Winners and Losers: The Reactions

eurovision trophyEurovision 2015 – There were plenty of reactions to the result of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest yesterday, both good and bad for the winners and the losers! We’ve had a look at who was celebrating, who took their poor showing in good spirits, and which countries are sulking.

Italy was the only one of the Big 5 to have success this year. Winning the televote and coming third overall, the Italians Il Volo were happy saying collectively “Taking part in Eurovision 2015 has been such a great experience for us and winning the televoting is the best proof of all your love guys! Thank you Europe, we’ll go on bringing our #GrandeAmore all over the world!” On their personal social media sites they were saying how happy they were to have represented their country and were delighted to have won the televote.

gianluca il volo italy tweet

Spain in contrast is in meltdown. We all knew they were going to be in for a big fall and they could not see it. Their passionate fans honestly believed Edurne and her over the top drama was the one to win. Initial reactions in the press centre of laughter and ‘Oh my God Spain, what the hell are you doing?!’ proved correct as Spain finished a miserable 21st. There are calls from OGAE Spain for them to withdraw.

The United Kingdom is again reliving groundhog day after finishing 24th with only 5 points: BBC announce ‘exciting’ act – half the fans rejoice and are convinced it will finish top 10/win – Half the fans are embarrassed and put money on coming last – UK only get a handful of points from their mates in Malta and Ireland – The UK media bash Eurovision and the bloc voting – Fans call on Guy Freeman to quit and for the UK to hold a national selection – Then they remember they picked Scooch – repeat ad nauseum. At least Electro Velvet were in good spirits and intend to continue as a duo. One of the best tweets has to be this from cystic fibrosis sufferer Bianca to give it a bit of perspective:

bianca uk tweet

France has not taken it too well however, finishing in a poor 25th place with only 4 points, with Lisa Angell saying that “Artistically, of course I saw it as an injustice, not for points, these are things that I can not control, I think music and politics, it does not work,” She also added: “I’m so sorry for the whole team who did a fantastic job so around me”. Nathalie André, head of entertainment France 2 called for withdrawal. Others at France 2 (broadcasting instead of France 3 this year) said ratings were good though, with 4.4 million viewers and 27.6% audience share the best since 2009. Marie Myriam (Winner France 1977) said if you don’t win the world cup you don’t pull out next time and urged France, as one of the founders of Eurovision, to continue participating in the most important contest in the world, but with a better entry that ws well known and hyped up before it gets to the final.

Germany’s Ann Sophie has at least had a laugh at her nul points and 26th place by making a ‘We are the zeros of our time’ video which she posted on her Twitter and Facebook with these words

ann sophie germany zero

Austria’s The Makemakes also seem to have taken their nul points and a record worst position of 27th in good spirits and produced the following ‘zeros’ video too.

Sweden celebrated their 6th win and a massive 365 points by welcoming overwhelmed winner Måns Zelmerlöw back to Stockholm with huge crowds. “Congratulations Mans! A fantastic performance,” prime minister Stefan Lofven wrote on his Facebook page. “You are now the hero of all Sweden! Next year, we will welcome the whole of Europe here. Celebrate well, and I will call you on Monday to congratulate you.”

Mans win

Russia’s Polina Gagarina thanked everyone who voted for Russia, not just their neighbours or for politics and said that was important. “This means that we have fulfilled our mission, because the most important thing – it’s love. This is the only thing that matters in our lives.” Russian TV producer Yuri Aksyuta was happy that despite the political situation, Russia had managed to find a common language with Europe.

Belgium’s Loic Nottet has gone top 10 in 21 counties and is the biggest hit after Sweden’s winner. He celebrated by visiting his dance school in Trazegnies and spent time meeting students, fans and posing for photos.

loic dance school

Australia saw a record 4.2 million tune in to see their first ever entry Guy Sebastian finish a credible 5th, an increase if 1.5 million on last year. He was ‘pumped’ to come 5th according to the press. The EBU will be watching those numbers closely and probably wishing they hadn’t said it was a one-off…


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139 comments on “Winners and Losers: The Reactions

  1. Im with Dimitris-I really dont feel Sweden was the rightful winner-the whole voting has become a bit of a joke.

    I think its the 1st time I have agreed with Dimitris :) By the way.Estonia’s song is doing REALLY well in Finland-its at number 2.There is some justice in that-and at least Italy’s song is selling well.
    I also thought Denmark didnt deserve to win 2 years ago :)

  2. The voting system should be done by an external entity, and I mean any country that is not in Europe. They all can decide the fair winner. That’s the only way.

  3. REALLY?? No mention to Latvia who are considered among the biggest surprises and quality improvers?

    • I always predicted it to be a “Suus”, it was an instant love for me and for many here on ET: in the end it did quite very similar to “Suus”, with 2nd in jury and 8th in televote and it got “only” 6th because of Australia guest, witout it it would be 5th like “Suus” ;)

      • No fan of lativian entry but its 1 million times better than Suss, first of there was a tune, and Aminata actually sang and pronounced words. Whereas Rona the Ropehead just screed for 3 minutes


        (yes i know the actual word she said was apparently not Shine, but that’s what she said on the night)

        • Both songs got similar, if not VERY similar, esc results, and that was my point, they’re divise but they’re instant and would get their lovers to push it top 5 or close

  4. This is agreat comment-among many others-i read on wiwiblogs about the juries and EBU.It was posted by Physalis Franchetti:
    I think that this result represents a failure of the marking scheme. The juries were brought in to regulate the diaspora driven voting, but Italy doesn’t have a voting block of any note, so the televote here represents the genuine desire of the public across Europe. The juries’ mandate is to pick the best song, but there is no such thing as the “best song”. In the 100m race, it’s easy to measure who is the fastest runner – there is one variable: time. In a song contest, there are many many variables, so you stand no chance of measuring all of them. You start out to measure the best runner, but you end up trying to pick the runner wearing the nicest shoes; it’s by and large a personal assessment, even if you try to write in all sorts of technical marks, you aren’t going to be able to pick the best song or the nicest shoes – you pick what looks the best to you, and that will be the ones you are familiar with – it’s the person wearing the shoes most like your own. The rules state that there should be a mix of jury professionals of a whole range of ages, and a mix of genders, but nowhere do the rules specify that there should be a mix of musical tastes represented. It wouldn’t surprise me if the juries are mostly composed of pop music professionals, so in that case, it would be no surprise that a pop track won. The nearest similar case I think of to illustrate is from the early 1970s, when the rules didn’t specify that there should be a range of genders on the juries – the winner’s list looks to be dominated by pretty girls in short skirts…because all the jurors were male.
    I know that Il Volo is a pop opera group, but I maintain that the Eurovision audience is not confined to a pop track audience – Il Volo will appeal to a much wider age range. I am therefore concerned by this new requirement that the songs must be suitable for a “radio hit”. It seems to me (without any more specific information about it) to limit the intended audience to 20 year olds, which is a dangerous precedence, since half the jurors in 2014 were certainly over 45 years old. Again, this is a mismatch in the composition of the juries and the actual audience.
    I think that this result represents a failure of the marking scheme – both because there is no requirement for a range of musical tastes to be represented on the juries and also because if you have specified that the jurors represent a wide range of ages, then the last thing you should be doing is implementing a rule that limits the audience to 20 year olds.

    • The musical background of the jurors are there for everyone to read and are indeed quite diverse.
      Success potential is not a criterion set to target only 20 year olds and is just one of the factors.
      The result represents a working voting system. Sweden won.

    • P.S. Juries will stay and the current voting system will stay. The sacred cow that televoting is to some people is not the ultimate judge for the winner since 2008.

  5. PS: did you guys see this amazing vid of spokepersons before being on TV? so good… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MegH_zol16U

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