Which Eurovision Tribe Do You Belong to?

old bbc eurovision anniversaryEurovision 2015 – The UK’s BBC TV Licensing arm has undertaken a survey to determine what type of Eurovision fan people are. Do you organise Eurovision parties, with sweepstakes and national food for the countries? Do you dress up in your country’ flag? Find out now which category you belong to!

Eurovision unites a curious band of different domestic ‘tribes’ on the big night of live viewing of Eurovision, according to a survey* conducted by TV Licensing. Research was conducted by Gorkana Surveys among 2,000 UK adults in May 2015.

As many as 19% are the patriots who cheer loud but reckon the chance of victory is slim, whereas 20% regard themselves as ‘Superfans’, the kind who need to read the subtitled translations to fully appreciate the international musical contest.

The survey also shows almost a third of people plan to watch the final in secret, with 30% claiming their live viewing of the final is a guilty pleasure they will not be telling their friends about: The Denier!

Some have a little bit of a gamble on it each year, whilst others don’t like it at all.


So, which tribe so you belong to?! Vote now!

44 comments on “Which Eurovision Tribe Do You Belong to?

  1. The superfan of course. After all, I take all ESC-related things far too seriously … :)

  2. I’m sure most of this gang will be Superfans, but seeing as I organised a whole evening of my musical acquaintances performing past Eurovision songs a couple of weeks ago AND I’ll be attending a Eurovision party tomorrow, I’ve gone for the Party People tribe.

    And while we’re on the subject of parties, who wants to contribute to my puntastic buffet of Eurovision-themed food and drink? Besides the obligatory Bucks Fizz, we have…

    Vodka Serduchka – a heady cocktail that’s bound to get you lasha’d
    Lena-nade – for those wanting to stay sober and not get taken by a stranger
    Ruslasagne – Ukrainian twist on an Italian classic
    Brotherhood Of Flan
    Dinner International – an Israeli smörgåsbord


    • Jed-pud – I think I put too much sugar in this – here, have a double helping!
      Sandie Slaw – buffet on a shoestring

      Hello, is this thing on?

    • Great ESC menu. :)

      Luckily, my parents have been organising ESC parties since the early 60s … which makes this tradition older than me. :)

      • A few more from a fellow fan of Eurovision and punishing puns:

        Herring Bjork – giant portions, obviously
        Cliff Pilchard – there is definitely something fishy about this character
        Desiccated Garlick – a bit dried up now, but still has flavour
        Celine Dijon – you mustard been hiding under a rock if you haven’t tried this before
        Emmental de Forest – a lovely Swiss cheese, imported via Denmark
        Eric Salade – a popular Swedish ‘dish’, served with French dressing
        Lardi – a nice spread to Finnish off your buffet table
        Katrina and the Wafers – after all that lard you might ‘Love’ to have something ‘Light’
        Las Ketchup – garnish for your tapas. Wash it down with Un Bloodymary
        Soreen – this sweet loaf is so tasty you’ll keep going up, up, up, up to the buffet for more helpings!

        Don’t worry, I will stop eventually.

  3. Why isn’t the average Eurovisiontimes regular, aka the Asshole, mentioned in this article?

    • The Asshole:
      -hates songs with a key change
      -truly dislikes anything penned by Ralph Siegel
      -despises song written by G:son and Kempe
      -loves anything sung in Portuguese, unless it is a Pimba song, then it is a guilty pleasure at the most
      -thinks that Christer Björkman has way too much influence in Eurovision

  4. This is a wrong question for this forum, we are all clear super fans (ok there may be some party people as well !) :P

    The gamblers hang around esctips, oddschecker and sofabet, the patriots and deniers only watch the main events and the sceptics (as in esc-bashers I suppose) troll forums from time to time..

  5. The Superfan & The Gambler! :D

  6. I am none of these :p

  7. Superfan who is going through a sceptic phase. LOL

  8. I’m the patriot. But the country or countries I support changes from hour to hour.

    I’m a bandwagon patriot!

    Btw, Hungary is currently my favorite country of all time. I won’t bother to list what other countries are/were my favorite because I’ll be typing for days. Lol

  9. I’ve met many Deniers in my time, interesting it’s as high as 1/3 lol

    But yes, so many people if you ask they start off with a “nah i dont watch that” will then let slip something and then concede they caught a bit of it, because it was on in the background, and then before the hours up, your discussing in great depth all the entires this year, top 10s faves from previous years etc.

    Is there a survey to take that tells us what tribe we are, or is it self selecting?

    I’m a super fan, in that esc is a year round thing for me, im patriotic even though I know the UK is rubbish this year ill cheer it on and part of me thinks “what if, it COULD do well, theres always a shock etc” and I do gamble occasionally, not every year, but sometimes.

  10. If you live in country X, and get upset at a NF result half a world away, that would make you a superfan wouldn’t it?

  11. The patriot and definitely The gambler !

  12. Slightly off topic but talking of tribes… The #HomeToVote hashtag on twitter has been rather incredible this last 24 hours.


  13. 90% Superfan
    5% Gambler
    and 5% ASSHOLE

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