Eurovision 2015: Italy Won the Televoting!

 vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – With the Swedish win being still celebrated, the full split results have been released, for both the two semifinals and the final. We’ll make articles as we analyze them: first up, the shock reveal that Italy won the televoting!

Based on all our faithful readers (and a special nod to Paschalis for putting them all in order), the Eurovision Times can publish the full televoting results:

  1. Italy Italy – 366
  2. Russia Russia – 286
  3. Sweden Sweden – 279
  4. Belgium Belgium – 195
  5. Estonia Estonia – 144
  6. Australia Australia – 132
  7. Israel Israel – 104
  8. Latvia Latvia – 100
  9. Albania Albania – 93
  10. Serbia Serbia – 86
  11. Armenia Armenia – 75
  12. Romania Romania – 69
  13. Georgia Georgia – 52
  14. Azerbaijan Azerbaijan – 48
  15. Poland Poland – 47
  16. Lithuania Lithuania – 44
  17. Norway Norway – 43
  18. Montenegro Montenegro – 34
  19. Slovenia Slovenia – 27
  20. Spain Spain – 27
  21. Greece Greece – 24
  22. Hungary Hungary – 21
  23. Cyprus Cyprus – 8
  24. United Kingdom United-Kingdom – 7
  25. Germany Germany – 5
  26. France France – 4
  27. Austria Austria – 0

So a quick analysis. No less than 9 countries from televote’s top 10 end up in the top 10 as well. Serbia remains 10th in both the final list and the 100% televote, Belgium remains 4th as well. So let’s talk differencies.

The biggest one is Italy won by a wide margin. Il Volo already won San Remo thanks to massive televote support, but not the jury’s vote there. It repeats tonight. Especially with the amazing last draw that seemed to give an edge for the Big 5 country, second time that a Big 5 country wins televote after Germany in 2011. So it’s possible! However, the juries must have done quite a bit of a shake up as Sweden, only 3rd (though close to Russia 2nd) ended up winning comfortably! We’ll give you the full jury results as soon as we’re able to.

The one country pushed in the top 10 by jury is Norway, which is only down to 17th in televote alone. On the other hand, juries pushed Estonia down to 6th from their original top 5 placing. In other words, televote liked Estonia better and juries liked Norway better (for instance Estonia is 26th (sic) in San Marino’s juries…) Both Norway and Estonia were having the same slow and beautiful duet: their two votes combined in the final result would have given them a big push and instead they split their votes because of the current 50/50 system.

Juries have massively killed Albania, which is 9th thanks to massive support in big diaspora. Same for Armenia, 11th in televote but went down masively with juries. Some countries had these two very low when knowing they’d be big in televote, quite unfairly (last year Netherlands had their juries pushed Armenia completely last…)

Austria remains dead last at 0 while Germany moves above France in this system. But the bottom entries are similar.

You can look into each country’s full results, all juries and televote, here.

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163 comments on “Eurovision 2015: Italy Won the Televoting!

  1. Did anyone notice how Lithuania did not give any points to Russia?
    The Lithuanian people actually had Russia 3rd, but the jury made sure there were no points to Russia. How? Two in the jury had Russia in last position! Last Posiition!!!. It might be worth a trip to Lithuania to ask these two – since they are music experts . what made them think Russia should come in last. I am curious to know if they thought the singing was the worst that night… or it was something else. Maybe they can teach me and Europe a bit about music. I mean, it is ok to have a different opinion about music, and people can be biased (a lot of televoters are) – but the jury votes should be based on some kind of knowledge about music… and this just seems weird… one may think there was something else than the music on the agenda for the Lithuanian jury

    • Of course you are right, but why single out the LT jury. There are many more examples of this each year.

      • I do believe this one is standing out a bit, since this voting does not only seem to be biased – but is way different from both the people in the country and the general opinion in the rest of Europe – and then it is different because it goes against the eastern block supporting eastern block countries idea… it was the reason why I wanted to look into it in the first place

  2. Interesting tele-voting result – but have you considered the fact that Italy made the final entry just minutes before the tele voting would start. Sweden for instance made their performance about 1,25 h before Italy and the start of the televoting. Everybody knows that it is a big advantage going up in the second half of the lineup. And especially if you have one of the last spots – if you have a strong number, which Italy really had. With that said, of course it´s still a very impressive margin which Italy won the televoting with. But it might have been a different result if Italy would have switched places with someone from the first half of the lineup.

  3. The juries of several countries punished Albania unfairly. Even though by televoting they got the 9th place.
    Watching Eurovision is a waste of time and emotion.
    Georgia, Cyprus and a few other countries also were not given the place they deserved.

    • The jury did rightful so placing Albania almost last in the final, did you hear her sing?? So many false and sour notes does not get the right to be in top ten imo. Georgia got a fair placement imo and Cyprus had the very unfortunable spot of getting just outside the top ten in many countries. The mix of jury and televote makes it fair the end, the jury had Albania in 26 and the televote had her in 9 and voila 17 it is which I think is a fair maybe even to high placement for her.

    • “Even though by televoting they got the 9th place.”

      You mean albanian diaspora voting like crazy. Yeah some televoting.

      “Georgia, Cyprus and a few other countries also were not given the place they deserved.”

      Your evaluation only. The fact that you liked them doesn’t mean they should get higher if other jurors and televoters had a different opinion.

      If you do not like eurovision do not watch it. In a contest with 40 countries participating only one country will win and 10 will be in the top 10. The contest cannot keep everyone happy.

  4. […] en sammanställning av rösterna, att Måns Zelmerlöw och Sveriges kultur-likriktade bidrag inte alls vunnit européernas röst, som istället gav segern i första hand till Italiens betydligt mer patriotiska bidrag, och i […]

  5. Congratulations to Italy, and thank you for demonstrating alongside Germany in 2010 that a Big 5 country can still do well if it bothers to turn in a decent song.

  6. “Some countries had these two very low when knowing they’d be big in televote, quite unfairly (last year Netherlands had their juries pushed Armenia completely last…)”

    Like mass-voting for your own country is fair. As long as Armenians living in Western Europe don’t stop doing that, I don’t mind if they get treated like this. So incredibly sick of having Armenia in our top 5, (if not top 3) every single year, when you just know it’s just them voting for themselves. They are preventing us from delivering genuine televoting results, and this has to be fought.

    • To add: if the Armenian song is really good, I’m sure no jury would place it very low. But if it isn’t, you better do something to prevent it from still ending up with your 8 or 10 points

  7. […] to statistics from EBU and Eurovision Times, Italy secured most televotes for both semifinals and the final. Beaten by Russia, Måns […]

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