Belgium: Confirmed for 2016 and VRT Announce Selection process

belgiumBelgium – After a fantastic 4th place finish from Loïc Nottet in Vienna, Belgium was quick of the marks to confirm it would return next year to Eurovision. Hot on the heels of that confirmation comes VRT’s decision on their selection process.  VRT, Belgium’s Flemish broadcaster, says that it will look for 5 artists and songs for a national final. Songwriters and artists can show their interest by sending an e-mail to eurosong@een.be.

The process for Belgium involves two different broadcasters. VRT and RTBF. They alternate in who will choose the Belgian representative. RTBF is the Walloon broadcaster and internally chose Loïc Nottet this year. This is the best result for Belgium since 2003 and with the highest amount of points ever awarded to Belgium. It was also the first time ever that an entry who finished fourth scored over 200 points.

VRT’s last selection, Axel Hirsoux, failed to qualify for the Grand Final in Copenhagen.

13 comments on “Belgium: Confirmed for 2016 and VRT Announce Selection process

  1. Well they did a National the last time and failed…

    Good luck VRT – you sure will need it

    • Last year VRT made it clear from the absolute beginning that they wanted Axel Hirsoux for Copenhagen. It was almost a political decision, so much hype he got.

  2. If they want to let the public decide they better make sure that all 5 songs are equally great. The Flemish (and the Dutch) can’t be trusted to make a good choice.

    • Yes, sometimes I really hate Belgium in Eurovision. RTBF knows how to produce a good song, but they’re not willing to win and organise the contest. VRT would love to organize the contest, but they don’t have a clue on how to produce a good song. Someone should teach them both how to join forces and work together. But this won’t happen, of course.

  3. Good luck!

  4. I don’t even remember the 2012 song, and 2014 was dreadful (the song and the staging, at the very least). On the other hand, 2013 and 2015 were quite memorable (and 2015 was my favorite entry in the competition by the end of it). So, can’t say I’m looking forward to the 2016 entry. Hope they do it right and prove me wrong, though.

  5. that’s the problem with Belgium: they have rarely managed to build on success as countries usually do (moving on from a strong return with “Birds” with a second place with the Common Linnets) because of the switch between broadcasters… second place 2003 was followed by an immense disaster that was a big ogae fanwank and flopped so it’s very worrying: 2013 and 2015 have qualified from RTBF, while 2012 and 2014 were painfullly bad… worrying!

  6. Ugh I do not have a good feeling for this..But then Loic was the roof literally IMO on what belgium had to offer and he got a, great of course, 4th place. I doubt Belgium can get any higher especially with eurosong organized by VRT. We’ll see…Good luck and fingers crossed !

  7. May Belgium 16 follow in the footsteps of Belgium 15. Good luck!

  8. This doesn’t sound promising given their recent efforts. They need go back to internal selection; it done them wonders in 2010.

    Have they ever considered joining forces?

    Good luck, VRT!

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