Eurovision 2015: Marcel Bezençon Awards

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – With the Swedish win being still celebrated, there are also Marcel Bezençon Awards that were distributed tonight, which give out three more honorary titles, yet to be given during the actual show: Press Award, Artistic Award and Composer award. Check out who won a trophee too!

The Press Award is self explanatory really, and was awarded to:

  • Italy Italy | Il Volo | Grande Amore

The Artistic Award is given by former winners to their favorite entry, which was:

  • Sweden Sweden | Måns Zelmerlöw | Heroes

The Composer Award is given by all composers of the entries competing that year to their favorite composition and they gave it to:

  • Norway Norway | Kjetil Mørland | A Monster Like Me

8 comments on “Eurovision 2015: Marcel Bezençon Awards

  1. No surprises there, moving on

  2. I guess that Belgium and Latvia were lacking in glitter and gloss…

  3. Expected. Il Volo have their way with the audience obviously and the press were part of that. Mans had everything it takes to win, the song, the voice and the presentation and it’s no wonder previous winners new that.
    And in terms of composition I am not sure Norway was the best but it was among the most sophisticated ones.

    • The composition award must have been tough for them. I can’t imagine myself voting for a favorite; there’s far too many!

      Latvia would’ve got my vote. It was the most unique and original one IMO. Belgium would be close too.

  4. Belgium and Latvia were among my favourites, but I think their greatest strengths were their arrangements and production rather than the composition. Musically, both are quite simple, with fairly basic chords and melody, but arranged meticulously and performed powerfully. The arrangement and production of Norway’s song is very bare, exposing the relatively intricate melody, and I imagine this is what attracted the other composers.

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