Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Tonight

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – This is it! Finally! After one year, and a long season, tonight we will finally watch the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. 27 countries are taking part and only one will win. When you sit down to watch it and would like to discuss it, please do so here.

This is tonight’s running-order:

  1. Slovenia Slovenia | Maraaya | Here For You
  2. France France | Lisa Angell | N’oubliez Pas
  3. Israel IsraelNadav GuedjGolden Boy
  4. Estonia EstoniaElina Born & Stig Rästa | Goodbye To Yesterday
  5. United Kingdom United Kingdom | Electro VelvetStill In Love With You
  6. Armenia Armenia | Genealogy | Face The Shadow
  7. Lithuania LithuaniaMonika Linkytė & Vaidas Baumila | This Time
  8. Serbia Serbia Bojana Stamenov | Beauty Never Lies
  9. Norway NorwayMørland & Debrah Scarlett | A Monster Like Me
  10. Sweden SwedenMåns ZelmerlöwHeroes
  11. Cyprus CyprusJohn KarayiannisOne Thing I Should Have Done
  12. Australia Australia | Guy SebastianTonight Again
  13. Belgium Belgium | Loïc Nottet | Rhythm Inside
  14. Austria Austria | The MakemakesI Am Yours
  15. Greece GreeceMaria Elena Kyriakou | One Last Breath
  16. Montenegro Montenegro | Knez | Adio
  17. Germany Germany | Ann Sophie | Black Smoke
  18. Poland PolandMonika KuszyńskaIn The Name Of Love
  19. Latvia Latvia | Aminata SavadogoLove Injected
  20. Romania Romania | Voltaj | All Over Again
  21. Spain SpainEdurneAmanecer
  22. Hungary Hungary | Boggie | Wars For Nothing
  23. Georgia Georgia | Nina Sublatti | Warrior
  24. Azerbaijan Azerbaijan | Elnur Huseynov | Hour Of The Wolf
  25. Russia Russia | Polina Gagarina | A Million Voices
  26. Albania AlbaniaElhaida Dani | I’m Alive
  27. Italy Italy | Il VoloGrande Amore

We’ve waited long enough. Let’s put all differences aside and enjoy it all together!

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448 comments on “Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Tonight

  1. Russia won the first semi,Greece 6th.
    Second semi: Sweden won by a landslide.

  2. Sweden wants to do well. They keep an eye to USA pop they copy some songs and then they do some effective gimmicks. Victory…

    Austria and Germany with 0pts is extraordinary…Cyprus just one 1pt from Europe?

  3. just realised ISrael 9th and Serbia 10th!!! <3

    Never imagined Israel could make Top 10, so happy

  4. Mans you will always hold a special place in my heart for keeping the contest away from Russia. Thank you Europe.

    Loic we are so proud of of you !

  5. And thus ends the worst year of Eurovision since 2006. Thank god. Moving on.

  6. So we had an extremely strong top6, then three countries closing the top 9. The last spot as I always expected was open and it went to the one i saw edging during the last days (Serbia). After that the rest countries got points from their friends.

    As for the prediction I didn’t see Israel and saw instead Slovenia. Also swapping Serbia with Azerbaijan just before the contest started it was wise since it gave me 9/10.

    Congratulations to Montenegro for registering their best result.

    Also I got 4/5 in terms of bottom 5. I mean Austria was too good to be last, let alone null pointer…

  7. All my Italian friends did not watch ESC :p

  8. Sweden’s trend is remarkable:

    2011: 3rd (only 2pts away from victory in terms of televoting)
    2012: winner
    2013: 14th
    2014: 3rd
    2015: winner

    I didn’t want to go to Sweden so soon but it seems Sweden can’t have enough of Eurovision.

    • Exactly, people love to complain about Christer Bjorkman and his management of Melodifestivalen, but his approach WORKS! Some of the journalists at the press conference suggested it may be getting harder to win MF than ESC.

      Every year Sweden has a great selection of songs and the voting almost always produces the right winner (Anna Bergandahl??? how???)

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