Eurovision 2015: Semifinal 1 Split Results

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – We made it through the exciting night and now that the full split results have been released, for both the two semifinals and the final, we’ll make articles as we analyze them: now the full results for the first semifinal!

Official Results Televote Jury Old System
1 Russia – 182 Russia – 151 Russia – 167 Russia – 176
2 Belgium – 149 Estonia – 136 Belgium – 151 Belgium – 156
3 Estonia – 105 Belgium – 124 Greece – 99 Estonia – 111
4 Georgia – 98 Georgia – 97 Georgia – 95 Georgia – 94
5 Romania – 89 Romania – 96 Hungary – 70 Romania – 87
6 Greece – 81 Armenia – 90 Netherlands – 70 Greece – 77
7 Armenia – 77 Serbia – 86 Romania – 67 Armenia – 69
8 Hungary – 67 Albania – 66 Belarus – 66 Serbia – 66
9 Serbia – 63 Greece – 61 Estonia – 66 Hungary – 61
10 Albania – 62 Finland – 55 Albania – 61 Albania – 61
11 Moldova – 41 Hungary – 50 Denmark – 58 Belarus – 44
12 Belarus – 39 Moldova – 48 Armenia – 54 Moldova – 42
13 Denmark – 33 Belarus – 32 Serbia – 47 Netherlands – 34
14 Netherlands – 33 Netherlands – 23 Moldova – 46 Denmark – 30
15 Macedonia – 28 Denmark – 23 Macedonia – 42 Macedonia – 28
16 Finland – 13 Macedonia – 22 Finland – 1 Finland – 24

One can now see why many fans ask for the old system. In truth, the same 10 countries qualified in both new system (the full rankings is used) and old system (only the top 10 points are used to rank a country’s final votes). But when you look closely, the new homogeneous vote makes countries that “do at least ok” from both run away much further than the rest: the gap between Russia and Belgium is as wide as possible in the new current system, when it was never that big in either jury nor televote, which reflects in the old system. In the old system, Belarus, Netherlands or Greece are more rewarded for being very big in jury’s, and Finland’s result isnt as awful thanks to its top 10 placing from the televote. A nod to jury’s 1pt to Finland coming from Serbia!

A lot of televote resutls show that the contest is much more watched by smaller population and diaspora in some countries. Take France, where Belgium, 3rd in televote in the final (and jury’s 2nd behind Latvia), behind Armenia and Italy doesn’t even make the top 3 in the semifinal without Italy taking place: it falls behind Armenia but also Albania and Romania… On the other hand, the French jury had Russia 1st in the semi above Belgium, only to have Russia fall 5th in the final behind Latvia, Belgium, Sweden and Cyprus.

Last but most surprising, the only huge difference between the jury and televote remains Estonia. Just like in the final, juries were very harsh on the Estonian song, having it barely making the cut to the top 10, with 7 juries giving 0 and only three countries having it top 10 (12 from Austria, 10 from Russia, 8 from Spain)… A mystery considering how widely popular it was with televote and OGAE fans all around. The jury still seems to be huge on vocals and that’s maybe why, as they had Greece 3rd but also the Netherlands in 6th!

If you liked this post, stay tune, we’re working on semi 2 and on the final, and we’ll post this later this Sunday!

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93 comments on “Eurovision 2015: Semifinal 1 Split Results

  1. Why on earth did juries dislike Estonia?
    As much as I loved Netherlands this was not a performance to be awarded 6th place out of 16…
    Other than that I didn’t notice any irregularities. Yes Armenia, Romania, Serbia, Albania and Finland were slightly boosted in televoting but so was Greece, Netherlands, Belarus,Denmark and Hungary with juries. Different criteria different rankings.
    I’m with televoting on this cause I really love ESTONIA 15!

    • This honestly is the biggest mystery for me so far. I do not understand why the juries ranked Estonia so low, especially in the semis where they probably had at least the 3rd best performance in the minds of many. I actually thought their performance in the Final was a bit worse than the ones in the semis, but both performances saw some really good vocals from both singers, and the song itself has been a success in the charts.

      It really makes no sense to me how Estonia was ranked this low by the juries, especially since juries almost always go for these types of entries.

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