Eurovision 2015: Semifinal 2 Split Results

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – We made it through the exciting night and now that the full split results have been released, for both the two semifinals and the final, we’ll make articles as we analyze them: now the full results for the second semifinal!

Official Results Televote Jury Old System
1 Sweden – 217 Sweden – 195 Sweden – 208 Sweden – 214
2 Latvia – 155 Israel – 157 Latvia – 155 Israel – 154
3 Israel – 151 Latvia – 116 Norway – 144 Latvia – 151
4 Norway – 123 Poland – 114 Israel – 114 Norway – 124
5 Slovenia – 92 Norway – 104 Ireland – 84 Slovenia – 88
6 Cyprus – 87 Lithuania – 98 Malta – 84 Cyprus – 81
7 Lithuania – 67 Slovenia – 95 Slovenia – 84 Lithuania – 73
8 Poland – 57 Cyprus – 80 Cyprus – 76 Poland – 69
9 Montenegro – 57 Montenegro – 58 Azerbaijan – 67 Montenegro – 60
10 Azerbaijan – 53 Czech Republic – 51 Lithuania – 52 Malta – 49
11 Malta – 43 Azerbaijan – 37 Montenegro – 47 Azerbaijan – 41
12 Ireland – 35 Malta – 32 Czech Republic – 34 Ireland – 37
13 Czech Republic – 33 Portugal – 24 Portugal – 23 Czech Republic – 32
14 Portugal – 19 Iceland – 21 Iceland – 15 Portugal – 20
15 Iceland – 14 San Marino – 16 Switerland – 15 Iceland – 12
16 San Marino – 11 Ireland – 14 Poland – 10 San Marino – 10
17 Switzerland – 4 Switerland – 6 San Marino – 6 Switzerland – 3

Unlike the first semifinal, the old and new system don’t have the same qualifiers, as Malta takes over Azerbaijan thanks to its 6th place from the jury and being only 5pts behind Azerbaijan in televote. Azerbaijan was therefore 11th in televote and 9th in juries, which in the current system means it would homogeneously gets 10th overtaking the more divise Malta (6th and 12th).

More surprisingly, the juries and televote have been way more disagreeing in this semifinal. And it’s not at all what you’d expect: Czech Republic was qualified… with televote! And besides Malta, juries also pushed Ireland, which they had 5th. The one that they disagreed completely on is Poland, whose story but also great draw got televote’s 4th place above fan favorite Norway and juries 16th place! While Poland remains 8th in both old and new system with this, the old system has Poland 8pts higher thanks to the big televote support. Also, here’s food for your thoughts: the last to perform finished 4th in both semis and won the final. So the draw doesn’t matter? When you look how Georgia and Poland actually got in the final, one can wonder…

Last, juries were more split, with three songs tied with 84pts for instance, when televote had its entire top 7 above 95pts! And therefore, this difference mathematically brings some very interesting results: Slovenia is 7th in both jury and televote, Cyprus is 8th in both jury and televote and in the end Slovenia is 5th overall and Cyprus is 6th… Proving that the system of 50/50 really pushes out songs that divide. Which might not be that good a thing. Also, the old and new system have reverse results between Israel and Latvia, the televote and jury favorites behind Sweden repectively. The big televote support for Israel should once and for all put an end to the political talk there. It was obviously a song for televote to like, and juries didn’t kill it much and it got top 3 here and top 10 in the final. On the other hand, Portugal did better than we all feared and it’s nice but it should have been one before last in televote if it weren’t for Switzerland’s 12 points, probably from diaspora sadly…

If you liked this post, stay tune, we’re working on the grand final, and we’ll post this later this Sunday!

76 comments on “Eurovision 2015: Semifinal 2 Split Results

  1. Seeing the televoting score of israel i take back the anti-semitic bias i initially thought was the reason behind the recent string of bad results for them.

  2. For the second year in a row, Azerbaijan with a swedish song passes to the final only thanks to the juries. Last year they screwed Portugal, this year they screwed the Czech Republic.

    Last year, westerners were livid over Russia, suddenly Russia picks a swedish song and top points are awarded from all western countries. Italy should pick a swedish song next year if it wants to win.

    Bjorkman gets involved in the selection of the cypriot song, Cyprus gets top-10 from the juries even though it’s bottom-5 with the televote. And Sweden gets 12 points from the cypriot jury!

    The swedes running EBU invite Australia. Sweden exchanges 12 points with Australia.

    It’s not corruption when northerners are doing it…

  3. “Cyprus gets top-10 from the juries even though it’s bottom-5 with the televote”

    *in the final, not the semi-final

  4. I do hope that Marta and Vaclav and the rest of the Czech delegation will find out that people around Europe wanted them in the final.
    Polish delegation and fans must be furious with the juries.For a second year in a row they mark them down. :P

    • For a second year in a row they played the cheap gimmick: that always works more with televote than juries, they should be delighted they undersevely made it to the final twice now

      • I don’t agree on Poland 2014.It was a fun song that deserved its’ place in the final,imo!Now about this year,it’s likely they wouldn’t have qualified on the merits of their song/performance but at the end of the day,i don’t mind.Monika’s message was strong and it deserved to be conveyed to the last audience of the final.

    • While they’re at it, they should start wondering why their country along with Montenegro and Malta were the only ones in the final that awarded high points to the country that robbed them in the semi (I am disregarding Georgia due to its geographical proximity). When almost everybody else gave Azerbaijan exactly nil points.

      It is so much easier to influence a country’s televote when it’s small due to population or lack of popular interest…

  5. Israel’s success with an ethno shake it goes to show that people want them in the contest.They’re crowd pleasers and people want to have fun on a Saturday night listening to something that they won’t find in a talent show or their local radio station.

    • I mean people want the ethno shake-it songs in the contest.

    • People never vote DOWN anyone because of flags. The unfair bias votes are always FOR people because of their flags. But against, that never happens: juries CAN sadly hurt entries a lot, but televote CAN NOT “vote against”. Israel’s last four failures are ALL very explanatory when looking at entries and their semis. But this one was a certain qualifier imo!

  6. Here is the only mistake I can spot with the jury vote this year (ok the only other after they had Loic behind guy in the finall.!) and it’s the Czech Republic which should have qualified imo but on the other hand I can’t say I am too sad that Azerbaijan qualified over Malta. It was a better song and a better performance imo.

    That said the biggest joy juries have me in this semi and one that enhanced their credibility is how they voted down Poland. A weak song and a weak performer trying to get the diaspora and pity votes as she did in televoting. So glad juries did not buy that and had her 2nd last.

  7. off topic: Congratulations to Yorgo Lanthemos.

  8. I am actually glad that the juries voted down the sympathy songs this year like Poland and Finland, it shows that they are in fact basing some of their ranking to actually real talent and music, but of course there is the dark side of them as well, but oh well.

    Have just done the old 50/50 system in the final and the result is quite interesting actually:

    1. Sweden: 367
    2. Italy: 311
    3. Russia: 288

    So it seems that Italy has gained almost 30 points while Russia lost some 10 points and Sweden stayed the same, even gained 2 points. (thaught everyone was interested in the top 3) But can look into the top ten as well, just need to add everything together, it took me forever lol

    • And no country got zero points btw thanks to the jury who saved both Austria and Germany of the embarrasment that they now have :P

      • And congratulations on the Swedish win! :)

        • Yeah thanks ^^ I was so surprsied doh, sooo sure that Russia would take the crown. It would also have been nice to go to Italy next year, but oh well cheap for me when it is held in Sweden haha ;)

          Btw here is the rest result:

          4. Belgium: 206
          5. Australia: 174
          6. Latvia: 173
          7. Norway: 101
          8. Estonia: 89 (They did get like 10 one points lol :P)
          9. Israel: 80
          10. Albania:66
          11. Armenia: 54
          12. Georgia: 50
          13. Serbia: 47
          14. Azerbaijan:46
          15. Romania:40 (10 countries)
          16. Montenegro:40 (6 countries)
          17. Slovenia:34 (9 countries)
          18. Lithuania:34 (8 countries)
          19. Cyprus:23 (7 countries)
          20. Greece:23 (3 countries)
          21. Poland: 18 (7 countries)
          22. Hungary:18 (3 countries)
          23. Austria: 10
          24. Germany:9
          25. France:8 (5 countries)
          26. Spain:8 (3 countries)
          27. UK:3

          Note that Albania sneaked its way to a top 10 placing and that the UK came last

        • What “win”?

          I am really sorry for Sanna Nielsen, she came third and actually deserved it more than him/

          • Sweden won under this system and should be congratulated. Is the system wrong? Perhaps; why don’t you make a suugestion to make it better? That would be wiser.

          • I can actually agree with you, some part of me dont think we deserved the win yhis year (cause of the whole Italy won the televote thingy), but another part of me do. We knew this day would come when the jury would mess up the winner. On my personal list I have Sweden in 8 place, its a good mainstream popsong (which was rare this contest) and the performance stood out from the rest. Sweden manage to get 279 points from the televote. these points are equel to many winners that we have had in the past. So I would still count this as a win :)
            I still dont get the jury fanwank of 355 points doh, its beyond me…

    • Thanks for your work. :) The old system would have been fairer in 2015.

  9. Latvia did well in the televote as well. :)

    Portugal got the same result with both sets of voters. That is a bit surprising.

  10. I am still laughing at this😂

  11. 30 GIFS from the eurovision final.Some of them are really good: http://www.lifo.gr/team/bitsandpieces/57874

  12. Ann Sophie posted this funny video.”We are the zeros of out time”.Lol!A great way to accept the result: https://twitter.com/annsophie

  13. David De Gea reacted on Edurne’s result: I thought that in Eurovision music was more important than nationalities.

  14. As I said before I fear Czech Republic will withdraw for good next year.

  15. As for the jury/televote eternal topic in esc, I’ll say for the 649th time:
    -keep the 50/50 system, BUT:
    -increase the number of jury members from 5 to at least 12 to 15. Jury members should be only musicians, composers, lyricists. No, PR people, no record companies’ people, no managers, no tv celebrities.
    -ditch the 1-25 ranking system.
    -reduce the number of votes per song from 20 to 1. Yes, just ONE. One vote per song. And only 5 songs per phone number.
    -bring the language rule back.
    -bring the live instruments/orquestra back (at least optionally).

    I’m more than sure that a better ESC is possible.

    • With Eurovision turning 60 next year (this is the 60th edition, not 60th anniversary)
      It sounds like you’re coming up with a plan to kill it off before it reaches 70

      *Jury members should be only musicians, composers, lyricists.
      *reduce the number of votes per song from 20 to 1. One vote per song.
      *only 5 songs per phone number
      *bring the language rule back
      *bring the live instruments/orquestra back

      This reads as 5 quick easy steps to kill the contest for good.

      English is the dominant language, the language you are writing in to bash the English language is, itself English, people on average want to be able to understand the songs and what is being said, yes Italy did well in its own language, but no one else did. Portugal always sings in Portuguese and it never does well, wonder why?)

    • I agree on your suggestions 1 to 4 but disagree on 5 and 6. I would love to have the orchestra back, but only for those entries who want to use it. And allow me to add: get rid of the BIG rule! Declaring certain countries more important than others destroys the root of the idea ESC is based on imo.

    • I agree. We have this debate every year, but no one listens to us, apparently. LOL They could easily organize the juries the way you alluded to, at least, and eradicate the ‘OMG! celebrities’ type.

  16. “…but only for those entries who want to use it.”

    That’s what I mean by… optionally.

  17. Off topic – Paul, the Spanish results are fascinating. Will we see endless coalitions put together to prevent PP (or some other most voted party) from ruling at the local level? Will someone remember what happened in Galicia, Baleares and Catalunya when they tried that? Andaluzia still has no coalition, because everyone is afraid of the voters’ reaction. Democracy is very interesting indeed.

    • How did Ciudadanos do?

      • Quite well. They hold the key to form a stable majority in several towns. What will they do? Podemos is facing the same question. The general elections will take place next December 13th and everyone is afraid of the consequences of the decisions they have to make in the next few days.

  18. I am with juries here! Ireland and Malta should have been in the Final especially at the place of Poland!

    • Malta?Please..that was really weak and empty.

      • Weren’t u the one tagging it as the best Maltese entry when selected back in November? What changed?

        • Well,iu haven’t been the biggest fan of Malta in eurovision,have i?lol
          Amber hasn’t the stage charisma to stand on the esc stage alone and make a song shine.Plus,i never liked the revamp.It made the song fake and pompous and the who staging and graphics were the worst.
          And those juries had Malta at 6th place and Montenegro 11th?An awful decision.Good for the televoters.

  19. For those who haven’t watched it,an interview with Zeljko from eurovision.tv.It was actually good and comforting to have a balkan balald in the final yesterday even though,Knez is far from being my favorite performer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj_PTqPuY8Y

  20. My favorite biases Latvia & Israel actually came 2nd and 3rd behind Sweden!!?? Words can’t describe how happy I feel about this!!

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