Eurovision Times Awards 2015

Eurovision Times Awards 2015Eurovision 2015 – Every year, the summer is the calm after the storm so it’s the perfect time to do more games and contests! This year we resume the “Eurovision Times Awards” to give prizes (the Fridas) for the best in every category! And you get to vote!

2015 will be the second year for Eurovision Times to organize a new contest (you can check 2013’s results here and the 2014’s ones here). As with the past couple of years, our blog hosts now two contests: TEKO which takes place before the contest and the “Eurovision Times Awards” after the contest. The principle of the ET Awards is simple, in each categories, the staff of this website will nominate a few entries per categories and open polls for the public to vote in them so we can reveal afterwards all the winners. The winners recieve an imaginary trophee, entitled the Fridas in hommage to Frida Boccara, the French Eurovision winner in 1969 with “Un jour, un enfant“.

Here are the categories for the 2015 “Eurovision Times Awards”:

  • Technical Awards:
    • Best Female Vocals
    • Best Male Vocals
    • Best Lyrics
    • Best Composition
  • Artistic Awards:
    • Best Performance
    • Best Props & Gimmicks
    • Best Female Style
    • Best Male Style
    • Best Backings
  • Delegation Awards:
    • Best Backdrop
    • Best Promotion Video
    • Best Spokeperson
    • Best National Final
    • Best Internal Choice
  • Results Awards:
    • Most Overrated Entry
    • Most Underrated Entry
    • Best Top 5 Entry
    • Best Entry

FridaA specific page for each category will be open with a recap video of all the nominees and the poll for you to vote (everyone gets to vote, not just regular voters)! Each page will specifically remind you what the category is about so that there are no confusion. The page will feature a poll opened for exactly one week. Every IP gets only one vote, please do not cheat, do take in consideration to watch them all once again before voting and do not vote necessarly for your favorite song! Of course, it’s pointless to vote only for your own country unless you’re really certain it should win. May the best win!

Tell us tonight and through the week-end whom do you want to see nominated in each categories, even though these are only “recommendations” as only the staff of Eurovision Times gets to nominate in the first round (else they wouln’t be able to be called “Eurovision Times Awards”)! However, every year, we’ve nominated at least whichever came 1st in recommendations, if not more! You can nominate by replying in the comment section of this article or by email to artemismorgan@hotmail.com if you’re a bit shy!

PS1: there are no “group” vocals category simply because there is often either a male or female singer for the whole group, in case of a duett, because we can’t be sure that there would be enough duetts every year to have enough nominees, we decided that either the male, the female or both could be nominated separately if they deserve to be. Same goes for groups with multiple singers, they all get to be nominated individually, so you can nominate all of the group members or single out the best one.

PS2: In 2013, we had “Best Male Looks” and “Best Female Looks” and that got people confused, who often voted for “hottest” person. This felt a tad too shallow for us and we decided to focus mostly on Style (hair, makeup and clothes and how they match with the person’s looks, the overall backdrop and light show and the song itself of course) since 2014. Recommend (and later on vote) accordingly.

PS3: There are no “Worst…” categories as these awards are here to salute great efforts that contribute to the contest, its credibility as well as its overall quality. Yes, there is a “Most Overrated” award, but in the end, the 5 nominees in that category also can take pride in having done well with either televote and juries and won’t be too sad that we think there were better than them. Besides this category, every other one is about quality!

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69 comments on “Eurovision Times Awards 2015

  1. Best Technical Awards
    Best Female Vocals – Lisa Angell, Aminata and Boggie
    Best Male Vocals – Il Volo, Loïc Nottet, The Makesmakes and Giannis Karagiannis
    Best Lyrics – ‘Rhythm Inside’ and ‘Love Injected’
    Best Composition – ‘Rhythm Inside’ and ‘Love Injected’

    Artistic Awards
    Best Performance – ‘Rhythm Inside’ and ‘Love Injected’
    Best Props & Gimmicks – ‘Heroes’ and ‘This Time’
    Best Female Style – Boggie, Polina Gagarina and Maria Elena Kyriakou
    Best Male Style – Il Volo, Giannis Karagiannis and Mørland
    Best Backings – Hungary

    Delegation Awards
    Best Backdrop – Belgium, France and Ireland
    Best Promotion Video – am not voting
    Best Spokesperson – France
    Best National Final – Supernova, A Dal and the Austrian NF
    Best Internal Choice – ‘Rhythm Inside’

    Results Awards
    Most Overrated Entry – Sweden, Russia and Serbia
    Most Underrated Entry – France, Germany and Austria
    Best Top 5 Entry – ‘Rhythm Inside’
    Best Entry – ‘Rhythm Inside’

    P.S. – I think that Leonor Andrade had great live vocals, but I won’t nominate my own country.

  2. Here is an interesting listen.The man behind the UK entries since last year and Molly(UK 2014)talk to BBC radio about the UK in the contest: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02qps7r

  3. My recommendations:

    • Technical Awards:
    o Best Female Vocals: France
    o Best Male Vocals: Cyprus
    o Best Lyrics: Norway
    o Best Composition: Norway
    • Artistic Awards:
    o Best Performance: Latvia
    o Best Props & Gimmicks: Estonia
    o Best Female Style: Latvia
    o Best Male Style: Belgium
    o Best Backings: Montenegro
    • Delegation Awards:
    o Best Backdrop: Latvia
    o Best Promotion Video: Norway
    o Best Spokeperson: Russia
    o Best National Final: Latvia
    o Best Internal Choice: Belgium
    • Results Awards:
    o Most Overrated Entry: Russia
    o Most Underrated Entry: France
    o Best Top 5 Entry: Belgium
    o Best Entry: Latvia

  4. In order of preference in each category :

    – Best Female Vocals : Latvia, France, Czech Republic (Marta Jandova), Slovenia (Marjetka Vovk), Hungary
    – Best Male Vocals : Czech Republic (Vaclav Noid Barta), Belgium, Australia, Italy (all 3), Montenegro
    – Best Lyrics : Ireland, Sweden, Latvia, Norway, Belgium
    – Best Composition : Belgium, Estonia, Norway, Latvia, Azerbaijan

    – Best Performance : France, Latvia, Belgium, Sweden, Estonia
    – Best props & gimmicks : Sweden (not a gimmick but a very effective prop), Slovenia, Georgia, Switzerland, Czech Republic (shoe throwing)
    – Best Female Style : Hungary, France, Estonia (Elina Born), Germany, Georgia (minus the feathers but I love the goth style)
    – Best Male Style : Belgium, Sweden, Denmark (Philip), Italy, Czech Republic (Vaclav Noid Barta)
    – Best Backings : Switzerland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Israel

    – Best Backdrop : France, Hungary, Estonia, Ireland, Georgia
    – Best Promotion Video : Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Norway, Belgium
    – Best Spokesperson : San Marino, Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Greece
    – Best National Final : Sweden (MF), Latvia (Supernova), Slovenia (EMA), Estonia (Eesti Laul), Germany
    – Best Internal Choice : Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Australia, Monteegro (but really Belgium here, I just had to fill a top 5)

    – Most Overrated Entry : Russia, Serbia, Israel, Australia, Poland (should be last in the semi)
    Most Underrated Entry : France, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia
    – Best Top 5 Entry : Belgium, Sweden
    – Best Entry : Latvia, Belgium, Estonia, Sweden, Italy

    • I forgot Ireland for best lyrics … Well, I am on a holiday and only have very little time … :)

      • You are excused ;-)
        P.S. Not a single nomination for Amber, thats something you would like to hide from the dear maltese people :-P
        Although I cant think of a category she could win, not even the best “warrior” one :-(
        Maybe a “best flaming a la Conchita wings in the backdrop” category ?

    • “– Best Female Style : […] Estonia (Elina Born)” so, not Stig? :o :p

      • Lol..! Thought when they are duets or groups I would be more formal and name the person I propose but in some cases it may have been unnecessary I guess :-P

  5. The runner-up of the Cypriot final covers “Heroes” : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGXblLzOot8

  6. I gave it a try.

    Best Female Vocals: Portugal/Latvia/France
    Best Male Vocals: Cyprus/Norway
    Best Lyrics: Norway
    Best Composition: Norway
    Best Performance: Latvia
    Best Props & Gimmicks: Sweden
    Best Female Style: Hungary (?)
    Best Male Style: Norway/Czech Republic
    Best Backings: –
    Best Backdrop: France
    Best Promotion Video: Norway
    Best Spokeperson: –
    Best National Final: Norway/Austria/Germany
    Best Internal Choice: Belgium
    Most Overrated Entry: Russia
    Most Underrated Entry: Austria
    Best Top 5 Entry: Belgium
    Best Entry: Norway

  7. (1st to 5th left to right)
    Technical Awards:
    Best Female Vocals (Slovenia, Latvia, France, Russia, Serbia)
    Best Male Vocals (Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium, Sweden, Australia)
    Best Lyrics (Belgium, Estonia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Norway)
    Best Composition (Latvia, Italy, Armenia, Australia, Czech Republic)

    Artistic Awards:
    Best Performance (Belgium, Estonia, Czech Republic, Italy, France, )
    Best Props & Gimmicks (Sweden (doll), Slovenia (violingirl), Armenia (globe on floor), Romania (suitcases), Estonia (shadowplay))
    Best Female Style (Georgia, Estonia, Russia, Hungary, Portugal)
    Best Male Style (Italy, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Belgium,Australia)
    Best Backings (Belgium, Latvia, Israel, Lithuania, Germany)

    Delegation Awards:
    Best Backdrop (France, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Italy, Estonia)
    Best Promotion Video (Armenia, Belarus, Norway, Italy, Belgium)
    Best Spokeperson (Russia (made me lol), San Marino, Azerbaijan, Norway, Austria)
    Best National Final (Sweden, Noway, Latvia, Finland, Hungary)
    Best Internal Choice (Belgium, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Australia, Czech Republic)

    Results Awards:
    Most Overrated Entry (Russia, Romania, Greece, Norway, Montenegro)
    Most Underrated Entry (Lithuania, Czech Republic, Belarus, France, Germany)
    Best Top 5 Entry (Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Australia, Russia)
    Best Entry (Italy, Belgium, Georgia, Slovenia, Latvia)

  8. I’m glad to announce Fridas reached an all time high, with three times recommendations reaching 19! (Latvia in best female vocals, Sweden in best props & gimmicks, Belgium in best internal selection)…

    We got recommendations from almost all the regulars (except Anders, but it is my understanding he left ET for his own blog?): others have used either comment sections or emails (yes some regular members used email too to protect their recommendations)

    The recommendation box is still open til tonight, and tomorrow (or late tonight) I’ll open polls for best female and male vocals :) the Fridas will last for the first half of June, and then we’ll get two weeks to prepare for ETSC! :)

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