia, 7 Sweden, 6 Serbia, 5 Italy, 3 Australia, 3 Albania, 3 Poland, 2 Armenia, 2 Israel, 2 Norway, 1 Belgium, 1 Estonia, 1 Greece, 1 Latvia, 1 Montenegro, 1 Romania, 1 Spain, 1 United-Kingdom
    • Most Underrated Entry: 11 France, 10 Germany, 8 Austria, 4 Czech Republic, 4 Ireland, 3 Finland, 3 Switerland, 2 Belarus, 2 Slovenia, 1 Cyprus, 1 Lithuania, 1 Macedonia, 1 Montenegro, 1 Portugal
    • Best Top 5 Entry: 16 Belgium, 7 Italy, 6 Sweden
    • Best Entry: 10 Latvia, 9 Belgium, 7 Norway, 6 Italy, 3 Estonia, 3 Sweden, 2 Israel, 2 Slovenia, 1 Austria, 1 Georgia, 1 Serbia

Analysis: our readers have very clear favorites in Latvia, Belgium and Norway share the most recommendations, and if we had Fridas held with just our readers, they’d take 13 out of 18 Fridas! France steals two more, with Sweden for best gimmick, Russia for most overrated and Russia/Australia for best spokeperson. However, Italy came close a few times and is the biggest OGAE favorite and if nominated could snatch a few extra victories. Same with Sweden, as usual the actual Eurovision winner is popular online and creates some big upsets. Some other countries, like Estonia, Ireland, Georgia, Australia, Lituania got a few nods  as well. So, the big favorites have some competition, and “best performance” could see all three come to a very tight race!

However, do not forget only we get to pick the 5 nominees out of your recommendations!

Now, you know all recommendations results. If you don’t agree with the chosen nominees, you can blame us for not having followed the recommendations at times; but don’t forget we’re more transparent than the EBU will ever be. We tried to stay objective and put our personal taste aside, to listen to your advice while disregarding some that felt a bit out-of-place and fishy. And to some categories, it was very hard to narrow it down to only 5… Hope we won’t make too much disappointment. When making a choice, you only get disappointed people, whenever they do agree with your choices, they won’t usually take the time to thank you. We’ll stand by our final choices and hope you still will enjoy the Fridas!

The open poll for “best vocals”, both male and female, will be launched on Monday 1st of June. The polls will remain open for an entire week before we announce the results. And each day, more polls will open. Only the winner will be announced at first. But when all polls will be closed, we’ll reveal the entire results for each nominees.

32 comments on “ET Awards 2015: Recommendations Results

  1. Exciting!

    ps. Can we give Riga Beaver an honorary Frida for best newcomer to Eurovision?

  2. These all look very reasonable and expected to me, apart from the spokesperson one, OMG WTF???

    So the ET readers think the best spokesperson was either a tired boney old chinese lady trying to be the first spokesperson to win the Barbara Dex award, OR an arrogant Russian who made thinly veiled political remarks and threatening behaviour about Mother Russia being here” (I was expecing him to start singing ” I’m gonna get you,” (Rus 2011)

  3. Morgan I promise to thank you for everyone of my recommendations that you nominate :D

  4. Lol, one person nominated UK for most overrated. Harsh!

    And I’m a bit sad that Montenegro didn’t get more votes for its lyrics, but to each his own.

    • Maybe because no one understands its lyrics? Apart from maybe Xello, wonder where he has gone???

      And as a Brit I don’t think that’s harsh at all, I think UK, France and Austria should have all scored 0.

      • I don’t understand the lyrics either but I looked them up before voting and I agree they are among the best of the year so I recommended them. It’s all there on the internet you know. Not everything has to be spoon-fed and not everything has to be in english in this contest, even though obviously those who run the contest try very hard to impose that. I should have also voted for France for best lyrics which was quite an ommission on my part.

        Also your phobic comments about the russians and disparaging comments about chinese old ladies are not appreciated as far as I am concerned. Event though I voted for neither of them.

        • Unless you understand a language you can’t understand fully the lyrics, you can read a translation of what the individual words mean in your language, but you can’t understand the nuances, the clever word play, the originality of the words and phrases chosen.

          If you don’t like my comments it’s simple don’t read them, don’t reply to them.

          • You could also try to be a polite which would save (probably hundreds) of people the hassle of ignoring your comments. It would be much easier for everyone. Btw, your Chinese comment upset me as well. Lee Lin Chin is a well-established and highly respected journalist.
            (Friendly advice …)

          • This is not the first time on this forum you have been ageist, and again it is against a woman. I would also suggest your follow Toggie’s friendly advice and refrain from being rude about people.

            • It’s nothing to do with the fact she is a woman, I said the same about Engelbert Humperdink as does the entire fan community but that never seems to be called out. Can’t remember who else I’ve supposedly been ageist towards?

              Also what I said was true, she looked boney and haggered and wore an awful outfit, Graham Norton said it too. Didn’t see anyone go to offcom saying he’s ageist.

      • The lyrics of “Adio” are very nice.You should definitely check them: http://esckaz.com/2015/mon.htm

        • I know the translation but I feel unless you understand a language you can’t understand fully the lyrics, you can read a translation of what the individual words mean in your language, but you can’t understand the nuances, the clever word play, the originality of the words and phrases chosen, whether a word could have a double meaning etc

    • Best female style Latvia and Georgia? They were probably the two worst-dressed ladies of the evening…

    • I would have nominated Montenegro for both lyrics and male vocals if I had had more time to think about the recommendations. Poor Knez. :(

    • And Spain. LOL

  5. For political reasons Russia is Underrated in that awards. So eurofans also influence from political issues….

    • Russia is not underrated at all. We are still allowed to judge lyrics arent we ? Well I detest the lyrics of that song and I am allowed to say so. If you wanted to support the russian entry on the ET awards you could do so but I would refrain from making assumptions on other people’s motives (and yes personally I boycott Russia for its extreme human rights violations – and human rights are not political – but pretty much everyone else here considers it on equal grounds with the rest of the songs.

      • gay rights are not the only human rights my friend . For example…. does anybody here or outside in EU care for Greek Cypriots human rights who get violence by Turkey ? My mothers home ( and others 200.000 ) are in North part of the Island, but Turks don’t let her to go and stay in her home ! This is not violence of human rights ? Do you ever boycott Turkey for that ? So give me a brake ……

        • Gay rights and in general minority rights are human rights though. I never used only in case you did not notice.
          I am not going to go into the debate you want to drag me into. Such differences have a political shade on them, they involve international affairs between nations. The rights of a minority of native russian citizens who are going through hell every day till now are different though.
          The problems LGBT people are facing in Russia are much more than a loss of home currently, that’s the least that happens to them (kicked out by parents and left to live on the streets).
          Your mother at least is alive, has her family and is not prosecuted by the state she lives in. LGBT people in Russia do not suffer any of that. They do not have a home many of them, they do not know if they will live tomorrow even !
          I understand you are sensitive about the national/political issues your country and its population have but don’t blame me for double standards and try to equate everything. You will have a home tomorrow as will your mother, you will have grand parts of the international community at your aid to be vocal about your problem. An LGBT russian has none of that, his voice is not heard to the least. You are not similarly situated.

        • And
          P.S. Even if I went into your political differences with Turkey etc etc and equated your situation with that of so many LGBT russians still a) Turkey does not participate currently in the contest and b) Turkey has not sent a song that infers to that issue and provokes in a propagandistic way, like the russian entries the last 3 years do.

    • Russia brought politics to the contest, by violating human rights, and invading countries, than sending provocative songs about peace and how it;d be nice if we all just got along, even though it is they doing their best to causes as much pain and suffering in the world as possible.

      Even their spokesperson was provocative, but ET readers seem ok with that, so I think the majority of ET readers just don’t like the song, rather than the politics.

  6. I had coffee in a bar in Siġġiewi today … and they played “A Million Voices” there. The Maltese most certainly love their daily dose of kitsch. :)

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