Would you Prefer Your Heroes with Rock Guitars?

Mans ZelmerlowEurovision 2015Måns Zelmerlöw hadn’t even realised that everyone was cheering him as the winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest before cover versions of his winning sing ‘Heroes‘ were appearing on YouTube. 

Back home in Sweden, as famous for sleaze and melodic rock bands as Abba and dancing meatballs, his countrymen were adding electric guitars to the winning song. Sweden’s Crazy Lixx are one of the first bands to produce a rock version, and it’s sounds pretty good with those riffs and rock vocals. See what you think.

There are all sorts of covers available already such as piano covers or acoustic covers.

Meanwhile ‘Heroes’ dominates the charts across the world, charting in about 44 countries including 21 number ones.

sweden 2015 charts

29 comments on “Would you Prefer Your Heroes with Rock Guitars?

  1. I prefer Måns version. This isn’t a rock song and therefore sounds a bit fake if dressed as rock.

  2. Off-Topic: Måns returns to his hometown Lund, to be greeted by 1 000 screaming girls.


    • Hoping to be in Lund by January, I hope there is a chance to bump into Mans lol ;)

      • January? That’s really the wrong time of the year to visit Lund. Grey skies, 5 degrees and slush and not even Christmas lights. But good luck finding Måns. ;)

        • I am not visiting for tourist reasons, hopefully that’s when my first semester at my Masters program will start :) Yeah I can imagine it will be pretty dull in terms of weather but it is what it is I guess :P

    • Are u joining FdLC7?

  3. The Crazy Lixx version is perfect stuff for a Rock/Metal fan like me. Please more Rock and Metal songs for ESC 2016. I love it.

  4. notice how France openly ignores the contest once more

  5. Mans is number 8 on global iTunes as an artist above the likes of Sia and Avicii ! :

    • And P.S. Here is all the proof I need that we have a very deserving winner indeed that boosts the contest immensly.

    • Fanboy!!! :)

      • Will you say that everytime I post facts and numbers :P ? If that’s the case then I am proud to be called that :D !

        Seriously though, it makes me happy as a fan of the contest to see the winner doing so well and I would be even if I did not like the winning song :)

    • What does this list mean? And how do they come up with it?

      Remember, I’m the king of propaganda and pr so I know the right questions to ask. Lol

      • It means artists with the most sales I suppose. Given that Mans hasn’t released his album yet, this is all thanks to “Heroes” I suppose. The point system is not the number of sales btw.

        • So you don’t know how the system works? Lol
          It might be an impressive list, it may not. Depends on the methodology.

          Where have other past esc artists ranked on the list for instance, and what where their totals?

          Remember the old saying: there are lies, damn lies and statistics.

          I need to take you under my wing and teach you proper pr and propaganda techniques. Learn from the best. Lol

          • Seems kind of complicated, here’s the site if you can find the formula that produces it congrats :P :


            But he is indeed in good company there among such artists (he is even above 1D, Bruno Mars etc lol).
            I am not sure about this list but as far as itunes charts in general are concerned, I believe the only more succesful one was “Euphoria” and “Calm After the Storm” might have been as succesful if I remember correctly.
            I am aware of the faults of the science of statistics but it is what it is and it definately means something imo :)

    • And, do they weigh each country the same? A top spot in Swedens market makes less revenue than a song in spot 30 or 40 in the U.S.

  6. I’m a sucker for well executed cover, especially if it transfers it successfully into a different genre. Good work,Crazy Lixx (shame about the name!).

    The piano in the link is horribly out of tune! Sounds like a wild west honky tonk piano! Well played though.

    Eventually, I will post my ukulele cover of Parlez-Vous Français?

    • There’s a Greek saying that’s really appropriate here but i can’t really post it.It would have to be censored. :P

    • What a truly awful, ignorant and offensive article and they even dare to post the belgian entry in there, like it’s something representative of what they describe. Disgusting. If that’s the attitude they are going for, no thank you.Truly ignorant towards the contest and downright insulting towards the artists.Like NZ had something apart from Lorde that I know of that has went global or something. At least Australia has some passion for the contest.

      • Don’t shoot the messenger. I actually enjoyed the show. I was impressed with how Austria had staged the show. I don’t like Lorde myself, she wouldn’t be able to stand up against the other artistes. I lived in Austria for 11 years and I loved watching them showcase their beautiful country the way they did. The lighting was amazing and I just loved Sweden’s complete show, which Lorde would not even begin to comprehend.

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