Eurovision 2016: Stockholm or Gothenburg the Frontrunners?

eurovision sweden 2016Eurovision 2016 – The dust hasn’t even begun to settle on this year’s Song Contest and the rumours and drama about 2016 has already started! The battle to host the 60th Eurovision Song Contest is underway!

Both the Mayor of Stockholm and Gothenburg’s tourist board have recently indicated their desire to host the event. The last Swedish host, Malmö (2013), is unlikley to host again but has not ruled it out. The Expressen newspaper says that SVT opened informal talks with Stockholm venues 1-2 months ago.

Gothenburg had to pull out of the race in 2013 due to a large annual horse show already booked in the city for May, meaning the preferred venue was not free and hotels were already in scarce supply. Interestingly the Gothenburg annual horse show which is normally held in May, has been moved to March in 2016…

gothenburg liseberg

Gothenburg’s Liseberg amusement park

Stockholm seems very keen to host, and today’s Swedish newspaper, Expressen, reports that an insider says that Tele2 arena is the favourite.



Possible venues…


Friends Arena – The home of the Melodifestivalen final since 2013. Holds a huge 67,5000. Highly unlikely as it was SVT and the EBU in 2013 that said Eurovision needed to downsize back towards the 10,000 audience size.

Tele2 Arena – Multi-purpose stadium for football and concerts with a retractable roof. Could hold up to 45,000 for concerts.Can be configured for small audiences though. Christer Björkman has already said that it is a viable venue.


Ericsson Globe – Formerly the Globe Arena and the old home of Melfest. It can hold 16,000 for shows, and hosted the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest.

Stockholm International Fairs and Congress Centre – Stockholmsmässan is a rather small venue but played host to the 1975 Eurovision Song Contest, Melodifestivalen 1996 and Melodifestivalen 1999.


Swedish Exhibition Centre – The Svenska Mässan is a convention and exhibition centre. It has 41,000 square meters exhibition and congress space and an be configured in different ways. It is in the middle of Scandinavia with the same distance to the three capital cities of Sweden, Denmark and Norway – Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo, respectively.

Svenska Mässan

Svenska Mässan

Scandinavium – The venue hosted the 1985 contest and can hold 14,000.


Malmö Arena – Hosted the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest and can hold 15,400 people.

The provisional dates for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 are 10th and 12th May for the semi-finals and May 14th for the Grand Final, however it has already been suggested by Expressen these could move towards the end of May.

35 comments on “Eurovision 2016: Stockholm or Gothenburg the Frontrunners?

  1. Lulea, Uppsala or Gothenburg for me. No Stockholm please.

  2. I don’t care where it’ll be at, honestly. I just want SVT to produce a much better show than ORF. But it means another year of the producer draw and the awful jury system we have in place right now. Wonder if we’ll have more rule changes…

  3. I really hope for Stockholm but Sweden has this annoying sense of fairness and will probably pick Gothenburg.

    And now just like we have anti english (language) views, anti mainstream views, it’s now time for the annunal anti capital city views to come out. Where the host broadcaster must choose any host city other than the obvious host, the capital city, because having a national selection in front of 67000 and then the main event having like 17000 makes so much sense.

  4. Since it is quite likely I will be at Sweden at the time for a post grad program I would love to attend and if it was in Malmo again even better but its unlikely. My 2nd choice would be Gothenburg because Stockholm would be far from me and it is considerably more expensive.

    Fingers crossed for Gothenburg !

  5. Estonia 10
    Slovenia 9
    Australia 8.5
    Italy 8.5
    Latvia 8
    Belgium 8
    Austria 8
    Norway 8
    Georgia 7.5
    France 7

    That’s my top10 for 2015. Slovenia and Latvia are back in style after 14 and 13 years respectively. Also this is the first since 1965/1966 when Austria manages a back-to-back top10 result :p. Norway has been in my top10 since 2013. Lithuania yet again just missed out.

  6. Gothenburg so the skype gang can crash at Niclas’

    • Maybe EBU can stick to their word. They said that Australia was a one time guest, unless they won. Australia didn’t win, so why is this even discussed?

      • “Australia didn’t win, so why is this even discussed?”

        Easy answer: $$$ or €€€.

        • I thought SBS had no money.

          • It’s more the fact the EBU wants to cash in on the Australian music market.

            This extending of the wild card “once” opened the pandora box. It won’t be long before the wild card becomes a yearly thing. The money making opportunities are too good to pass up.

            China will certainly be getting one in due time, and the U.S. isn’t far behind either.

  7. The Friends Arena. Why is Sweden giving the opportunity for many Swedes to attend the MF final, while denying that chance to Eurovision fans worldwide by holding it in a relative small arena.
    I am still very happy I got the chance to be in Duesseldorf. I doubt that that could have happened should the Germans have held the contest in a 10000-15000 arena.

    • The MF final is financially viable at Friends has little overheads for a few days and lots of ticket sales. Eurovision costs a fortune to host in a big venue and is putting that venue out of action for almost 2 months, losing it big income whilst having huge overheads. The EBU were very clear with SVT in 2013 it needed scaling back. I doubt the size will go back up again any time soon.

  8. Arvidsjaur!

  9. For me, the Tele2 Arena next to Globen is the obvious choise. Still a big arena, but not as big as Friends, the infrastructure around the arena is much more easy accessible than in Solna and the arena itself is much more appealing to the eye than friends ;))

    When Måns was arrived at Arlanda yesterday, aftonbladet said in their live stream that Svt themself already had stated that tele2 arena was the nr1 alternative.

    The reason that arena wasn’t picked in 2013?they wasn’t done building it.

  10. If you wanna shake away your post-esc blues please do so my joining our online contest :)


  11. Bjorkman: “I want to see it in a city that really want us. That was what was key in Malmö, the whole city wanted us to be there.” So if G’burg want it, they’d better shout loud. http://www.svt.se/kultur/musik/bjorkman-fruktansvart-radd-for-italien

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