Result: Who Would Your Wildcard be?

wildcardEurovision 2015 – We asked you which of the 13 acts that didn’t make it through to the Grand Final you would have wanted to see in there with a second chance wildcard.  Your votes have now been counted. Let see if it tallies with the semi-final split results we’ve now had sight of!

The results of the vote:

Czech Republic 28%
Ireland 13%
The Netherlands 11%
Switzerland 8%
Moldova 8%Iceland 7%
Belarus 6%
Portugal 5%
Malta 5%
Denmark 3%
Finland 3%
FYR Macedonia 2%
San Marino 0%

So an easy win for Marta Jandová & Václav Noid Bárta of The Czech Republic who were your favourite non-qualifiers. This corresponds with the televote in the 2nd semi-final where the public had the Czechs in 10th place… and Azerbaijan missing a spot. The juries’ votes meant Azerbaijan qualified instead of The Czech Republic however.

You can check out analysis the 2nd semi-final split votes here.

Let’s hope the Czech Republic don’t withdraw again on the back of the results, it was great to have them back and many thought thy should have qualified for the final!

9 comments on “Result: Who Would Your Wildcard be?

  1. Congrats to the winners.

    P.S. – Ireland – 13% :)

  2. I agree.

  3. Not a single vote for San Marino …

  4. Really surprised at the sudden outpouring of love for Czech Republic, it was a decent song, I don’t hate it. But it’s very similar to Slovakia 2009 and when I first heard CZR 2015 I thought it was ok, but not likely to make the final.

    Then some had it predicted in the final, but none had it that high up, then as soon as it lost out, there seems to have been this outpouring of love towards CZR and backlash against Poland as the scheming cow got herself involved in a car crash 8 years ago on the off chance she might like to enter Eurovision in the future and needed a gimmick, or so some would like you to believe.

    • Regarding Poland I disagree : It was not about a woman singing on a wheelchair but about a woman showing some emotional videos before the accident on the screens.
      So if u ask me there was some milking of the handicap…Sorry Monika :(

      • I said it earlier while replying to Morgan.Yes,the staging was aiming at creating a strong emotional reaction to the viewer.But the bigger picture,imo is that there are out there people like Monika who face unimaginable difficulties and her presence in the final was a sign that there’s always hope when you don’t give up.If there was one person out there who got Monika’s message and felt like there’s hope and that life goes on then it deserves every point she got to qualify for the final.Plus,it was a message of inclusion.As you can see i totally changed my mind on this after the shows.

        • She could have spread the same message without the videos on the wall. It’s all about dignity after all.
          I don’t mind them in the Final. I kinda enjoy the melody, but performance was weak…

  5. Makes sense. I voted for the winner here but Ireland was also good.

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