Results: How Did Your Top 10 Match the Actual Top 10?

Eurovision badgesResults – Yesterday we asked you who you thought would make the Top 10 of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. The results are in and now we know the actual Top 10 of the year… How did they compare? Well, you had the winner right and you correctly guessed the positions of Azerbaijan and Albania

In the table below I have put in the actual positionings of this years acts and put them next to the results of out poll take a look

Top 10


23 comments on “Results: How Did Your Top 10 Match the Actual Top 10?

  1. Spain totally over-estimated by many. Spanish fans really saw something completely different to the rest of us.

    Slovenia was the other one that didn’t do as well as predicted. Bad draw?

    • I must be Spanish ;)

      Also you probs didnt see the BBC, but Graham Norton predicted Edurne to beat Ruth Lorenzo’s 10th after it performed.

      As for Slovenia I don’t think it was the draw, for me it was one of my biggest fallers from the studio version to when the semis started.

    • Bad draw, but lame performance overall I never predicted Slovenia in the top 10.

      And Spain was never going to be top 15 but Spanish fans are close to ridiculous.

    • Re Slovenia:
      Bad draw but mostly because of an introverted song that doesn’t work LIVE.
      The hype had been set early on here. Only Tecku didn’t fall for it!

  2. My personal top10 was similar. Only Slovenia and Austria missed out. I always knew about Austria but Slovenia..well i felt they lost momentum but they did terribly bad.

  3. wins teh Moneyyyyyy!!! there is only a couple of countries that make make money by hosting this event, the rest are random players.

  4. Slovenia I expected them to DSL better. Think those hear phones put the juries of. What was the idea of the ear phone.

  5. My final top 10 was.
    1.Estonia 2.Belgium 3.Norway 4.Slovenia 5.Sweden 6.Italy 7.Israel 8.Azerbaijan (lost 3 positions for the awful live performance) 9.Russia 10.Spain (also lost 1 position for the live performance).
    So overall 7/10, not bad at all!

    And my prediction for the finals was:
    1.Sweden 2.Russia 3.Italy 4.Belgium 5.Estonia 6.Slovenia ( :( ) 7.Australia 8.Azerbaijan 9.Norway 10.Serbia

  6. Only 3 songs in common (I am alluding to my before ESC top 10) – Italy, Belgium and Latvia.

  7. Overall I am happy. My top 5 (Latvia, Belgium, Estonia, Sweden and Italy) finished in the top 7 and along with Norway a 6/10 from my top 10 to the final top 10. Slovenia was doomed after a certain point, same as Cyprus (look how everyone around Cyprus did).
    France deserved much better, it moved me to tears and has deservingly solidified its spot in my top 10.

    I am still not sure about my last country in the top 10. I had Germany up until now but that may change. Ann Sophie was great though and did not deserve zero points for sure.

  8. Yesterday i posted my prediction for this year’s Top 10 ..
    Top 10
    1. Sweden
    2. Russia
    3. Italy
    4, Australia
    5. Estonia
    6. Belgium
    7. Latvia
    8. Georgia
    9. Serbia
    9 songs in common ! not bad…

    • Pretty much what the bets were suggesting. No big surprises!
      I think we are entering an era where betting agencies will be spoiling all the fun. I mean 2 years now they are doing extremely well in the prediction game. Almost in a scary way…

    • ame 9/10 coz I too had Georgia in my predicted top 10 but I had Israel in but not Serbia!

  9. I totally forgot to cast my vote! Damn it!
    I think ET readers did quite good!
    Of course Romania, Armenia and Montenegro achieved better in real esc thanks to geopolitical votes which ESPECIALLY in this edition were enough to boost one country from #26 to #13…
    Also, no surprise once again UK is hyped on net… Thank God they ended up at #24 on the night! Yet this country same as other automatic qualifiers that flopped stole a ticket in Final from Malta, Ireland and possibly Czech R or even Moldova…

    • Add Spain to the net hype too ! Those Spaniards will never learn… Ieh i oh!

      • I remember you being a big Edurne fan.I think i even saw you cheering “Guapa,guapa”! :P

        • I like Edurne, the song was a 7/10 material for me but after last night’s ridiculous stage extravaganza I am dropping it to 6/10 (still she did fine vocally)
          Guapa, guapa!

    • It was a final in which only 9 songs grabbed all the pts.From 10th place(Serbia)onwards the songs did poorly.So,it’s natural that the countries with a few guaranteed pts did better.It’s not a big deal,imo.

      • It’s no big deal for me either. I think we all pretty much agree geopolitical voting can’t secure a win, only a 5 places boost but in this edition the boost was kind of bigger for countries like Montenegro ranking 13 for just being voted by neighbours (and Armenia)

  10. My top 10 prediction was almost accurate I guess, my biggest mistake was that I had predicted Austria in top 10…

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