Sweden wins Eurovision 2015!

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – This is it! After a long season and a very nerve-breaking vote, Måns Zelmerlöw has won the contest for Sweden with Heroes! This is the 6th victory for the nordic country, and the second in 3 years! It won with 365 points!

You can rewatch the winning entry from its semifinal performance here:

The rest of the results are as follow: Russia is 2nd, Italy 3rd, Belgium 4th, Australia 5th, Latvia 6th, Estonia 7th, Norway 8th, Israel 9th, Serbia 10th, Georgia 11th and Azerbaijan 12th. Surprisingly enough, Austria is the first host to finnish last with 0pt in the contest. However, it’s tied last with neighbour Germany. Both countries won in hte last 5 years though. France and the United-Kingdom, other members of the big 5, are also in the bottom 5, with Poland!

In other figures, this was the longest contest ever, almost 4 hours, in the longest final of 27 participants and with 5 countries having issues with the spokeperson.

Sweden has hosted the contest 5 times before including twice in Stockholm, twice in Malmö and only once in Gothenburg, a sign?

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499 comments on “Sweden wins Eurovision 2015!

  1. I just heard Spain, will probably withdraw next year, no surprise, I mean after this result too, why bother with Eurovision?

    • Oh we get this in the UK every year.

      Most journalists probably have an article pre written.

      They ask some BBC staff member about 2016 and when the staff member says there currently isnt a plan in place, or that it will be decided in the future, this is obvious comfirmation the UK is out.

      Then sometime in December when the pain of may is long forgotten and Xmas is on the horizon the UK will appear on the confirmed list

    • hey, at least you got 15pts, including 5 from us… France got fucking 4pts with an insanely harsh draw and a blast of a performance

      • am no fan of that Spanish rubbish either so Spain deserved what they got, and thanks for the 5 points , why you should imagine I liked that, am sorry about France too but biggest suprise was Germany was expecting a top 10 and not nul points

      • France deserved so much more, Germany, France, Austria and Spain should be blaming Armenia/Azerbaijan/Albania/Romania for steeling their places.

    • Did Spain expected smth better? Was ”Amanecer” a serious effort? I doubt.

  2. Big-5 shouldn’t be moaning.Italy won televoting with the second best score ever!

  3. voting irregularities have been reported… and surprise surprise the countries involved are from the east…


  4. juries

    Sweden 353
    Latvia 249
    Russia 234
    Australia 224
    Belgium 186
    Italy 171
    Norway 163
    Israel 77
    Cyprus 63
    Georgia 62
    Estonia 53
    Montenegro 44
    Austria 40
    Azerbaijan 40
    Slovenia 36
    Lithuania 31
    Hungary 29
    Greece 29
    France 24
    Germany 24
    Romania 21
    Armenia 15
    United Kingdom 12
    Serbia 12
    Spain 6
    Albania 4
    Poland 2

    • Poor Cyprus. I hope CyBC reads the split results. Italy coming 7th is really a surprise. Estonia just 11th?

    • And Slovenia was hopeless either way…

      • That was to be expected for Slovenia…It is just a radio song!

        • Well i didn’t see that coming.

          • After all my initial feelings came true!
            Estonia, Italy would be instantly loved.
            Norway would repeat Silent Storm’s fate (boosted with juries and around #17 in tele)
            Finland had the worst song and came last in a semi!
            And Poland had a weak song that could qualify thanks to sympathy vote and a good draw!
            Latvia and Belgium surprised me after rehersals and were rightfully ranked in top 10 though I prefer Aminata by MILES!
            Ireland.Malta and Czech R just missed the Final!
            Albania could claim top 9 with a good performance but rightfully juries put her down. She gave a very weak performance!

            • IRL and CZR weren’t close to achieve anything; points-wise.

            • True ! But that’s esc! Quality and appeal don’t always match. Czech were not my faves as Ireland this year though!

    • I have just checked FYR Macedonia’s and Greece’s split results…

  5. I don’t mind Mans as a singer but his song leaves me cold. It’s so bland and generic. I’m forever going to be curious about how well he would have done without the gimmick. With that being said I’m not excited for another Bjorkman show. I’m almost positive he’d love Australia participating every year and would invite China. Sweden always does well with their unoriginal songs and I’m wondering why- for me Mans if one of the weakest Swedish winners.

    • agree 100!% but is the way ESC is going these days…

    • yep he already said in the press conference he really wanted Australia hence the 12 to push them to win, and even said it’d be a shame if they cant compete next year.

      WHich i agree with, unlike china, they’ve followed esc for 30 years, and are largely descended from Europeans, and share the culture. they also put in a ton of effort and came 5th

      • what will you say if China enters? (yes im still up, my basketball match aint over yet, but we’re trashing the other team and I love it)

        • it depends

          I think they should have to work for it, not necesarily 30 years, but I think they should have to broadcast it at least 5 in a row before competing and achieve a sufficiently high viewership.

          But I am less comfortable with it, because they aren’t culturally European, and I can just see another Russia, ie trying to manipulate it and use it to make a PR statement.

          I do like Australia being in it, and I hope they are, but I do acknowledge the slippery slope.

  6. Albanian media all saying that the Swiss jury were instructed to mark Albania low to cover for the diaspora vote. Now I don’t really believe this given Albania weren’t the best last night and generally all the juries hated it, but I do wonder whether or not juries do give countries with a large diaspora in that particular jury’s country lower votes.

  7. Congreatulstions Sweden! I hate hegemony but Sweden that night was worthier to win than main revail!

  8. Congratulations to Belgium and Latvia. Very good songs and performances and every point you get was deserved. Congratulations to Sweden and the masters of technology who helped to push an average song to the top and prevent ESC from travelling to Russia next time. Zero points for Austria and Germany? Not deserved but may be it’s because every country can give points to 10 participants only. So the contest finished as predicted with Sweden, Russia and Italy fighting for the crown. There were other songs that won my heart. But that’s the way it is.

  9. Congratulations again. A hot guy with a stick figure has won. Oh my, Europe … Who will win next? Dancing kettles?

  10. Another intersting first for ESC 2015: No country from Caucasus entered top

  11. Oh no, VRT the official Belgian broadcaster just official announced that there will be Eursong again (so no internal selection)….prepare yourself for another Alex Hirsoux or Kate Ryan debacle again…😎

    • VRT lost it after Tom Dice. RTBF picked up and I hope they continue on the same track.

    • Well,i really enjoyed the Belgian shows last year and there were a couple of interesting songs but they ended up sending that disturbing ballad.

  12. I officially hate the result and I can’t stand Sweden’s approach anymore. So plastic and unoriginal. From copying songs to smashing glass and bringing in cartoons. Don’t you know what live music constitutes????


    • I hate the EBU approach more. I mean it’s not SVT’s fault juries all over Europe fall for cheap visuals and plagiarised songs!
      Italy is robbed this year!
      I would have preferred 100% TELEVOTING this year!

    • It’s not SVT’S fault at all.They know esc is a television show first and foremost and they bring amazing shows on stage.It’s the esc juries that behaved like groupies and gave Sweden a landslide victory.

      • Dimitri I do blame the Swedes. They should get a grip sometime. Take all the gimmicks out and you are left with a an ordinary pop piece – which happens a copy as well. The fact national juries thought thus should have been a landslide winner is beyond me. I rest my case and I am looking forward to FdLC and my life. ESC 2015 was disgusting and ORF was as well careless.

  13. My ranking after the shows:
    01 Italy
    02 Latvia
    03 Belgium
    04 Estonia
    05 Sweden
    06 Serbia
    07 Norway
    08 Hungary
    09 Israel
    10 Portugal (this has really moved up)

    11 Slovenia
    12 Lithuania
    13 Georgia
    14 Greece
    15 Australia (I still don’t get the love for this one)
    16 Romania
    17 Albania
    18 Montenegro
    19 Spain
    20 Austria
    21 Cyprus
    22 Czech Republic
    23 Switzerland
    24 Poland
    25 UK
    26 Russia (overrated, but she had a good performance)
    27 Azerbaijan (way overrated)
    28 Belarus
    29 Iceland
    30 Armenia
    31 Denmark
    32 Germany
    33 Ireland
    34 Finland
    35 Malta
    36 FYR Macedonia (they managed to fall this low considering they were once my favorite)
    37 France
    38 San Marino
    39 Moldova
    40 Netherlands

  14. One of the most indifferent and not deserved esc winner ever to pile up with EST 2001, RUS 08 and AZE 11! (from recent history)
    It is frustrating that juries fell for cheap gimmicks while Televoting didn’t!
    Bring back 100% televoting! Anyone can win (Even Portugal!)

    • Except Sweden is slaying digital sales currently and charts, something the ones you mentioned did not do. Juries voted for a competent song with a great and subtle messages.

      So YEAH SWEDEN !
      And please more power to the juries, seeing Albania 9th and Armenia 11th with televoting turned my stomach knowing where all of those votes came from.

      And no, anyone cannot win with televoting. And most certainly the most deserving song for last place won’t come last. That unfortunately will never happen.

      Televoting had put a big tombstone over esc in those 2000s dark eras. It is finally lifted. We won’t be going back there hopefully.

      • I agree about last place (the weakest song coming from the country with the least allies) but u should give televoting some credits too ! Latvia and Belgium in top 10. Greece at #22. I don’t see why not ? Also stop acting as if u don’t like Italy…
        In addition don’t patronise me with digital sales and YT clicks (I never cared)

        • Yes Latvia and Belgium in top 10 indeed. But what more can such countries do to win ? They literally went full force here..
          Of course I liked Italy but that does de legitimize Sweden’s victory in any way.
          And I did not try to patronize you. I simply stated that on digital sales, the overall winner is first. It’s not an opinion but a fact.

  15. Congratulations to Måns and Sweden for a victory! But it wasn’t my favourite number, but still song is quite ok. I preferred more France and Serbia. At the end it was great night and amazing show! :) So huge applauses to Austria, Vienna and EBU and also everybody who made this all coming true, thank you! :) Oh i just can’t until next year and next may to see this all happen all over again! :) @ http://jake.suntuubi.com/

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