Interview: Italy’s Il Volo

interviewInterview – “San Remo was like winning Serie A… Eurovision is the Champions’ League!” So says Gianluca of Il Volo. We took part in a fun round table interview with Italy’s Il Volo today. See what they had to say to The Eurovision Times and other reporters…

Here you can watch the interview in full:

15 comments on “Interview: Italy’s Il Volo

  1. Il Volo’s faces while listening to the question of the Armenian lady were priceless. I want that moment on a poster!

  2. They are the best! And they will enchant all Europe!

  3. They are excellent live performers, yes, but I am afraid that Europe and Australia will go for looks and led sreens.

    • I expect some people going for looks to consider a vote for Italy too. ;) :)

      • I know, but there is not the main factor in the Italian performance. Sweden’s is all about visuals. :(

        • *that is not the main factor…

          I have to concentrate on making a salad now! LOL Where did I put the olive oil…

          • Enjoy! I was in the kitchen for 4 hours yesterday, preparing lamb in basil froth with green aspargus, tomato vinaigrette and potatos in olive oil. It was worth the effort. :)

        • You know that I agree on Swedem. Unfortunately (for Il Volo), I have read both on EurovisionIreland and a German site that Piero was off-key during the verses. Anyway, in case it boils down to Sweden vs Italy, I am still supporting Sweden anyway. I can hear the quality of Italy 2015 but, alas, it is just not the kind of music I enjoy listening to. Not at all …

  4. Gianluca, Piero, & Ignazio are one of a kind!!!! #IlVoloIlNostroGrandeAmore #GrandeAmore #IlVoloStrong

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