Junior Eurovision: Albania Chooses Mishela Rapo

Jjunior eurovisionunior Eurovision – The first act for this year’s Junior Eurovision contest has been chosen. The contest will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria on November 21st and the first contestant revealed is Albania’s Mishela Rapo. She will sing the song ‘Dambaje‘.

Albanian national broadcaster TVSH held a national selection: Festivali i 51-të I Kënges për Fëmije

You can watch Mishela’s winning performance here:

She previously entered JESC in 2012.

15 comments on “Junior Eurovision: Albania Chooses Mishela Rapo

  1. thank you for the jesc coverage:) and this song is definitely interesting. i think i like it.

  2. Why does Albania always insist on being first???

  3. It’s a grower for me. Better than their previous song for sure.

  4. When the heck was she born? Her article is on Wikipedia, and it doesn’t give details about her date of birth! 😱

  5. The new video of Tamar Kaprelian from Geneology:

  6. I quite like the Junior Albanian song, it’s a grower, sounds very tribal/african sort of.
    Just wish we could find a better quality video.

    Tried RTSH but they don’t have the NF on catchup tv, they don;t seem to have anything on catch up tv, despite having a section for catch up tv :P

  7. RTSH haven’t put the winning performance on YouTube, such a shame. I wish they uploaded the whole top3, “Jeto” from 2nd place was my favourite! What do you think about writing to RTSH on YouTube and asking for the upload? They upload most videos from “adult” FiK after all…

  8. Türkvizyon launches junior version “Bala Türkvizyon”…lol

    • Is this serious? LMFAO,
      I thought we’d seen the end of Turkvizyon when Turkey came last in the final last year and announced it was returning to ESC. I knew there was a possibility it’d continue but I never thought for a second it’d expand to a Junior version.

      Well you know what they say God loves a trier and TRT sure needs to try if they are going to be entering ESC, Turkvizyon, and junior turkvizyon,

  9. I wrote to RTSH on YouTube and asked them to upload top3 songs in better quality. If you are also interested in hearing the songs, write to them too. Maybe if they receive a few requests, we will make an impact!

  10. Off-topic: wondering why Germany has been officially ranked 27th and Austria 26th. Tiebreaker rule is that the country that performed earlier wins, unless the earlier country was the host country, in which case the later country wins.

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