Eurovision 2015: Who Does the Press Centre Think Will Win?

Eurovision badgesEurovision 2015 –  Today the press vote opened where we were simply asked to chose a country we thought would win. The countries we see in the Top 5 are to be expected with the surprising exclusion of Estonia. The numbers will change frequently but read on to see the current status

Fan favourites Estonia and Norway a have very low results with only five of 245 people thinking they will win. Sweden is the high favourite with Italy not far behind. Rising star Belgium is 3rd place followed closely by Australia with Israel completing the Top 5

Nobody thinks Armenia, Cyprus, Hungary, Romania or Slovenia could win this year and it’s interesting how the Top 2 are well ahead of Belgium at this point. The winner is anybody’s guess


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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

34 comments on “Eurovision 2015: Who Does the Press Centre Think Will Win?

  1. Estonia and Norway feeling the hit of the running order at voting here.

    I’m honestly surprised Russia isn’t doing that well. I mean, seriously, Israel has a better chance than Russia?! Sounds more like wishful thinking.

    • The vibe around here when Israel won was fantastic…. there is a lot of hype surrounding the Golden Boy

      I myself voted Estonia

    • It depends, theres a big difference between likely to do well, and likely to win.

      I really don’t think Russia can win, but I know they will do well.
      There are plenty of countries however that while I think in all probabilty will do worse than Russia, there is a small chance that they could win, Belgium for example.

      So in terms of doing well I’d say Russia will most likely do better than Belgium
      BUT, out if you told me either Russia or Belgium had won, I’d guess that it was Belgium!

      • But I still personally don’t think Israel would have a better chance of winning than Russia. I mean, after all, that WAS the question: Who do you think would win? But maybe that’s just me?

        • Well I can picture a scenario, where everyone is so fed up with the ballads that they vote for the big party song they remember from the first half. Unlikely, but possible.

          But I can’t imagine a scenario where suddenly people outside of the soviet and orthodox countries are compelled to pick up their phones and actually vote for an average ballad, sung by a country that is causing a lot of hurt and pain in the world right now.

          So while yes, Russia’s going to do well, Soviet and orthodox block voting, and some likely high points from juries putting politics aside, I don’t think that’s enough to win. So while Israel has a very small chance to win, I’d say Russia has none. BUT i acknowledge the most likely of all scenarios is both fail to win, but Russia does a lot better than Israel overall!

  2. Israel 5th if only <3

    Also I want to meet the 2 people that think the UK has this in the bag lol.

  3. Italy won’t win. I predict it won’t even be top 5.

  4. I just watched the Norwegian performance again. It is absolutely my favorite song of the contest, but boy, it was underwhelming.

    • Yeah, it was pretty disappointing to me, too. Seemed to lack the drama of the national final performance. They were swallowed by the stage. (Poor choices in terms of the technical aspects, IMO, which is surprising to me coz Norway is normally on-point.)

    • Not in my top 5 of songs going in, but thanks to Slovenia being worse, and until se wee Austria, it could make it. However, I do agree, it’s only “nice” thanks to camera angles and cool visuals, but I don’t really like their styling nor does it fit the song and they’ll be trashed by Estonia.

    • Yes it was quite underwhelming. I miss the NMGP performance. :-(

  5. Well that’s an interesting (albeit out of this world) vote. Israel 5th to win this ? Seeing France 6th is pleasant but I doubt it although I still believe Lisa can do well.
    And Russia only 9th ? Where is all the “love from the press” we were sold towards Polina ?

  6. Spain is the big dark horse, i still thinking

  7. An interesting ranking. I’d be fine with anyone from their top 5 winning, apart from Italy.

  8. France? ROFL that denial, was this done after we were given a kiss of death? :p

    • Why? It’s a good song and it should do well no matter the running order. Plus, it seems likely that France will get more points from the juries, which shouldn’t be influenced too much by the draw. I wouldn’t be surprised if it got in the top 10.

  9. Not surprised to see Sweden and Italy leading neck to neck. I like both songs but they only work for me in their respective live performances. In studio they’re OK at best.

  10. Since Italy and Sweden are favourite’s to win they will not leave Estonia or any other country to take the first place. Only if for example Romania and Swiss was favourite’s to win then Estonia and other country have changes to take the first place…

  11. In oikotimes eurovision, Spain in the predictions is second , love it, good luck to all entrys

  12. Italy, Sweden, Belgium , Russia and Latvia are claiming the crown imo!

    • Latvia won’t grab the necessary televoting pts,imo.It’s between Sweden,Belgium and Italy,imo.So,if it’s between those 3 i want Italy to take the crown.

      • Same here ! Sweden is just a plain copy of another song boosted by graphics and Belgium is so obviously trying to create a trend on Lorde’s shoulders.
        If u ask me Estonia should win this hands down. I am pretty sure Estonia will be awarded high points by Greece (well Cyprus, Italy and Albania will score higher obviously)

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