Malta: TVM Also Commit to Next Year Amongst Recriminations

MaltaMalta – As Amber arrived back in Malta this week, after failing to qualify for the final, PBS CEO Anton Attard appears to have indicated to waiting reporters that Malta would enter again in 2016 but with the possibility of a changed selection process.

V18 chairman Jason Micallef called on the PBS CEO to resign after Malta failed to reach the Eurovision final, saying,

“The past five years have been abysmal when it comes to Malta and the Eurovision and Anton Attard has to answer for it.”

The two men have some history with various other spats about tv programming.

PBS, apparently in an indirect response, issued a statement thanking Mr Attard, the Maltese head of delegation in Austria, for the sterling work carried out in the last seven months. It said it would continue to expose new Maltese talent via the EBU.

MaltaToday managing editor Saviour Balzan waded in too, responding to Micallef’s original angry Facebook post by asking what he would have said if Amber had qualified for the final.

Mr Micallef seems to have forgotten the very good showing by Gianluca Bezzina in 2013 when he finished 8th with ‘Tomorrow‘. Malta is one of the few countries that has not missed a contest since 1991. It has however, failed to qualify for the final in 3 out of its last 6 entries.


27 comments on “Malta: TVM Also Commit to Next Year Amongst Recriminations

  1. It’s only this year Malta failed to make the final, every other year for the past 5 years they’ve done better than they should have. (well 2012 werent bad) But the singing doctor and hasbeen from last year…

    Also all this talk about countries changing selection formats, does not help to find a better song at all.

    Are these broadcasters really saying they had a song in their NF’s that would have done so much better but it;s only because of the NF format it lost.

    It doesn’t matter whether you have a contest with 12 songs in 1 show, or split them up into semi finals, or eliminate one each week, if you dont have the good song you dont have it.

  2. Well, Malta would have been in with the old system, was close to making it in the new system, qualified in 2012 unfairly, got top 10 in 2013 and qualified again in 2014… their entries have been rather poor in Eurovision in the 00s, even if their singers are of some vocal talents, they’re poor performers with some of the most disneyish tunes… So it’s unfair to call it “awful run in esc” but a turn of events would be nice, it’s ALWAYS the same 20 people in their NF with wichever has been waiting the longest getting the jury’s nod!

    • What is unfair about 2012? I think we are all biased with Malta 2012. I didn’t like the song either. And I hated that it was juries that helped them get in. One more reason why juries should be questioned :p

      • unfairly as in I dont think it deserved to, but I always respect the rules and their resutls even when I roll my eyes to them! I just meant, musically, Malta 2012 might not have been in its semi top 10, but that’s the point, they DID qualify with that!

  3. Malta is all about drama. Unfortunately, there is little in the current Maltese music industry that can stood out in Europe.

  4. Oops … I wanted to write: A Maltese comment just to welcome me on the island. That’s very sweet of you hulluna. ;) Hello from stunningly beautiful Valletta, everyone. :)

  5. Kevin Borg and Claudia Fanello will be among the hopefuls … i guess :):):)

  6. Frances denies withdrawal rumours, and confirms participation after an increase by 1.4 million in viewers from last years contest, despite finishing only with 4 points this year.


  7. beats me how Malta always gets ego high or off on coming 6th 7th 8th in this
    IS IT NOT ABOUT bringing it home ?
    which for ten years above half a century… PBS has not yet achieved ….
    seems to me that we instead seek pride in being able to
    CAN AffORD to LOSE……

  8. From youtube and general from ESC fans pages i see that in drama and moaning Maltese people take the first place and Spanish people the second place. :P

    • Bojana is lovely but this whole thing on stage got much more than it deserved. Given the aesthetics of Zeliko’s entries on stage it surprises me he said that and shows he cannot be objective imo.

  9. Judging from what Malta has been sending all these years (1991 onwards), it’s actually a miracle that I liked very much two of their entries (2013, 2014). Their entire approach towards ESC is so not my cup of tea.

  10. The Golden Boy returns to school and the Israeli plans for next year: http://esctoday.com/104439/israel-a-golden-welcome-reception-and-plans-for-2016/

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