Poll: Who Will Finish Top 10 in the Grand Final

pollPoll – Tonight we have found out the final ten countries that will be in the Grand Final on Saturday 23rd May. Rather than ask you clearly who you think will win the contest we thought we would make this more harder and ask you for a Top 10. Lets make it interesting

The 27 finalists of the 60th Edition of the Eurovision Song Contest are…

From Semi Final One:

From Semi Final Two:

From the Big Five:
United Kingdom

Host Country:

Guest Country:

The poll is below and you can choose a maximum of ten countries you feel will finish Top 10… We will reveal the results on Saturday after the show so we can compare with the actual Top 10 of the night

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

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116 comments on “Poll: Who Will Finish Top 10 in the Grand Final

  1. Belgium could be Sweden’s most serious contender tomorrow…

  2. Loic sounded good. It will sound stupid but he kinda moved me..Not the song but his talent..Damn I am becoming nationalistic :P

  3. The first half is so much fun it will make the second half look really boring.
    Greece performs again after the break…

  4. Belgium rocked it. People were singing along and everything. It’s great in the Arena

    The best thing is… Belgium is the last before you have nothing but dredge

  5. Maria Elena sounded great and the press reaction…wow !

  6. the final draw has ended up matching the cycle of my emotions when getting drunk, we have all the uptempo merry songs at the start when I’ll be feeling on top of the world, then when we get to the second half depression will start to kick in with all the boring ballads.

  7. Well,eurovision is trully one big family.The escxtra guy left the live feed to go find his boyfriend.lol

  8. Polina sounded good :-\

  9. Go italy!

  10. Il Volo may overshadow Polina after all with that draw (hopefully)..!

  11. Spine-tingling!!!

  12. Everyone seems to have delivered apparently…Elhaida got her act together mostly…I read some mixed reviews about Elnur’s vocals and the worst things about poor Edurne.

    I don’t believe anything changed much tonight tbh, the contenders are in. But I believe France will do much better with the juries than expected and will ruffle some feathers up there.

  13. I don’t think that the German jury will give points to any of the 3 big favourites. Considering Germany’s recent approach to ESC, I expect them to support entries like Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Norway and Slovenia. Therefore, I wouldn’t be surprised if the German votes were read out very early tomorrow night.

    • I was only visualising the map of Europe and therefore forgot Australia, which I expect to be in the German jury points too. On the other side of the ranking I expect to find Serbia, UK, Spain, Greece and Armenia.

  14. Oh,how nice!The Chinese HoD confirms to wiwiblogs their intention to participate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rgiwpryhoj0

    • I’ve already watched this interview … :(

      • Don’t these guys know that the fact it’s EUROPEAN is one of the main things that kept esc going for 60 years? :/

        • And as sad as it might be: Europe is on a very bumpy road atm and needs this contest as a European affair (including the Caucasus and Israel) more than ever. I support the idea of having 1 or 2 guest entries every year though … but only if they need to go through the semis, change every year and are allowed in irrespective of their market share.

          • Did you see one of the azeri backing vocalists I think carry what seemed like a flag of Curaçao the night of the semi (it’s in this photo set, the blue one : http://www.eurovision.tv/page/multimedia/photos?gal=159183) ? It reminded of 2013 when one of the dutch members of the delegation waved a flag of Suriname lol :) ! Love those random things that test my flag knowledge personally :)

          • If China enters you may get your wish. They would pay such a high fee EBU would have no need for the rest of the Big 5 and could send them into the Semis?

            • I totally support the idea of the BIGhowevermanytheymaybeinaparticularyear having to go through the semis irrespective of the China issue. Btw, I adore what Alex Loya (GER09) said about the issue: “I feel like a second-rate participant because we did not have to go through a semi-final. I don’t even know if we belong in the final.” 12 points!

          • I;m not really in favor of bringing countries from the other side of the globe competing in esc,in general.So,a guest,interval act every now and then is the furthest i would go.

        • Another good idea (or experiment, or lesson) would be to invite Angola, Mozambique, São Tomé e Príncipe, Cabo Verde, Brazil, East Timor and Macao to an ESC edition … and see what happens. The results would probably make many people rethink their (naive in the best case) position on (culturally and historically) biased voting in ESC. Even if I am a literary historian, I love scientific experiments … because they tell you so much about how the world really works. If I remember correctly, Leonor won Janela’s semi-final 2 poll … :)

          • Oh yes!Jon Ola Sand would love to bring Angola and Sao Tome and Principe in the contest…You picked those countries because you believe they would form a block with Portugal?

            • Bingo! From a different historical and cultural perspective the Portuguese entries might sound much better than from a Swedish, German, Greek or Russian one.

            • I think there’s no excuse for Portugal,tbh.They just have to make up their mind.Either bring to the contest something contemporary and current by European standards or go back to good old FdC with the regional juries.The latter was at least a music contest of a certain standard which is now lost since they came back. :(

    • Sounds interesting. If the reference group is to look into inviting a guest country every now and then, it would be exciting !
      Although I doubt a chinese entry would have the same appeal as an australian entry, which fits more in the european culture imo. It would not be as accesible.
      And they are not know to have upped their pop game to jpop or kpop levels thus having something that Europe is already acquainted with..!

      • I know next to nothing about contemporary Chinese music but since there are so many Chinese out there, I am pretty sure that they could offer fantastic entries … unless they think that they’ll have to sound like a Swedish entry of course. (Don’t get me wrong. I have absolutely nothing about Swedish music. In fact, Sweden has one of the biggest libraries in my iTunes.) Wait! They’d perhaps order a tailor-made entry from Sweden … LOL

        • I don’t know much about chinese music either (nothing tbh). I’d believe if they were to be a guest participant they would bring something local. If they are not going to host (and they wouldn’t given the time difference – same reason as why Australia cannot host), what’s the point not to bring what you have ? To secure another presence ? Again no point if you don’t bring something of your own ;)

          Azerbaijan’s fervor with swedish songwriters (usually with great songs of course) has to do with their constant will to host thus promote their country.

    • China has the largest population in China??? Don’t think she know what she said.

      • She didn’t give the impression to know the entries either … perhaps too busy studying the party’s official guidelines of what to say and how to behave. One wrong word, and your career goes down the drain … :(

        • Often in that situation your career is the last of your worries! Making it to Monday alive and well suddenly takes precedence!

        • Well to her defence, the artists and HoDs from the likes of Azerbaijan and Russia are not situated any better (I will take her over the well known annoying Azeri HoD lady..!)

          • But those HoDs could at least sing all ex-USSR entries for sure if you woke them up at 4 am … LOL
            Probably not Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Georgia though. They’d bring out the knives …

  15. Well Italy were amazing. When Piero started singing for the 1st time the place was just stunned and went wild. They really upped their game tonight. I think they could do it you know. They were very classy tonight and had a huge buzz and went down really well.

  16. I thought a lot of the 2nd SF-ers looked just a little tired tonight and didn’t bring quite as much energy, or had to be careful with their voices. I always feel sorry for the ones that are in SF2, it’s harder for them.

  17. The jury final rehearsal has finally finished. Austria won, hoorah. 3 hrs 45 minutes.

    • What? It’s not going to finish this late tomorrow is it?

      Sadly I’ve been invited to a friends party, and I am torn, they don’t know I watch Eurovision, so I can’t bail on them to watch it, so need to find a way to get out of it if I am to watch the final live.

      (Then again about 4 songs into the 2nd half I might wish I had gone to the party!)

      • Ah so you are of “The Denier” Tribe?

        • Well not to everyone, it depends on the crowd im in, if its one where Im trying to be cool then I dont bring it up much.

          But then also I am a patriot when it comes to the UK (even though I think well come last i hope we dont and even now theres still a part of me that say, what if we could make top 10 because its so different etc)

          I also think im a superfan, im here all year round, and watch National finals, and look at stats etc.

          And finally I think it should be a party event ;)

          So im really torn on what tribe I am.

  18. Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Slovenia.

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