Finland: YLE Confirms for 2016

FinlandFinland – Despite not qualifying for the final with PKN in Vienna, Finnish national broadcaster, YLE, has confirmed that the country is returning to the competition in 2016 and has already decided to use its UMK competition again to select the 2016 representative.

It will be the fifth time that UMK has been used. Pernilla Karlsson in 2012 and PKN this year failed to qualify for the Eurovision grand final. in 2103 and 2014 Krista Siegfrids and Softengine qualified from the semi-finals respectively. Softengine finished a respectable 11th with ‘Something better‘.

The search for the 2016 act will start on 1st September 2015.

Has Finland done the right thing by sticking with the UMK format?


35 comments on “Finland: YLE Confirms for 2016

  1. I’m liking this choice of video. ;) Sadly, UMK’s unlikely to give up anything that good for a while, as long as they keep their current creative director. Still, best of luck to Finland.

  2. I just hope YLE will save themselves the embarassment this year’s UMK was and I hope they learned something from that last place in the semi : opportunism does not work like that in esc (at least with the juries). Bring back some Softengine quality please (or Siru !) :) !

  3. off topic: I’ve noticed that the countries that picked their entries way too early: Netherlands, Switzerland, FYRO Macedonia, Albania, Malta, all did miserably this year.

    • Albania didn’t chose it that early. I

    • I think it may be just a random fact.Ukraine always picks in December and they reach top-10 most of the times.Plus,Switzerland was the first country to select its’ entry last year and they did well.

    • The Dutch selection committee heard the name Anouk and they thought they had it in the bag. Then they decided that mr. Pannecoucke would do the art direction again (he did the act of the CL) and that combination should be enough for success. They thought. But judging from what I read and hear in the media I have a feeling they know what went wrong and I can only hope they will learn this year.

  4. Vaidas released a new song and video:

  5. Norwegian music journalist Robert Hoftun Gjerstad says in an interview with NRK that it’s time for eurovision to move on and become Worldvision.Jon Ola Sand can’t see it happening in the near future.Meanwhile,South Korea has expressed its’ interest in the contest: http://www.nrk.no/mgp/esc-sjefen_-ikke-aktuelt-med-_worldvision_-1.12378066

    • They can send Big Bang and I can die happy

      • I second this. (What do you think of their two latest releases? And are you excited for the full album?? #finally)

        Another option that ticks all the boxes is:

        Amazing voice, flawless live vocals and fluent in English

    • so everyone but us esc fans think so…sigh

    • And here we go! Correction – World(major)markets would be a more suitable name. :(

      • World(majormakets)vision is even better. ESC has been privatized – let the auction beguin!

        • Anyway, let’s be serious for a moment (the following is not an answer to the comment I am answering to- that was begging for a non serious answer itself – I am just bored to write another comment to address this issue) : A worldvision always sounded like a very good idea to me but given the vast time differences (there is a circle of 24h around the globe) it would be extremely hard to hold it and everyone to be able to watch it and vote live. Not everyone is as commited to such a contest as the australians really. Even in Europe there were problems when the contest was held in Baku and had to start at midnight local time. So it seems unlikely that it will happen unless a succesful formula is found. For example the competition part could be taped and showed to different countries at suitable hours during which they would have a voting window opened. When all countries have broadcasted the contest and voted, a results show could be held. But it sounds like way too much work and I doubt any co ordination can be found amongst so may broadcasters. Is there even a broadcasting union to organize and monitor that as there is the EBU on a European level ? I am not aware of one.

  6. The highest viewing figures since 2010 in Norway.In fact it was the 4th most watched final since 1993.

  7. Good luck, Finland. :)

  8. Undoubtedly UMK 2015 was weaker than last year’s but i do believe that if Satin Circus had been chosen, Finland would have gone through to the final … Anw , good luck!

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