Denmark: DR Will Make Changes for 2016

DenmarkDenmark – After failing to qualify this year for the final with Antisocial Media, Danish broadcaster DR is taking a long look at what changes it might make for next year’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. The national selection has taken the same format since 2009. DR’s entertainment manager Jan Lagermand Lundme has acknowledged that changes are planned for 2016.

“It is something we have planned over the past few months. There’s going to happen some things with the way the numbers are selected” he said.

“Sweden, with their winner Måns Zelmerlöw not only delivered a strong song and a safe artist, but also a spectacular stage show with an animated cartoon character who plays with the singer on stage. It may well inspire us in Denmark.”

Here we go with the animated backdrops next year…!

Source: DR

41 comments on “Denmark: DR Will Make Changes for 2016

  1. How about actually getting some good songs, that’d be a start

  2. Actually Basim was much worse than Anti Social Media. And Soluna Samay was only so-so.

  3. Denmark, always gives its best when the contest is taking place in Sweden.

  4. The question is: will animated cartoons become more important than songs?

  5. Great… they going to send a copycat of a copycat. Fan-bloody-tastic

    ASM were very good imo. Better than Soluna Somay. In the second SF they would have been in but the competition was just too high

  6. Denmark is sending bland radio friendly songs to the contest since 2008. A 21th century version of their Danish schlagers from the eighties. Until now they got away with it. Unless they delete all these kind of songs from their selection, it is inevitable that the Danish public will choose a song like this again.

  7. Please do something with this genius.

    • ooohh i love this track

      Trentemoller in Eurovision? That’d be excellent, but not very likely i’m afraid.

    • It’s long enough to make 2 ESC entries out of it, and 2 good ones we would get. :) Yes, sth like this or any song The Anders/Donnie chose for Denmark in ETSC/FdlC.

  8. “but also a spectacular stage show with an animated cartoon character who plays with the singer on stage. It may well inspire us in Denmark.”

    And that’s the precise reason why I didn’t want Sweden to win. ESC is less and less about songs … and going all WOW because of a cartoon character is what 6 to 12 year olds do. Please DR, consider following Belgium’s, Latvia’s, Australia’s or Estonia’s example.

    • But recently, anything that’s been similar to the previous winner hasn’t done (as) well the year after, especially if it draws obvious comparisons to the previous year. We’ll probably get some bad copies of it, but I doubt they’ll do well, ultimately. And “show” has always been part of the Eurovision DNA, it’s just that lately, it’s been less about skimpy outfits and pyro.

    • Agreed. This year it was male/female duos and next it’ll be animation/3D!

      And after seeing Israel’s results in both televotes AND juries, a possible revival of the ethno-shake songs maybe?

  9. I am afraid that as long as Jan Lagermann is in charge of the Danish show, we will copy the swedes over and over (like a lot of other countries btw) instead of focusing on the quality of the song (like Italy has done it since they returned to the competition – and as NL did last year and the year before that, and e.g. Belgium did this year)…

    BTW, Jan Lagermann actually brought in changes this year – but I guess he forgot about that when he made this statement, because it did not turn out well. He gave more power to the juries in the Danish selection to: “Make sure we choose the right song” (that said after Danish victory two years ago!!! – the system he copied was ofcourse the swedish) – I wonder why he forgot all about this change after this year’s result.

    The Danish people are, however, just as Jan, lemmings following the Swedish Eurovision – so do not expect any changes when it comes to the type of songs in our selection – I’m sorry… Do expect, however, a lot of cartoons :-)

  10. I didn’t want Sweden to win for this precise reason. Still, I am glad at least that the best song in the top three won, stage presentation aside. The fact “Heroes” is selling so well around the world (number one in twenty-one countries so far, and top ten in Australia) gives his win a little more legitimacy too.

    And I guess a contest of entries relying on visual trickery (inspired by Måns) is slightly preferable to the contest of half-baked self-empowerment ballads and back stories (inspired by Conchita) we got this year.

  11. Off topic, but is it true that Turkey is returning??

  12. countries copying the winner and countries copying Sweden are nothing new, Denmark copying Sweden is even less new (check the contest in the 80s) and Denmark going for whatever that does well in the contest is even even less new (check the contest in the 90s)…

    so I’d say nothing new here, except I do hope DMGP get a bigger revamp than just throwing 8 craps + 1 hipster + 1 mainstream song in a contest, to see the mainstream one win it (surprise? not) in the end

  13. Denmark actually doesn’t need to do anything with the format, nor copy Sweden.

    All they had to do this year was choose one of the 5 or 6 songs that was better than what they ended up choosing.

  14. I do hope they do not mess with the quality of the songs DMGP has been offering. Denmark has consistenly one of the strongest in terms of song quality the last many years and provides some of the best entries in the contest, good, relevant, well presented and performed songs. It’s truly one of the countries that move the contest forward and I hope they do stay on that way and do not let one unfortunate (and not deserved imo) failure to make them change that. It was only 2 years ago anyway when they provided one of the best IMO winners in the recent years and overall I would say.

    If they are inspired by the swedish victory even better. “Heroes” is a very strong song.

    • *Denmark has consistently been one of the strongest countries

      • I’m not sure I would say they were consistently strong, but I do have a soft spot for all of their songs from 2010 to 2013. The last two, however, were abysmal!

  15. Less colourful plastic, more good songs, please. And be sure to vote for the best one. God luck!

  16. Cant wait to see the changes RTE make…oh wait sorry pfft this is RTE were talking about. Cya next year with the LLS again >:)

  17. Time will tell if this change will be good for them or not, but nonetheless I wish them the best!

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