Eurovision 2015: Italy Won the Televoting!

 vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – With the Swedish win being still celebrated, the full split results have been released, for both the two semifinals and the final. We’ll make articles as we analyze them: first up, the shock reveal that Italy won the televoting!

Based on all our faithful readers (and a special nod to Paschalis for putting them all in order), the Eurovision Times can publish the full televoting results:

  1. Italy Italy – 366
  2. Russia Russia – 286
  3. Sweden Sweden – 279
  4. Belgium Belgium – 195
  5. Estonia Estonia – 144
  6. Australia Australia – 132
  7. Israel Israel – 104
  8. Latvia Latvia – 100
  9. Albania Albania – 93
  10. Serbia Serbia – 86
  11. Armenia Armenia – 75
  12. Romania Romania – 69
  13. Georgia Georgia – 52
  14. Azerbaijan Azerbaijan – 48
  15. Poland Poland – 47
  16. Lithuania Lithuania – 44
  17. Norway Norway – 43
  18. Montenegro Montenegro – 34
  19. Slovenia Slovenia – 27
  20. Spain Spain – 27
  21. Greece Greece – 24
  22. Hungary Hungary – 21
  23. Cyprus Cyprus – 8
  24. United Kingdom United-Kingdom – 7
  25. Germany Germany – 5
  26. France France – 4
  27. Austria Austria – 0

So a quick analysis. No less than 9 countries from televote’s top 10 end up in the top 10 as well. Serbia remains 10th in both the final list and the 100% televote, Belgium remains 4th as well. So let’s talk differencies.

The biggest one is Italy won by a wide margin. Il Volo already won San Remo thanks to massive televote support, but not the jury’s vote there. It repeats tonight. Especially with the amazing last draw that seemed to give an edge for the Big 5 country, second time that a Big 5 country wins televote after Germany in 2011. So it’s possible! However, the juries must have done quite a bit of a shake up as Sweden, only 3rd (though close to Russia 2nd) ended up winning comfortably! We’ll give you the full jury results as soon as we’re able to.

The one country pushed in the top 10 by jury is Norway, which is only down to 17th in televote alone. On the other hand, juries pushed Estonia down to 6th from their original top 5 placing. In other words, televote liked Estonia better and juries liked Norway better (for instance Estonia is 26th (sic) in San Marino’s juries…) Both Norway and Estonia were having the same slow and beautiful duet: their two votes combined in the final result would have given them a big push and instead they split their votes because of the current 50/50 system.

Juries have massively killed Albania, which is 9th thanks to massive support in big diaspora. Same for Armenia, 11th in televote but went down masively with juries. Some countries had these two very low when knowing they’d be big in televote, quite unfairly (last year Netherlands had their juries pushed Armenia completely last…)

Austria remains dead last at 0 while Germany moves above France in this system. But the bottom entries are similar.

You can look into each country’s full results, all juries and televote, here.

163 comments on “Eurovision 2015: Italy Won the Televoting!

  1. Sweden won at least not because of corruption or because Sweden was EBU:s favorite. . EBU consciously tried to stop Sweden.

  2. Dimitri, you were right, buddy! Italy lost because of the jurors! I can see why they would not like ‘Grande Amore’ all that much , but giving the win to a below average song painted in bright colours?! Who are these poeple (Oh Sweden!!!!! Mäns is so hot!!!!! LOL)? At least Latvia and and Belgum did well there.

    The televoters went for the obvious 3 songs, because they are a quite conservative bunch.

    I voted for 3 songs once after all was said and done – Belgium, Latvia and Cyprus (my 2015 top 3 songs).

    Once again, it clear that bloc voting is alive and kicking. Flags come first, songs come a very distant second – the most Western European countries will most probably never win ESC again; the may do well now and then, but that is it. What to do? Increase the numbers of jurors and create a set of criteria to select them (age group, gender and musical background) and go for a full 50/50 system. There is no perfect system, but there is plenty of room to improve the current one.

    All in all, 2015 was a wek year songwise and showise; Conchita, the orchestra and those musicians at the end were top notch stuff though.

    • *weak year…

    • “most Western European countries will most probably never win ESC again; the may do well now and then, but that is it. ”

      The last 4 winners in a row have been Western Europe. Since 2009 when this new system started there has been 7 contests and only been 1 Eastern win.

      • Max, I was using ‘western’ with a geographical meaning, not social/cultural/political.

        • Oh so you count Nordics as northern ok, but what about Germany and Austria?

          • Germany and Austria did great yesterday, didn’t they? Had those songs been sent by countries more to the East, they would have received more support. They above songs with above average performances. ESC needs to gain more credibility.

            • Not yesterday no, but with great songs in 2010 and 2014 that appealed to all of Europe they scored wins! Until last night Conchita’s win was the 3rd biggest ever.

            • I see your point, Max, but it is still way too harder for a country in Western Europe to get points, than it is for a country in Eastern Europe (geographically speaking).

            • Oh I agree with that completely, been saying that for years

              I do believe anyone can win, but for some countries not geographically well placed or politically popular it is harder for sure.

            • I didn’t see anyone rank Portugal in their Top 10, out of that list only Germany deserved better in my opinion and even that not that much.

              For Portugal, something in English would be nice, again you CAN win singing in your own language but its a lot harder.

              Even then remember Portugal qualified under the televote last year with Suzy.

            • I am talking about the merits od the performance, Max. That is what a contest is about. Anyway, I always said that the Portuguese entry could be much better.

            • *way too hard…

              Way harder, too hard and ESC’s credibility suffers the consequences. France, Germany, Austria and Portugal, for instance deserved so much more, but the those flags…

            • Max, I am going out for coffee now. See you later. :)

  3. Eurovision has proven my feeling, not worth attending to! I am glad to learn that the general public as well as the people at the event cheerished the three singers Piero Barone, tenor, Ignazio Boschetto, tenor and Gianluca Ginoble, bariton, as everybody could watch while Il Volo was presenting so power- and cheerfully their ‘Amore grande’!

    This group not only sings about love but also lives LOVE in the best and general sense of the word. They are three amazing young men, who work very hard and have proven so very often their attitude to their family, people around them and their country! Their huge fan base appreciates and loves their singing voices and their attitudes in daily life.

    Il Volo as a group and as single members accepted the challenge, well knowing the challenge. They accept any outcome amazingly sophisticated, for which I have admired them more than once.

    If so called experts (on jury and commentators) do not know the difference between opera and operatic pop, well, what can you expect! I am glad, the public spoke a clear sentence about Il Volo! Thanks for that!

    • Il Volo were beaten by looks+cool visual aids and by what people perceive as being modern and trendy, imo.

    • Il Volo are great, so was Mans who delivered a great song with a great message. The juries did their job as they had to and a swedish win helps the contest more to move forward actually compared to a victory for the italian song honestly, which is great but with little life expectancy outside esc I am afraid and outside a mediterranean audience.
      Every year the fans of the other 25,26 songs will be grumpy about the result and gang up on the winner and every year the contest is more popular than the previous year. Same old, same old…

  4. It was bound to happen someday and it’s not that big of a deal. We knew that the voting system since it was introduced it could produce such results and the rest is history. Overall IMO “Heroes” as a song is a better winner from “Grande Amore” in the longterm for the contest.

    Other than that Loic was lucky, he got lower scores with the juries and televoting but got over 200 points overall ! See for example Hungary where he finished 3rd in both but got the 12p :) !

    So happy the juries voted down Armenia, it did not deserve an 11th position by any stretch of imagination imo. Same thing for Poland. And of course Albania who did not deserve a top 10 in any way. Norway deserved it much more and thankfully got it.

    I expected Latvia to do better with the juries but I did not expect her 2nd. Cyprus also did really well with the juries.

  5. P.S. And the topic is getting ugly but let some of us also say an opinion : Sweden had a well composed song with a good, strong message and a great singer performing it that will help the contest move forward imo.

    • It’s not a bad song but really three 12’s out of which two from neighbours? It is an underwhelming winner who couldn’t surprise its main target = televoters not even with a great stage show!

      • Three ? Oh you mean televoting. Because Sweden got 12 sets of 12p overall which is one of the best ones after Austria’s 13 last year, Sweden’s 18 in 2012 and Norway’s 16 in 2009. Sounds a pretty legitimate winner to me and I am not going to pick and choose which voting system I personally like to characterize the winning entry, I look at it as a whole per usual.

        So to me country that got 12 sets of 12p and 365 points overall is a pretty strong winner.
        “Surprise” ? I thought this is about the song. And as I said it is the winning song that is actually selling the best at the moment (I know you said you don’t care about that but the main factor IMO when it comes to judging the songs is their post-contest life expectancy and it is already proven that the winning entry has more of that than the favourite of the 50 % element of the vote on Saturday night).

  6. lol ireland 2nd to last in the televote, even San Marino beat them!

    That should show RTE not to just simply copy what did well last year.

  7. Congratulations to Sweden, a case of style over substance but at least we should get a better organised show next year. What stands out is the low number of points most countries got – the bottom 16 countries all got less than 50 points (in 2011 only the last two places were under 50 points). Poor Austria and Germany to end up with a big fat zero.

    A disappointing anniversary show in terms of staging and content, the voting in most cases was very predictable. Let’s hope 2016 is more memorable

  8. Il Volo are reading us! :)

  9. Personal ranking last night

    Estonia 10
    Slovenia 9
    Australia 8.5
    Italy 8.5
    Latvia 8
    Belgium 8
    Austria 8
    Norway 8
    Georgia 7.5
    France 7
    Russia 7
    Lithuania 7
    Sweden 7
    Cyprus 7
    Hungary 7
    Albania 6.5
    Greece 6.5
    Germany 6.5
    Montenegro 6.5
    Israel 6
    Azerbaijan 6
    Spain 6
    Romania 5.5
    Armenia 4.5
    Serbia 4
    United Kingdom 3
    Poland 3


    Czech Republic 7
    Ireland 6
    Denmark 6
    Malta 5.5
    Portugal 5
    Iceland 5
    FYR Macedonia 4.5
    Belarus 4.5
    Switzerland 4
    the Netherlands 3.5
    San Marino 3.5
    Moldova 2
    Finland 0

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  11. I fear that next year Czech Republic, FYR Macedonia, France and Slovenia may withdraw.
    On the other hand, I think Bulgaria may return.

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  13. Sweden’s victory leaves me cold now. I don’t mind “Heroes” it’s easy to listen to but it’s just so generic. I would rather have seen Italy win, and prove to the Big 5 they can do it, and prove that you don’t need a song in English to win. I’m not going to bash the juries either. Some years they do their job well like France 2009, Spain 2012, etc. However, I don’t think a jury winner should ever topple a televote winner. As I said previously I’m not sure what another Bjorkman led contest will entail whether it’s Australia, China, or South Africa joining or prerecorded backing vocals. 2016 is a new year and I hope it will be great!

    • If the big 5 did not learn from Lena they can do it then oh well..

    • I think some pre recorded backing vocals would be ok as long as the main song was sung live.

      • Worry not, they’re most probably on the horizon. :(

        • I really think some of this year’s vocals sounded suspiciously “flawless”…

          • Which ones?

            I personally would be surprised and disappointed if they WEREN’T flawless. They only have to sing ONE song, one song that they have weeks, even MONTHS to get perfect. (And Mans didn’t even have to change his performance much from when he won MF, so that’s even more time to perfect the performance.) It’s not like a concert where they have to sing multiple songs in one night, or other singing competitions where they get a week or less to get a song down pat.

  14. Also, congratulations that Gianluca Ginoble posted your website on his Instagram!

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  17. I find it funny that some countries that manage to get a 12 (Azerbajan, Serbia, Romania) end up ranking lower than some countries that didn’t get a single one (Israel, Norway, Estonia)

    • This is how eurovision works..Many times its the 6s and 7s that bring a country in the top 10 since the 12s tend to be regional and thus isolated scores at many occasions, not able to bring a country in the top 10 on their own without additional support.

  18. If you are tired of the judges opposing the public view, then sign this petition and have them expelled!

  19. the eurovision is dominated by blocks lobbies (ex soviet union, balkan, scandinavians) and the gay lobby. it became really a trash show. really pity.

    • Then do not watch it and do not come on esc forums dear. The contest will continue to grow without you and your conspiracy theories :) Byeeee !

  20. the votes of the jury are not random if you notice the countries he gave less points to Italy as they put the first sweden was common knowledge that Italy won and they did a grand conspiracy but now the Western Europe is considering whether to participate again because you have win and honestly I do not think that Italy is a 8 ‘ to the jury , usually wins the song so cute but bastaaaaaaaaa

  21. another thing commentator azerbajiano begins saying italy big surprise …. not so grand surprise these guys are already famous in america have opened for Barbara Streisand , anastecia and many other famous American artists in the world !!! the Swedish ? cute.

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