Eurovision 2015: Check Out the Semifinals Results

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – With the Swedish win being still celebrated, the full split results have been released, for both the two semifinals and the final. We’ll make an article once all points are counted to see the split results, but for now, discover the overall semifinal results!

The full results from semifinal 1:

  1. Russia – 182
  2. Belgium – 149
  3. Estonia – 105
  4. Georgia – 98
  5. Romania – 89
  6. Greece – 81
  7. Armenia – 77
  8. Hungary – 67
  9. Serbia – 63
  10. Albania – 62
  11. Moldova – 41
  12. Belarus – 39
  13. Denmark – 33
  14. Netherlands – 33
  15. F.Y.R. Macedonia – 28
  16. Finland – 13

The full results from semifinal 2:

  1. Sweden – 217
  2. Latvia – 155
  3. Israel – 151
  4. Norway – 123
  5. Slovenia – 92
  6. Cypus – 87
  7. Lithuania – 67
  8. Poland – 57
  9. Montenegro – 57
  10. Azerbaijan – 53
  11. Malta – 43
  12. Ireland – 35
  13. Czech Republic – 33
  14. Portugal – 19
  15. Iceland – 14
  16. San Marino – 11
  17. Switzerland – 4

So a little bit of analysis. Like every year, the top 2 in both semis end very high and in the right order: if we excluse the two already qualified countries that ended in the top 5, Russia got 2nd and Belgium 4th from semi 1 and Sweden won with Latvia 6th from semi 2. Things get more complicated after that. Not for Estonia, which follows at 7th and was 3rd in its semi.

Georgia, 4th in semifinal 1 ends up 11th and behind Serbia, which was only 9th in that semi but passed a lot of entries over. Having more countries to vote in general, and therefore a lot of big points from the balkans (with both Montenegro and FYR Macedonia using 100% televote after their juries were banned from the EBU), helped Serbia snatch a 10th place when the entire top 9 was very far away from all other entries.

Israel, 3rd in its semi and very close to Latvia 2nd, ends up lower than Norway, which was 4th behind it. The results are well pread out though, 4 from semi 1 and 4 from semi 2 make the top 10 in the end, with 2 already qualified finalists in the top 5. While there were little surprises in the qualifiers, the last places of Finland and Switzeerland are probably the biggest shock.

Don’t forget the split results will be added, acounted and put in another article soon (including the ones for the finale).

36 comments on “Eurovision 2015: Check Out the Semifinals Results

  1. I don’t think last for Finland is a shock at all.
    Some will be shocked by Moldova at 11th as well, but I knew they’d get a big boost from being fun and upbeat in a year of ballads. People rightly say a good song can qualify from anywhere, but is it not possible that had Moldova been later after a string of ballads that 11th place might have gone up?

  2. From a quick look at these results, my first reaction is how harsh they were to Switzerland…4 points really is too little. I didn’t expect her to do too well but I don’t think anyone was deserving of receiving only 4 points (Hmm, maybe Poland). And even though Portugal was never going to qualify, it makes me happy that she didn’t do as badly (Still not great, of course) as I/most people expected of her.

    I personally didn’t expect Azerbaijan to be the tenth qualifier either but it does make sense, the live performance/the staging killed the song (Odd as I usually find it the live helps a song) but I think I assumed his vocals etc would have him easily sail into the final and into a good result..

  3. The Azerbaijan and Switzerland results shocked me. The Azeris overcomplicated their entry though with the pointless dancing. I also thought the Swiss performed well and had finished 11th, but they basically finished 40th (although not really)

    Also, who was saying here that Finland would win the televoting in the 1st semi? ;)

  4. How weird: Malta was 5th with the juries (84 points) and Azerbaijan was 9th (67 points). In televoting Malta was 12th with 32 points and Azerbaijan 11th with 37. Yet the new system helped Azerbaijan qualify instead of Malta, though the latter had much more support from the juries.

  5. In other news the polish diaspora seems to have woken up. Very high points in televoting from countries with a big polish population (Germany, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Italy to name a few)

  6. Azerbaijan almost didn’t make it. I thoought I was the only one who didn’t like that convoluted mess. Elnur deserved a much better song with an actual melody.

    Leonor managed to get 19 pts in that semi. Wrong flag and not the best song either.

    • Look at Cyprus – wrong flag. It was comfortable qualification though. In the final thought OK things got wild.

      • There are always exceptions here and there, usually in the semis; as you yourself said, the final returned things to normal.

        • Italy won by lanslide the televoting this year (Germany too in 2010)
          Greece can rank anywhere from #1 to #22 and u still insist about televoting irregularities?
          Sorry but I don’t agree at all!
          Portuguese song wouldn’t qualify even with an Azeri flag on it! :(

          • There are no irregularities. There is only flag voting, even with the juris in place. Don’t put words in my comments, please. :)

            But it would have with the Russian one. I only used it as an exemple.

            • Portugal has not been trying as Russia though imo

            • That is not what I was saying. I was alluding ti flag voting. Russia could just send its flag and show it for 3 minutes. ; that wouls would be enough.

            • Ermmm Russia ranked last with jurors in 2011 (even when 10 ex Soviet Nations were voting) so we will agree to disagree!

            • But not with the televoters. It’s very easy for some countries, that’s all I m saying.

            • It is true but that doesn’t mean Portugal can’t win televoting with a song in native language like Italy this year!
              Anyway do u really mind that much if Albania gets boosted from 17 to #9 by diaspora vote? They still came nowhere near top 8 plus we still have juries to counter balance the “unfair” diaspora voting… I say unfair cause the Albanian song this year was liked by a lot of fans and I doubt #9 was only thanks to diaspora… Don’t forget Albania was eliminated the previous 2 years!

            • As have other countries been eliminated for longer than that. I want to see the EBU working to find a better system, that is all.

    • I liked Portugal a lot during the second semi, she was great live.

    • Count me in too on AZE :)

  7. I did not expect Finland to finish last in the semi but the juries did their job as the other article showed. So glad to see Loic finishing 2nd overall ! Other than that no surprises in semi 1. My inital gut that Serbia and Albania were 9th and 10th was right but Serbia’s odd track on the betting odds after the semi had me confused. It was nothing but a bubble after all was said and done.

    In semi 2, Israel was 2nd with televoting after all and did very well with the juries which comes as a surprise and a not very positive one.
    Azerbaijan just making it was a surprise but honestly especially yesterday Elnur could not sing to save his life. Even those 49 points are A LOT.

    So glad to see the juries rewarding Ireland and a pity for the overall result and the treatment from televoting (really lower than San Marino ?!).

    Also glad to see the juries voting down Poland when it got a scandalous 4th place with televoting !
    Switzerland deserved something better from last place definately imo.

  8. Comparing the actual semi rankings with my semi predictions :
    Semi 1 :
    Same top 5 with slight different order (I had 1.RUS, 2.EST, 3.ROM M 4.BELG 5.GEO) then I had Armenia 6th (came 7th), Greece 8th (came 6th), Hungary 9th (came 8th) and Albania 10th (spot on).
    My only miss was Denmark instead of whom we had Serbia at #9 but I was predicting Bojana at #11 so that was close.
    Netherlands could have been through with juries but I once again agree with televoting, the performance was bad! Finland ended exactly where they deserved with a horrible song. I was very vocal about it since February and seriously people who believed they could qualify left me puzzled!

    • Semi 2 :
      I predicted the top 2 : Sweden and Latvia
      Then came a surprise 3rd place for Israel who I had at #9 (at least antisimitic theories will come to an end by now).
      Norway, Slovenia and Cyprus qualified as #4,5,6 and I predicted them #3,4,5 (people kept on insisting on how I underrated Slovenia as my #4!!)
      Lithuania qualified as #7 (exactly as my prediction) and Montenegro as #9 (I had them #8)
      I am surprised to see Azerbaijan as the borderline qualifier, I had them at #6!
      I also failed with Poland. I had them at #14 yet they managed #8. I should have sticked with my gut feeling. (Sympathy vote, nice melody, good draw)
      I was also right regarding Malta’s chances when people insisted they were doomed. Malta just missed final! It was definitely a jury pleaser!

  9. That finnish band would have deserved a lot more better song and then they would have got real chance to have some success. But maybe next time. From first semi-final i would have changed Armenia to Netherlands and from second i would have changed Iceland and Czech republic to final instead of Lithuania and Montenegro. But hey this is just my own personal thoughts. And Europe and Australia has decided bit differently so that’s the way it is! :) Maybe next year will better for those who didn’t make it this time! :) @ http://jake.suntuubi.com/

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