Barbara Dex Award: Vote Online Now!

barbara_dexBarbara Dex Award – The voting is now open for the Barbara Dex Award. The annual award for the worst dressed participant is hosted here and you can now vote online for the outfit you thought was the worst this year! The Netherlands may have won but they reacted to the criticism and changed outfits… several times. So who could be contenders?

Serbia? Once they revealed their party frocks it was little garish.

bojana serbia dex

Moldova? Sexy policeman… a turn on or turn off?

moldova dex

Iceland? Dressing like a bare-footed fairy at an 8-year old’s Birthday party didn’t appeal to a lot of people.

maria iceland dex

The United Kingdom? They had neon light up costumes, which at least worked on the night for a change. Clever or tacky?

electric velvet UK dex

Slovenia? A lace tablecloth topped off with the obligatory headphones is this year’s fashion must-have in Ljubljana.

maaraya slovenia dex

Latvia? Aminata’s painted body was stuck to the floor by her huge frilled dress and train.

aminate latvia dex

Georgia? The feisty Nina went for eyeliner, PVC and feathers but did non-goths find it too much?

nina georgia dex

Who else would you nominate?

Last year’s winner was Vilija Matačiūnaité of Lithuania.Previous winners can be found here.

lithuania Vilija costume

Who will take the crown this year?

Vote now!

15 comments on “Barbara Dex Award: Vote Online Now!

  1. I’ve just voted for the Netherlands

  2. I don’t think any of the fashions were THAT bad this year since many followed a theme. I didn’t like the Moldovan leather or the Macedonian cape. But, in the end I voted for Electro Velvet. The light up outfits didn’t work for me and Bianca’s dress did nothing for her. Best dressed for me would be Hungary. Boggie’s dress was a beautiful color and looked great on her.

  3. I don’t do Barbara Dex but since Iceland is mentioned here … Before this year’s contest, no Icelandic song was ranked lower than 4/12 on my list. That was a unique feature for a country with so many participations. Now they have a 1/12 song too and have become a normal ESC country …

  4. It’s true this year none were that awful: Netherlands and Albania were all going to look awful but Netherlands changed from that awful dress in rehearsal and Albania’s look in the final was much better than the one in semi…

    so the Uk or Iceland should battle it out but I expect the Netherlands to win it!

  5. I voted for my own country.
    Can you imagine that that was actually designer stuff. It was made by Issey Miyake.

  6. And Sarunas Kirdeikis last year was so hot. I loved his outfit.

  7. Tough but because we did not really have any truly bad outfits this year, it was a very modest contest.
    I would vote for Moldova and the cops though, it was the only true gimmick.

  8. Iceland’s choice of dress was very detrimental to the whole performance, as were the English lyrics, btw.

  9. The obvious landslide winner wasnt mentioned in the article.

    Netherlands of course, that plastic jumpsuit/ bib bag is beyond compare

  10. I too voted the Netherlands.

  11. Nina Sublatti looked like Servalan from Blake’s 7, which is always going to appeal to me…

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